Setting The Record Straight For Frank Mitchell

Setting The Record Straight For Frank Mitchell

June 26, 2022 GIA 0
Setting The Record Straight For Frank Mitchell

Setting The Record Straight For Frank Mitchell

Frank did not die 24th December 1966. They did not convict the twins of his death because there was no death.

Frank left that night given a new identity, a new life. Frank became George Crane. We called him uncle George. Frank lived among us. We see him nearly every day.

Frank Mitchell was the greatest embarrassment to the British establishment. My father’s brother-in-law was police commissioner Joe.

For years, both my father and George laughed about Frank Mitchell being buried inside the pillars of Heathrow Airport. He was not because he was Frank. George was a good man. Kind, generous, at least in my eyes. My mother hated him for a reason I’ll never know. When George was around, we wanted for nothing.

There was a secret in the family that nobody wanted aired best kept secret in British history. My father, George, and Joe are all dead now.

When I heard enough of the lies and they are all gone, he asked, I put the record right for my uncle Frank Mitchell. All three men had a good life.

Frank and my father were not biological brothers. They became this after 24th December 1966, they both met inside a borstal. Joe was a good man who would not let his family down. Joe pulled the wool over the British establishment’s eyes. He made a mockery of them all. Frank had a new life.

We had a home in East London on Brady Street Whitechapel end. Many homes in North London George would never enter the city or East London.

Brady Street was the same location me and Anna Chapman were hiding out to make sure our son survived to make sure he lived. Whilst the other members of the family led the police on a wild goose chase to a place called Bushey out in the sticks. Believing that was where we were hiding out.

The family did not kidnap Anna. Anna and I agreed if our son was to live, then we had to run and hide away until he was born to guarantee nobody killed him as well.

In the early 1990s, Frank/George left for Spain so did Joe. Frank was a ladies’ man, and Spain was where the action lived.

My son with Anna is the only surviving child left.

The best way to look at this was the British establishment thought they won. Frank Mitchell turned them into a circus act. How embarrassing to know one of their own and Frank lived a long and beautiful life.

A movie triggered put the record straight. The fall of the Krays what a load of bollocks concerning Frank Mitchell.

I am telling you how it really went down

The truth hurts a well-known fact. Last night, we began a new private campaign. I will never stop coming after those behind the evil destruction of my daughters, never. I am coming for justice and I shall receive what I demand.

My campaign is different, something we have never done. A family holds the truth. I am putting honesty, truth all to the test. Will they do the right thing in private or not? If they don’t, there are thousands who will want this truth known because their lives depend on those people. If they lie or avoid, they put their lives in dispute for the world to witness, they will turn themselves into frauds. I don’t want this, yet I do want justice. I am doing what any father or mother would do if it were their children.

No escape. They did it in this family’s name, so all members are accountable. No excuse will count. Fraudulent behaviour will remain in the public domain for all. Honesty remains hidden in private. That’s the only promise I give.

It’s your move family.,

You can be the rise of The Krays or the fall of The Krays makes no difference to me. I am not using my heart anymore.

If you want this buried forever, then we come to the table and talk it through.,

Anna wrote the letters to the Chief of Police. The family posted those letters from Bushey Herefordshire. Myself and Anna were living behind that blue door in the roof facing the supermarket on the other side on Brady Street. Some will debate that Brady Street is in Bethnal Green, that’s also true it leads to Whitechapel. Both are true.

I did NOT trust the police; I trusted myself and my son LIVED.,
I trusted the police and my daughter’s DIED.,

Brady Street