Self Love

Self Love

October 13, 2022 GIA 0
Self Love

Self Love

Can you speak about self love? Is this the right way?

Well, self love is not what you have learned it to be its selfish love for most if not majority start in self love and remain in negative love, so love never truly reached.

However, to give love to others first in doing you are naturally receiving love of self that’s true self love., In service to others., Positive.,
What is love if not as simple as kindness to all you meet.,

To say one must love themself in order to be in a position, to give love is somewhat pear-shaped in thought.,

If someone preoccupied with self love has no time to give love to others., Can you see it’s a method of service to self., selfish., Not service to others.,

Not right or wrong way., CHOICE., Positive or Negative.,

Are Alcyon beings of light, love, or what are you?

We are not of love or light. We are those of Infinite Intelligence who we call the Great Infinite ALL., Light and love as you know it come from the octave below us., We do, however, encompass all things before.,

We are indescribable to methods known by any upon earth, even those above this density, yet we are known.,


Are you here as a wanderer?

No, we are a deliberate insertion., We recognised certain patterns forming that would lead this planet down a road it would soon regret doing., Intervention was required for one or more of us to enter untouched by memory loss.,

We remained in a camouflaged state until those forming patterns dissipated., Whilst we ourselves were those that worked on these forming patterns.,

We have transmuted the patterns into our octave in order to transform them in order for their return as the force of love into the substance of light.,

Wanderers predominantly take on the form of forgetting we do not., We are Specialists.,


Can you tell us what happened to the queen?

She was sent to ORION where she now has become a slave to them., If she had changed before her death, or implemented change, this would not be the case., CHOICE.,


Does that mean the queen does not repeat another 3rd density?

That’s correct, what humans have deemed as hell one might consider that of ORION., The queen comes from a lineage of the same repeating cycle., by sending over to ORION has intensified, which to us is far more difficult than repeating 3rd density., Constant negative., We are talking millions upon millions earth known years before positive is a viable choice.,

Take the route of selfish than it comes with a forfeiture., At some point she will return to love.,

For clarity, this is 3rd density ORION not 4th density ORION., We suggest no more questions regarding this soul or any similar entity to this soul.,


May we ask why no more questions based on these? They interest us.

In order to answer you accurately involves an energy we do not wish to involve ourselves., It is more beneficial to you and all to not go this route.,

We have agreed it between the NINE and 3rd density ORION that if no evolution of soul occurs; we gave a list of souls in exchange for leaving the rest alone., If evolving does occur, then they make do with what we have given them up until that point., We then further decide if 4th or returning to repeat 3rd density., This is the most satisfactory solution., Everything remains choice., 4th density ORION is no longer at the table of choice.,

4th density ORION’s withdrawal caused by incarnated souls projecting positive love and light into earth via actions and intentions.,


You say Orion influenced you alongside the NINE and Alcyon in the past and not now. Why did you not stop this? How has it stopped?

Let’s say you do a magical ritual and contacted a being who could quite easily lie to you. How would you truly know? Let’s say this being told you some insightful wisdom that wisdom leads you to what you wanted and in the process others were harmed.,

The entity told you there are sacrifices and one must not concern themselves with such things enjoy what you have., You realise this wisdom produced results. You become rich, say, so you do not doubt the integrity of this being.,

Now say down the road we enter the arena, we draw our attention to you publically. This also draws that entity to us., We don’t stop this entity it has free access to how it directs us.

Say that entity directed us to launch an attack in your direction. What does this tell you about that entity? The same entity you put your faith in is now sending us to attack you., What is the underlining message we give you concerning this entity?

This entity also doesn’t realise we set them up for that entity to reveal the truth of who and what they’re truly about.,

Did we truly do you a favour or are you blind to what we presented?

So when the NINE decided it was going to take one of our high-ranking members of NINE to enter the domain who can quite easily within higher octave remain hidden to ORION finding out why we got the attention of certain members of society who are under their influence.,

Would you be upset that your new, unknown friends of ORION would do this to you? Let the experience of SEVEN answer that question for you.,

The plan to reveal the truth about ORION took just under 30 years to complete., Who has that kind of dedication if not the NINE., You would not realise it if it weren’t for us.,

It stopped the moment ORION realised we exposed them in such a manner.,

Now, going back to those who were harmed in the process, if ORION can so easily be capable of harm to others, then are you any different? This we reveal to you clearly.,

In seven years we held up many public figures which brought the attention of us to ORION., ORION spotted an opportunity to harm those., Without ever realising that’s what we wanted for the truth to be seen.,

At the same time, in funny human slang terms, 4th density ORION flung their arms in the air shouting fuck this and left.,

A specialist work can last 10 or anywhere to 100 years. For decades, we remained hidden. No one ever channeled about our presence among you. It was unavailable information., Those who know of us know the NINE., We are good at what we do.,
We showed you the truth of what will become of you., the truth is you are nobody to ORION just a means to an end. No matter how powerful you think, you’re. How elite you call yourselves. It changes nothing.,

You are disposable.,

We love all, no one is denied our help., For the love of the one infinite creator in ALL.,

A personal message from Thoth, the human aspect., I hold nothing against you., I volunteered for this duty, for my experience was vast., We met with far worse in ANON., Seek to be the greatest version of you in every moment, for all moments will count from this point forward., Adonai.,



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