Scotland, the Metaphor of Heaven.,

Scotland, the Metaphor of Heaven.,

March 2, 2022 Heaven 0
Scotland, the Metaphor of Heaven

Scotland, the metaphor of Heaven.,

Abundant in nature, abundant in all areas when eyes that see, do., I came from a location surrounded by over 8 Million people that was pure hell., the mixed up confusion of 8 million souls, not healthy., I transcended to nature, where I am surrounded by a population of less than 5,000 people, the transcendence from hell to heaven. With that much nature, you can’t help but think for yourself and nature sings your song constantly in abundance., Birds notice you. In London they do their best to avoid you., You would have to be extremely gifted for a bird to seek human attention.,

It snowed for half a morning, then it vanished. I could see beauty for miles and miles, a warm blanket of huggy brilliant white like a blanket gifted by the heavens of the sky., Truly Magical., In some parts of Scotland the weather can’t make up its mind, yet here its stable, reliable and ever so gentle., The people are kind and beautiful even if you do wear a uniform every day., curious creatures of an unmistakably beautiful country.

They say if you stand too close or are in one location too long, it’s hard to appreciate the beauty that surrounds, step back or relocate to appreciate life in a brand new way., My travels began July 2020 in the height of human confusion and all I found was pure beauty in every corner I visited., Every pebble in my bag, every stone in my shoe took me to a new adventure to discover., Scotland is home., Returning because I had been gone far too long.,

Plus, where better than Scotland to open a vortex of magick., The hidden secrets of Scotland lay in the land beneath vision.,

An alien in Scotland where the deep inner caves run wild and deep into the earth’s core.,

Mexico I have some wisdom for you., As a brother born of the same stars., When they call you an alien, what they are saying is you are unique. You came from the heavens; you are born of stardust; you are magickal and beautiful., When they call you an illegal alien smile, they are jealous because they are not of heavenly decent., Mayans knew and so shall you.,

Wisdom of technology: iPhones, iPads, are human’s way of creating limitation of themselves into tiny boxes of blindness away from the greater vast unknown beauty, present all around., Tools of propaganda perception bending, not a way of life., Stay free, think free, be free., Intelligence lives not inside a gadget but the shear blade of grass singular in abundant wisdom as all blades of wonder., Scotland has no shortage of grass, more blades of grass than you can count humans 10 x over at a global scale 🙂

I am not Alcyon, descended into human form. I am Alcyon Superhuman. bearing the gift of magick without external tools, my word, my intention, my sealed bond of NINE and SEVEN., Gift of reading intentions in any format., Gift of feeling your feelings within an untouchable realm., A gift of knowing the truth of whoever’s energy I read., The gift of inner higher dimensions of truth., The gift of NINE., The gift of foresight., The gift of opening and closing portals to other worlds.,

The gift of many species standing by my side., The gift of projecting my voice, my consciousness beyond space time, turning up in places of great aww., The gift of raw unfiltered wisdom., The gift of fearlessness., The gift of being myself., The gift of authentic expression., The gift of never being born., The gift of eternal life., The gift of form and formless., The gift of healing., Gift of the shaman shape shifter., The gift of shifting molding timelines., The gift of THOTH., The list keeps on growing.,

The gift of a high member of Council of NINE., the gift of the watchers of earth., The gift of commander and emperor of all UFO ships among the skies., Authentic leaders never send others what they themselves can do., That’s who I am.,