Say No To Government

Say No To Government

April 24, 2022 GIA Governments 0
Say No To Government

Say No To Government

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Let’s dig into what’s really here.

First, you will notice the same I have done RED and BLUE. Red means warning, danger, blue means trust. Color manipulation, a way to move the person into a specific thought agenda.

None of what’s written on the leaflet matters. No matter what they promise they will all do the same, anyway.

Manipulating anyone who falls for this bullshit. Every party uses some method of NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming. “Manipulation” They will never tell you, I certainly will.

What do you feel when you see red? Because everyone has been used and manipulated to see things this way. Look around where you see red, in signs all relating to the same thing.

Why do you think Facebook is blue? Or the royals use blue? Facebook grew by the billions why because manipulated everyone into TRUSTING them., We all know how that turned out. The russians got the blame, truth is they were setting everyone up to think a certain way, to hate the russian people. One day that truth will reveal itself. Just as it already has.

Notice every word is red or blue? That’s heavy manipulation of people. They think people won’t see what they are doing. How wrong are they.

Every party, every government has lost the trust of people.

Now notice the first and last. This is another manipulation tool. People remember the first and last thing.

To scrap the “unfair” council Tax. 14 years on, we’re still paying it. Nobody will take away the tax it pays to abuse children.

Our children’s free bikes and laptops. Where are they? Now they’re using emotional triggers in people by USING children.

Trust, honesty, accountability, they wouldn’t know where to begin. Criminals, that’s all.

People could say why don’t we create our own party with the X-Revolution and change it?

Come on, don’t you think it would be the same old story conned into their game only to become liars just like them? Yes, that’s exactly what would happen, not by choice. To change something, you must rip it up from the very core foundation and rebuild.

Their way of thinking has destroyed this planet. The few reap, why the many weep. NO MORE.,

Just Say NO To Governments

Say No To Government