RUSSIA Taking over LOTTERY UK Public Deception

RUSSIA Taking over LOTTERY UK Public Deception

March 15, 2022 GIA Governments 0
RUSSIA Taking over LOTTERY UK Public Deception

RUSSIA Taking over CAMELOT LOTTERY UK Public Deception

National Lottery operator Camelot is set to be stripped of its licence to operate the game after 30 years after the Gambling Commission announcing plans to transfer it to a rival.

A fiercely contested bidding process has been under way between four parties to hold the licence, which Camelot has operated since 1994.

But officials said Czech group Allwyn – formerly known as SAZKA Group before its rebranded – is now the preferred applicant to take over the venture in 2024.

HIDING THE TRUTH AGAIN RUSSIA Heavily hidden in the background. Deceiving the UK Public again.



Partnership Connections to BLASCO.COM.UA Black Sea Shipping Company is a Ukrainian shipping company based in Kiev. The company was established during the Imperial Russian rule in 1833. Following the World War I and reorganization of the former empire as a Soviet state, the company was owned by the Soviet government. During Soviet rule, the company held the title of world’s largest shipping company for several years and was instrumental in important foreign trade and international aid initiatives of the Soviet government.



Sergei Viktorovich Foster Educated at Moscow Finance Academy 1972 – 1977 Speaks his native language RUSSIAN. Became the Director OAO Sovcomflot 1989 – 1991.

About SOVCOMFLOT: Joint Stock Company Sovcomflot is Russia’s largest shipping company and one of the world leaders in the maritime transportation of hydrocarbons. Sovcomflot provides services for offshore oil & gas projects. Our fleet includes over 144 vessels with a combined deadweight of over 12,45 million tonnes. Reliable team of professionals at sea and at shore numbers over 9000 staff, formed in best traditions of Russian maritime schools. SCF provides its clients with safe, first class hydrocarbon shipping services in accordance with the very highest international shipping industry standards. We follow a strategy of long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation with our partners. The company is committed to innovation and has one of the youngest fleet in the world with an average vessel age of just 8 years. A third of SCF vessels are of a high ice class, which determines the special expertise of the company in the transportation of hydrocarbons in the challenging icy conditions of the Arctic and Far Eastern seas. Sovcomflot is engaged in the transportation of oil, a wide range of petroleum products and liquefied natural gas. Our vessels conduct complex towage operations and provide offshore geophysical exploration services. The company is registered in Saint-Petersburg and has representative offices in Moscow, Novorossiysk, Murmansk, Vladivostok, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, London, Limassol, Madrid, Singapore and Dubai.

SERGEI 22 years a director of MASSANDRA UK LIMITED and 9 years BLASCO UK LIMITED

BLASCO and OCEAN AGENCIES SAME COMPANY. Both Sea and coastal freight water transport. same as SOVCOMFLOT and the Black Sea Shipping Company is a Ukrainian shipping company based in Kiev. owned by the Soviet government.

The UK People conned again.

And the war in Ukraine is about what?

Only reason Ukraine mentioned and not Russia swaying the public opinion to take sides.,

Will they admit the hidden links between Russia, Ukraine and the British government, ALLWNY and your money?


How did it all begin for me?

One morning sent two random words for my targets “Bamco and Yellow Bobble hat” No location, no direction, male or female unknown targets. Between 3pm and 12 midnight, I successfully located my target ten miles away. 100 yards from targets a sign with Bam, Bam, Bam, 100 yards later, located NAMCO across from Parliament inside downstairs bar sat two men, one wearing a yellow bobble hat.

Approached both men handed them the paper words Bamco, Yellow bobble hat. Both looked up asking are you a hitman? Then shortly made a dash for the exit.,

I was across the bridge heading towards Westminster underground., My targets did not know I was coming, no idea I was tracking them in total darkness., Using my psychic senses to hunt them down.,

Next 5 years, I trained hard knowing I can track anything or anyone down with minimal information.,

If I had given this task, those words to a random person, now go find them guaranteed nobody would have done what I had achieved that night., 9 hours, two words, ten miles apart.

No criminals were harmed during the training exercise.,

Last night I requested a new target., They sent today nothing took it. There was nothing for me to do today. Went to the shops cute woman blurts “Camelot” and “License.,” Random conversation Instantly knew my target words delivered in the most unexpected way., I would never have known. I hunt when I am instructed to hunt., If I’m tracking, there’s a good reason for it.,

The military answer to psychic spies: remote viewing, remote influencing, two very mundane systems., mechanical approach., 50/50 chance ratio., Ours 100% target hit., and it’s not for sale.,

Remote viewing and remote influencing are both detectable systems. A person being viewed can recognise when the remote viewing window opens and closes. It’s a portal window of consciousness accessed at a point in time space., A tiny electric blue orb of light appears and disappears. That’s the consciousness access point., the best defence against such things are false smoke screens., Projecting a desired scene., Among many others., Remote viewing and influence systems anyone can learn a barrier counter defence.,

The mundane system principals.

YES you can spy on your government, the pentagon anyone you wish.,

The difference between their system and ours, it locked them in some quiet room with pen and paper., We are out in the field tracking in real-time., using many inner powers to track down the target., The only help available from NINE are the words given.,

Tracking an object versus a person, an object remains stationary while the person is constantly on the move., Unless the object is a vehicle. If the object sits in the north and you go south, you are way off target. You determine these functions early., Training in an area of 8 Million conscious minds, all thinking at once., That’s where a person who masters the art begins.,

Taking on human form does not render us powerless, it camouflages us., The secrets we reveal were done to empower the species against those who suppressed them., You’re not powerless. In fact, you’re more powerful than you ever imagined.,

When the Rockefeller family tried to force disclosure of our people among you and the US government refused., Let’s face facts, it was the Rockefeller family. Who wanted you, the people of the planet, to know the truth., It mattered not., We already lived among you., How long did many people spend discrediting the Rockefeller family as an enemy of the people., Do you see why now?

Some people want you to believe we are all benevolent beings, half truth., yet their own arrogance blinds them., We are those responsible for taking down the greatest fret the universe knew: ANU, the one who brought wars, pain and suffering to earth., The facts, if the universe is threatened, then it’s our responsibility to protect it.,

The Killer of his own kind.,

Who made this man, if not the GLOBAL entity known as…?

The message was always staring you head on. Jay Robert., The Doctor., never void from view., Jigsaw bits moved around creatively., Always the same message., V Standing up for your children alone, when mine are gone, is that not the biggest message of all.,