Russia and Ukraine Have You Been Lied To Again?

Russia and Ukraine Have You Been Lied To Again?

April 17, 2022 GIA 0
Russia and ukraine have you been lied to again

Russia and Ukraine Have You Been Lied To Again?

Are you 100% certain you are told the truth? How do you know? Can you prove?

Is the west using lies to mislead the public to enforce certain agendas is the war real? Is what you see on NEWS a good after effects demonstration? can you prove it’s not?

If all you were told were true, then how come every day since the supposed war, how can I log onto Russia Moscow under a Russian IP and Ukraine under their IP? Does Russia have sanctions? Then how so easily I can mask myself as a Russian living in Scotland?

Are they making fools out of everyone yet again?

If we use some common sense, some intelligence, we will realise this would not be possible.


Nobody is saying nothing is happening. However, we are saying they are misleading the west., WHY? The rules of the game of war are as follows. If you want to take out a leader of any country, let’s say PUTIN., He seems to be the most hated by the west., If anyone can stand in the west’s way better, then he can. We all know the west does not like those who are independent and stand in their way. This goes against their agenda.,

Then you must invoke support for the other country. So the west and anyone else can justify genocide without real reason. You must gain the public’s support. Without the public supporting it, they cannot commit genocide.

So when the public is supporting, genocide is easy and who’s really to blame? Nobody can blame any government if the people voted YES.,

How do you get the people on your side? Spread large exaggerated lies. Make it 100 times worse than it really is.

We have a history that shows us this truth., Saddam Hussein accused of having nuclear missiles., they destroyed the country committed genocide and in the end turns out he never had them. Whilst many western soldiers abused and raped Iraq women and children.

Same happened with Bin Laden, yet we all know Americans believe it was the government who did 9/11 inside job., They wanted a war and were willing to kill their own people to achieve it.

All just one big game and you are all the puppets they used to achieve.,

No public support, no Iraq, no Afghanistan., Same old story, same old trick and people keep on falling for the lies.

MONEY is the only reason war starts. You’re nothing more than a pawn in the game of chess., An NPC we call it in the game world “Non Player Character” which means expendible. In the spiritual world you are called “Back Drop People” And to be clear, when you act at the words of known liars without personally verified experience as facts, you acknowledge yes; you are a BACK DROP PERSON. A NPC. A PAWN., Just another PartyGate story in the works.,

Nothing more than an act of genocide on RUSSIA and PUTIN Russian people has done no wrong. Yet this is where they are leading you into another Iraq, another Afghanistan., If Putin nukes the world, you only got yourselves to blame. For allowing liars to do your thinking for you., That’s where you’re heading.,

Back Drop People

Prime example found on YouTube.

A back drop person has no intelligence to determine what’s real here. They follow the storyline, watch the imagery and for them it’s now a fact.

The imagery is just training exercise clips mashed together, all created at different times. The story is just one wannabe youtuber wanting fame from hate.

Let’s be honest, if 333,000 NATO troops were, then that’s 333,000 rapists. Women and children watch out as the pedo troops are on the loose.

The video is bullshit propaganda. This is an absolute fact. That’s what the back drop person would say. The west trying to drum up public support for genocide. Hitler all over again.,

I once wrote about the back drop people. I am prepared to eat my own words, looking at the state of people’s minds and how gullible they have become. Calling them back drop people is being polite. What you see on this video is the same techniques applied on NEWS Channels and news papers.

What’s the solution?

Get a soul, face the truth, swallow some courage. If you don’t like or agree how things are, then speak up dorks.

Presidents, Prime Ministers, pedofile’s all the same thing. Are all cowards. My father taught me this well when a neighbour caused issues. My father confronted him. What did he do? Hid behind his wife’s skirt. Let his wife do the talking. Presidents, Prime Ministers hiding behind soldiers tell me what the difference is, there’s none.

I say to all nuclear armed countries, so you have nuclear bombs who gives a fuck. Use them if you think you’re tough enough.

Get a soul, face the truth, swallow some courage. If you don’t like or agree how things are, then speak up dorks. And most of all tear down every government that exists problem solved. Stop holding your friend’s hand for courage and reassurance.

Boris Johnson will never face me. His wife already told him his a pussy and she won’t protect him. So no skirt for him to hide behind.

Remember these words.

Behind every cowardice man lives an exceptional woman to defend the cowardice fool.

That’s a fact.,