Royals, Ministers, Lords and Dorks.

Royals, Ministers, Lords and Dorks.

July 22, 2022 GIA Governments royal family 0
Royals, Ministers, Lords and Dorks

Royals, Ministers, Lords and Dorks.

You have worked it out. We want the world and the United Kingdom to see how you treat people who expose the truth about you, after you raped, mentally, emotionally and sexually abused and abused, and murdered innocent CHILDREN. The QUEEN OF PEDO.

Yes, we want people to see how your reaction shows up. Yes, we send signals like bait on a line to see who takes the bait, great and wonderful fishers.

Yes, we want them to see if you can do to one, shows how all children are vulnerable to your sick pedofile ways. When you use people who we catch on the bait, they expose themselves as the cause of children abused. And right now every energy company in participation with CHILD ABUSE. These children are suffering because of you and them.

Trust me, they won’t thank you for that one.

Who do you want to receive the blame? Those who work who took money from you, now all are paying the price because of your deception. You cut the throats of workers and they don’t even realise you did it. They do now.

Did we not say March 2020 do not take that money, you will pay a heavy price. £350 Billion, now workers truly are your slaves. You have successfully blackmailed them all. I guess you can see why the nation is so angry with you.

OH yes we know Queenie your behind all that governments do. Your the hidden child abusers of governments.

To support a royal is to support child sex abuse.

Just like how you offered to put Chelsea in an unmarked grave so there was no evidence of what took place. No body, no crime. Doing this in secret using tax payers money for many decades possibly goes back before world war 2.

Just how you paid teenagers to start fires across the planet to enforce the global climate agenda. We have some footage where teenagers were setting fire to grass fields. Priory to the mass attack of fires.

Notice how the media all jumped on climate change. Who wants Climate change agenda? Prince Charles Mr big ears.

Tell NASA to point at Saturn, notice what changed. Don’t stress. We already know you will never reveal it to the public. Chop chop boys and girls of NASA.,

California Surfing 😉 One year before our sudden disappearance from the music industry., What did we know that you didn’t discover until a year later? What’s our interest in LA? Are there any royals in LA today? Today we begin our electronic conversion because yet again you won’t see us coming.,

NSA, you have yourself a serious infestation watch out pedofile’s.,