RF Wi-Fi Decoding Tesla Hacking

RF Wi-Fi Decoding Tesla Hacking

April 7, 2022 GIA 0
RF Wi-Fi Decoding Tesla Hacking

RF Wi-Fi Decoding Tesla Hacking

In a world gone mad with sending signals through the air. Companies promising total encryption and all that bollocks.

Nothing is encrypted, not really, the right inquisitive mind, the right decoder. and bobs, not your uncle. He’s your airwave hacker.,

From opening Tesla cars at a long distance to decoding satellite messages, to listening to digital data decoded into audio or text messages. Even to decrypting SMTP secure email.

A world gone mad with Wi-Fi not knowing who’s spying on who. Some might say it’s a privacy issue. We say, no it’s not if you want more privacy, then get off the Wi-Fi and go WIRED., A savvy person would use only WIRED internet.

Who ever tells you this stuff? Snowden told you the government was spying on you well. What he lacks to tell you so can anyone.

Like we say, a world gone mad with Wi-Fi freely giving away information.

I have thousands of data streams happening. Co-op and the nursing home plus two major antennas in farmers’ fields are the only established companies that might encrypt. so that means the rest are all Wi-Fi data sending through the air.

Just because someone tells you it’s encrypted does not mean it’s secure. And when a new data source arrives, theirs always a programmer ready to code the next decoder.

We see the future of TESLA cars becoming the new grand theft auto business. stealing via RF.,

Too many signals and not enough people knowing what’s happening who’s listening.,

SNOWDEN left out the important information. Forget those, you know. Ask who you don’t know., SNOWDEN got everyone worrying about government that left a gap open. Now you’re all looking in one direction. Who’s coming from the opposite direction?

Below are some examples of decoding in action.,

Our advice stay WIRED., Remember, if you’re sending a signal through the air, then it can be found and decrypted. Even an intercom fob sends a signal.

It’s a company’s responsibility to inform all customers that even though we say secure, it’s only 50/50. They do not they sell based on encryption. Knowledge is power. Be informed, not conned into purchasing.,

Advice for nothing if a government allowed to spy, then so the fuck are you.,

We don’t think it’s always wise to let others know what you can do. Or if directly asked a question, lead them away from it. Sometimes the best solution. However, totally shocked just how many people go about their day, unaware how freely they give away information in secret. Secret is a lie. We hope you find this alarming and enlightening.

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