Recap History Of The Universe

Recap History Of The Universe

May 19, 2022 GIA 0
Recap History Of The Universe

Recap History Of The Universe.

The universe was under the control of ANU. He dominated worlds, planets, civilisation looking for slaves, workers. Where they would mine gold. Gold was a precious commodity. Son of ANU born out of two worlds launched the first rebellion. He lost the battle ANU sentenced him to the Orion prison. ARZU later escaped and remained hidden on Venus. Later moved to Alcyon. Where the seven daughters were born into existence. The Pleiades race was born out of Alcyon, forming the seven daughters. An entire rebellious culture had emerged. Born from the creator of the first rebellion.

ANU had dominated 80% of the universe. Earth project started by the Seven daughters. ANU heard about the earth project by those on Mars a neighbor gave over earth in exchange for their own freedom. This was an act of war against the seven daughters. The last rebellion for ANU began., Taking shape above the earth. ANU imprisoned on earth evidence found among the Sumerians. His entire army wiped out. Mars destroyed for its betrayal against the seven daughters. Time lock enforced, stopping ANU from escaping. The humans at this time were not the first species. Many times the earth was reset. This time was different. You now had a war criminal on your hands who would do his damn best to make you like him so he can escape and try to take back what we took. Anu makes Hitler look like Mr Bean.

In all this time the universe united forming high council among sectors of the universe compiling an entire network of councils, making sure another ANU did not happen. This earth version is the only remanents of ANU. World war two spoke volumes about ANU legacy. You lit your planet up like a Christmas tree and back we all came.

Ready and waiting to destroy this planet for good, just like Mars, should you continue in the ANU ways of being. Just like the Aztec, we will relocate many again. Those who are earning their place among us.,

ANU is long gone, his consciousness destroyed for the greater good of the universe. He has left you in a mess. One you don’t seem to grasp the seriousness of. Only you can get yourselves out of this.

In the 40 years I have known mighty fine souls. Not everyone has evil intent. However, those who do evil deeds and those who do nothing about it are equal in our eyes. Take anyone in UFO disclosure. We may not agree with them. However, they are informing you about our presence here.

We assure you if ANU won the last rebellion, your world would be vastly different today. You would know true hell., There were two factions of the Anunnaki Anu and his son the rebellious child.,

If you think we don’t understand what you are going through, From those living as one of yourselves. We know better than you realise.,

You want to know who you’re where you came from, what’s it all about. Can you truly handle the truth?

You will not have full disclosure. Why? Because it’s now clear to all governments, our position is serious. Who caused it? You already know that answer., (Those who do evil deeds and those who do nothing about it are equal in our eyes.)

When you take on those from the stars, you are taking on the entire universe. That’s a mighty big statement for a tiny planet., Speaking for all high councils, not even ANU would attempt such a thing.,

When you witness me having a poke at governments and the Pentagon, this is us acknowledging your act of war towards us as an entire universal force.,

Although the Sumerians are where ANU the prisoner dwelled. The entire planet witnessed the last rebellion. That story transpired into many culture stories. Although each story gave a new name, they were all talking about the same rebellion. The most famous one was the ancient story of Cronus and Zeus., The stories are watered and diluted, even romanticized. They are all the stories of ANU and ARZU, the last great rebellion of the Anunnakian Family War.

ARZU took the universe and moulded a new one., The day the golden age of the universe began., The evil ANU locked away on Gaia., ANU took Gaia’s children, created hell, disorder, hatred and war among them. Until the children of Gaia forgot who they were.,

Known as the blue bloods, the direct descendants of ANU on earth. The hypocrites, as even ANU himself interbreed.,

Among the Anunnaki Family War. ANU wanted war, slavery, disorder, chaos, harm, hatred and dis-ease. ARZU wanted peace, harmony, love, unity, order and balance., Only one way to achieve. The Anunnaki split into two factions and the rebellion began until ARZU won., The entire universe who were once slaves of ANU found freedom and utopia among ARZU., Not all Anunnakian’s were bad.,

When Harry married Megan, Harry made a stand for the ARZU faction. Defiance has begun., The rebellious nature of ARZU lives in Harry., Princess Diana compares greatly to the mother of ARZU., Hurt the mother and the Faction split begins.,

No direct descendant of ANU will reign over the universe again as king or a queen.,

Hey chipmunk Johnson, I’m leaving. The curtain is closing. Before I step outside, Let’s reveal one last secret. Both you lot and us know when I am fully engaged with your nonsense, you are not at risk. You all become at risk when I disengage. It’s a magical thing. It’s time everyone else is on the same page.

I’m stepping out the back door., So what’s hidden can come crashing through your doors. Try to pull me back in the game if you want.

Now we are all on the same page as why I am pulled in and out of the game., Me in the game keeps the magic at bay. Me out, the game comes crashing around your ears. 😉

You’re not in control of the endgame, only the path you choose., Adios Chipmunk Puppet Minion Johnson, fuck that’s a long name you got. 😀 21.05.2022., Kansas is calling and my shoes are, a tapping, as the big bad witch is surely coming.,

The desire to see you all fall has to be greater than the fun I gain from publically kicking your ass. And that’s my greatest desire. So be it done, farewell you forevermore no more.,

These events in Moscow and the Pentagon were us showing the two powerhouses. You cannot do a thing about us.

Be careful what you wish for

be careful what you vibrate out into the vastness of our universe., Be careful if war is all that’s in your hearts., Sound is a ripple flowing out across the universal ocean.,

Be careful of the manifestation., Just ask the history and fall of ANU.,

You sang for Russel, yet you bravely trod on my toes. The one walking among you. You opened dialogue between both our worlds. You had no awareness of how damaging those words were to you. If you had been mindful of where you walked. We would not have bothered with you. “You wanted to be a victim. You wanted to be infected with poison.” Sound, intention and action, be it good or bad, are everything., Be careful what you wish for., To one and all., You’re not in control of the outcome., Only the road you take.,

All that you did in secret, now to the forefront minds of all who see, past, present and future. What is seen can’t be unseen. What is done can’t be undone. And as I pull away from your parasite energy. I allow your life to dissolve far away from me., Returning all the poison you created back into you and those around you., Should I ever revisit, then it is my thought and I must restart the process once more., AS I lay your body down to die. I salute farewell with grace. It is on this day 21.05.2022 we seal the covenant, you and all yours shall never walk among the heavens, for we the NINE banish you., It is done., So be it forevermore.,