Rapid evolutionary movement for healing of circumstances.

Rapid evolutionary movement for healing of circumstances.

October 6, 2022 GIA 0
Rapid evolutionary movement for healing of circumstances

Rapid evolutionary movement for healing of circumstances.

Don’t do this if you have not throughly thought about what you truly want., once it begins, it can change things you did not expect., be 100% sure you want rapid growth., it might seem harmless movement its powerful.,

33 spins is not largely advertised, it’s a pleiadian method, not a process specifically to them, one that has served many things in their evolution.

33 spins 3 times a day max of 99 spins daily., I will seek out someone who practices to give you insight on how to achieve.

Starting back in early 2019, I began to spin 33 times daily. I increased as time went along, time sped up so did situations.,

It’s like catapulting yourself through growth and amplifying all that’s required.,

Let’s say you’re in an unhappy relationship. You’re stuck. You know in your heart you want out, and don’t know what to do about it. Any attempt at resolving or leaving causes unnecessary drama, which seems to make you more stuck.,

By starting the 33 spins, you are creating an energy vortex. This vortex will create all the necessary changes for you.,

Analogy: the earth spins daily. Certain amount of cycles of spins generates season change. Four seasons in a year. That’s a lot of energy. It’s a vortex of its own.,

You know what you want to change in your heart, so no words are necessary. Just begin the spins. Watch life move mountains for you.,

If I myself had not created my own vortex starting of 2019, I wouldn’t be here now. Probably still following normal linear drama of time or worse, not even coming out into the open like I did.,

It’s a method of un-sticking circumstances. Imagine you’re standing in the heart of a tornado. That tornado shifts everything in its path out of the way, creating a clear path for you to travel.

Look at most mechanical devices. Most generate a vortex like an electric DC motor, spins at a rate creating electricity using magnets and copper coil., Manifest the unmanifest.,

The human body is energy, its electric, it’s a vortex within a vortex., Know what you want, then start spinning., I suggest you keep this private. Anyone who doesn’t know its power will not understand you.,

Do you want to create balance the same method as you will learn after 33 or 99 spins and sharp stop and holding that balanced position is messy at first. Give it 30 days, you will be a master of balance.,

30 days, become aware how life moves like it’s going through a warp field of change.,

You want to progress your spiritual evolution at warp speed, try spinning.,

It took me from January until 31st May 2019 next day all life took a dramatic turn of events. It never stopped until I reached Scotland., I stopped spinning around July 2020., Don’t underestimate the power you can generate., Don’t underestimate the power that is YOU.,

OK, this first video is not it. Bless her, she’s creating her own method., Spinning faster and fast without stopping is what we seek. By the time you do stop, you must center yourself without falling over. You’re going to lose balance at first, you’re going to be dizzy, disorientated.,

Not this lady.,

OK, this man has understood it well. Notice how his going out of balance as it gets around 19 to 20 spins, then at a standstill his rocking, his trying to hold that balance. However, he was dramatically slow. That is how you should start the first time and, over time, get faster and faster with sudden stops and maintaining balance., you want to generate high speed as you develop like a vortex spinning at high velocity., as fast as you feel you can go. Just avoid always doing the speed this man is doing.,

Analogy: what does a DC motor do if the RPM revs up?

Watching both you can understand why keeping this process private when you do it.,

Day 1 start slow like this man by day 7, You will pick up the speed by day 14 even faster by day 30, you should know your threshold of how fast you can go., push yourself each day to go faster. Start small build big.,
Each sudden stop, hold your balance, centre your mind, hold in thought, holding balance., Hands by your heart as he does.,
Start with 33 spins once a day. If you can aim for 99 spins a day, 3 sessions equals 99 spins, morning afternoon and evening.,

Correction: Whilst spinning, hold your right arm out with hand in upright thumb “OK” Symbol. Left arm down to your side. Avoid using both hands in this manner as the man has done. This position causes a slowing down. Bring your hands to your chest as he does when stopped.,

Took a minute “memory tapping” The dizziness: Picture this if you smoke cannabis when you smoke too much and the room spins out of control, your head is constantly pulling back and upwards. That’s how it feels when holding balance. When you’re stoned, I’m sure you understand how it takes mastering to centre that room still., Why that’s all happening. You are centering your mind and body, be unbothered by the feelings of chaos; remain calm, focused, allow the chaos to wash over you, FOCUS, that room still. Still room, still mind.,

Our Final thoughts:

What makes the human part you? If not consciousness, you cannot put a physical form to consciousness alone., formed formless, formless formed., what is consciousness if not intelligent infinity., What is intelligent infinity if not ALL., If you are ALL, then you have exactly what you need to transform that which you want., SEVEN Of NINE.,


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