Power of Mind Supernatural Projection Into Physical Manifestation

Power of Mind Supernatural Projection Into Physical Manifestation

April 8, 2022 GIA 0
Power of Mind Supernatural Projection Into Physical Manifestation

Power of Mind Supernatural Projection Into Physical Manifestation

For many years, I spent fun playing with people in their videos on YouTube.

I would intentionally tiggle their nose with a feather on my screen until I generated a response on the video. I knew I could achieve a response in real life. I sat at many cafes practicing flipping off hats or touching the shoulder from a distance with the unsuspected crowds around me. I knew also interaction online.

I often listen to tarot readers to keep me in tune with the subject, plus they are also in tune with receiving messages. I sent a message to Katie playing dumb, as I was unsure how best to approach this subject. Turns out Katie was not shocked, so alls good at the castle.

This, however, was different. Katie did not hear this at the time of recording. Was embedded remotely into the video as she was recording. I was practicing new ways to influence the world around me. Plus, strengthen my gifts within the 3D reality.,

Making them known and providing proof is not really my way, but hey fuck it., When you are different, one should embrace your uniqueness.,

We are just gods walking the earth once more.,

Do you notice Katie’s phrase overlaying mine is “Somewhere Else” I like the word Pippin it comes from a 1980’s tv show Hartley Hare I see in the 80’s or my daughters favorite Pippin the dog.

Background History

I guess knowing how it all began. On 2012 December 21st. When I was still on Facebook, I had just returned from the Middle East. On the 21st, I went into a trance state whilst still aware of my surroundings and noticing what was happening on Facebook. A gush of energy came down with an almighty whoosh. It kept pouring into me all night. At that moment, I began naturally projecting it back onto Facebook. I noticed people started doing what I was thinking. I used my hands and mind. Not long after, I became a Target Tracker, which is a term for using psychic energy to track down things., (Target Tracker tracks down the target and hands it over to the Shadow People to take care of business.,) If you did, someone wrong and I’m sent to track you down. God forbid, I don’t find you. The shadow beings might assist us for our reasons they can be extremely nasty to humans if we order such.,

If a shadow being has visited you and you were in fear or attacked., that means one thing you are guilty of a wrong you committed., Disaster will follow.,

I don’t believe in ghost or the afterlife how it’s been spoken for centuries. These things are just ways to make money, not truth. I know what they’re witnessing, yet people have become so stuck and wanting life after death in a place called heaven, no actual point explaining they are delusional ideas. The truth might just give you a heart-attack.,

My advice: don’t hope or wish for such things. Just use your life to make it right before it’s too late., You are in for a shock., The pope can suck my knuckles and beg for my forgiveness.,

Now all you need is to relate whats demonstrated on this post and you are on your way

This story of 2012 is a strange time for me. I think if I remember it’s written inside mystery of the middle east movement. I returned and my American brother asked me if I got the download in the east. Obviously yes. That was the reason I snuck out in the midnight hour into the desert, returned and imprisoned. Which led to the Russian soldiers and me ripping shreds off the captain’s pride with a verbal bashing at my finest moment after escaping my capture., I was instructed to go into the Middle East alone and only the brave truly work alone.,

Something else happened shortly after. My new found energy had not integrated properly, and I exploded into rage. My American brother was in deep shock screaming for me to stop before I cause the fall of atlantis all over again., It took time to integrate the extra energy and gifts., I was experiencing the rage of the fall of Atlantis as he who caused it to fall., As someone followed correctly the plan., Years later, I have mastered the energy., I have spent decades in silence of truth.,

Katie’s original video timeframe 10:59

subscribe to Katie for being a good sport

This one is important. Notice Wildbeare does not know what or why. I can only say she’s one of us or she’s being protected. See the video at the bottom females for fame on YouTube are now putting females at risk all for FAME., When it goes wrong, they will scream victim when obviously not true, they are to blame.,

Some women will be watched and protected whilst others are not true., Women just don’t realise how stupid they can be. What for? Money. Get real lovey.,

This girl might aswell be a dumb blonde

Horrible phrase dumb blonde yet what would you prefer harsh truth or the regret and trauma not every man can control their penis or their mind., some have no control, this won’t help them or you. So harsh truth is better., Desperate girls in desperate times.,

I can see Boris Johnson in the backroom yanking his weenie midge pressed against a monitor screen., Oops my bad, she’s way too old.,

After scanning the video, she’s misleading men., So thick as shit dumbass girl with no intelligence putting innocent women in danger of hobbies they enjoy and noticing YouTube, this is becoming a trend way of doing things. Honestly, thick as shit, some women have no brains., Because at the end of the day, when it goes seriously wrong for this woman who will be blamed? The man, of course., Seriously needs saying.,