June 6, 2022 GIA 0


Update: 8th June 2022 4:44am

High council of Orion question our offer., They suggest if no resolution happened in the years passed, what makes us believe they will ever change? Our targets are governments. Elon Musk is not a government man. Orion Asks for a reconsider following these insights.

The network of NINE., come to a new agreement. Since Elon Musk is an ordinary citizen if he continues his quest for the universe. You refuse our offer. No resolution takes place. Then we have no other option. Your planet removed from the universe anyone in space also deleted., No human survivors., With no prior warnings or notice.,

Thoughts of SEVEN., Orion 100% correct., If you can’t hold yourselves accountable here, it would be no different in our home., If A civilian can enter space, then all civilians are accountable., Until your actions prove otherwise, these are our decisions.,

Our offer below stands with these conditions., Network of NINE.,


It’s about to get more interesting when we shift left.,

The blue sphere in the first image. Satelite mirror reflection. Anyone with a telescope will know this look.

Are these ships making these lines? Same color. You work it out. You seem to know everything about our universe.

I will tell you this for nothing. That single ship is twice the size of earth. You’re messing where you should not be messing.,

If you can fit 8 billion humans on earth, imagine what’s inside that one ship., I have a song for that!


Our Offer

No place like this spot to mention., We know what the pentagon is up to., We know what they want to achieve., We know what this means for the rest of the planet., We also know we stand between them, achieving their desired goal., We know why they want Russia gone. Then North Korea, China., Lastly, the Brits, well, you have three cheers from me on that one., We will not stop you guaranteed.,

We also know they can’t achieve with our unfinished business in the air., We know what it means for them if it never resolves., It’s hard for their ego to hear this. That’s natural. They believed they were a top dog of the universe only to discover how wrong they are.,

Now they have a spanner in their cog machine, called me., Their success rate is zero at present thanks to Mrs Rab C Nesbitt of LA., until they put their ego back in their pockets and start negotiating a truce.,

NINE is adamant I sit across a table from your highest officer in the Pentagon.

You have US Troops here in Scotland. I know these things. I will come peacefully.

Let me tell you what you need as it was you who first came into the public with the UFO business., Brave move., It’s also you who first joins the universe., You are going to require an ambassador of the universe, a member of NINE, to negotiate if and how you can move forward among the universe and the laws you will face if you make it., Elon is one persistent motherfucker who’s head sits in the clouds with his thumb stuck up his ass., All will be in vain unless you and us do not meet halfway., Unfinished Business., I’ll say it again: One Nation makes it.,

Once our business is resolved, I want full citizenship full access to your top person to negotiate every move forward. If I am satisfied, you will have a path into the universe whereby the NINE grants you free passage., I will give no other country the same., No other country will join you. Let’s be clear on that.,
When the time comes, you will spend 10 years in space exploring. You will learn about us and how we structure our universe. You will come back to earth and teach our ways to those here. They will learn from you and I we will determine who among the nations is ready to join us., This is what’s possible., These are our terms.,

Until our business is resolved., I shall remain open to Russia and China., Once a deal is made, it will not be unmade., Any involvement with the British, then all agreements broken., You will have full access to my database of knowledge. Not what you see on site whereby you don’t know if you’re going right or left, it’s intentional. If you earn my respect and I with you, then you and only you will have access., I am SEVEN., You decide.,

P.S If you’re paying attention to the ship image, notice it is like a smaller one that moved around your 12 mile long space tether that broke many moons ago. Lyra, earth in the blink of an eye., Imagine that speed.,

To my Russian friend who sent the encrypted message. I thank you for your interest., I understand your need for absolute privacy., You may ask your boss to send someone in my direction to speak in person if privacy is an issue., I can only be reached by open message or in person., If you want a reply, remain open with me and without links.,

If you seek a deal, state this clearly. Then plan for my departure and arrival. The deal made on location.,

For your privacy, concerns my emails pipe from and through my domains and route to Gmail. So no email is 100% private. In person is your best route.,

We will share some history with the three named parties.

Some information you might already know., Who are we? We are NINE, also known as the Council of NINE, a collective led by 7 members of counsel. Each member represents a sector of the universe. NINE is the head of our counsel and the head of all other counsels throughout the universe like a networked map., What one counsel knows all know via NINE., You understand this structure as you use the same structure as given by ourselves.,

Our main communication down through the centuries has been done via magic, be it dark or light, both are the same to us. Many men have sought our guidance for good and bad., Your current day structures and methods were given by us during rituals., When a blood sacrifice is done, you are calling on our shadow sides for help., You have attached many names to us, too many to mention.,

We have remained neutral in your reasoning of choices. Our aim was to give in the hope you will find a better way once you witness the harm you cause., Harm is the lowest form of life, it is required. In order to discover good., Without evil, you cannot know good, without good you cannot know evil.,

You have existed longer than you care to admit., the NINE have not walked this earth in a long time according to your values of time., World war 2 caused great concern among the counsels., When you struck Japan with a nuke, that was the last straw and we came in great numbers far more than you can count., You activated a planetary clean., A debate that has continued among us for decades.,

You were sent many warnings to stop playing with nukes., We focused on the lives of civilians to get their feelings and thoughts. Our findings were alarming. So we sent SEVEN disguised as one of you., His mission was to discover the level of abuse from governments on the people.,

SEVEN., also known as THOTH., Took the body of a boy who died in a house fire, the boy was offered in exchange to live among us or return to the earth, a different life new body., SEVEN is the main host of the body, yet all 7 members, including NINE, have access.,

It’s a false idea to believe we would land ships on this earth as a meet and greet party., Or to send a ship to meet secretly also false., Given we host a human body, this means no harm can come to us., We have seen how hostile you can be as a species. Stupidity is not our middle name., This is our wise choice of negotiating a future for you as a collective., You know what it means. If we fail, history has evidence to show you what happens.,

We do not sacrifice our people, nor would we ask this of them. That’s why you have SEVEN., Those who promote our ships as peaceful, they mean well, their intention is worthy., ARZU and ANU shows we have not always been this way., We do what’s in the collective interest of the entire universe since the days of ANU.,

Under no circumstances will we allow the British to enter our universe. We are all on the same page for the reason., They have much growing up to achieve.

If we came into your home, did as we pleased, abused your children, would this be a sign of respect? Peace? Or an act of war? Note your answer and apply this to our home, the universe.,

You know we have deliberately insulted your leaders. Now you know what it feels like.,

Many civilisations before have left the earth and joined us in the universe because they were ready and mature enough to respect all life., We hope we can achieve the same with yourselves., That depends on your actions.,

For us to work with the Russians as we have no bias against any culture., It requires he calls it a day with war., War are the reasons that bring us back to the decision of cleaning the planet.,

We are even willing to consider two members from different countries as part of the final mission for 10 years in space., Not the British. If you choose it.,