Pegasus ARZU and The Fall Of Anu Among Earth

Pegasus ARZU and The Fall Of Anu Among Earth

March 11, 2022 GIA 0
Pegasus ARZU and The Fall Of Anu Among Earth

Pegasus ARZU and The Fall Of Anu Among Earth

Throughout history, they buried our people hidden among stories, myths and legends of the great war among the heavens that crashed into the earth plane. A war witnessed by all tribes all carrying a different take on what they witnessed., The fall of ANU’s empire, the father of ARZU., Bounded by his rebellious son, ARZU forcing the time lock upon the earth bounding ANU to the earth plane, to die and rebirth forevermore., The great legends and myths returned to the stars.,

On a different timeline, the universe got a wake up call., ARZU and the Council of NINE returned to the earth plane in February 1942 LA., The battle of Los Angeles., During another war on earth, world war 2., With the power of ARZU’s time lock, travelling at different junctions implementing a massive wake up call to the earth beings., A brace of courage shall soon surge this world., You call it the spiritual awakening.,

The pegasus was renowned for the help with the fall of ANU., The Pegasus kingdom remained neutral in these times., Until the Council Of NINE showed the timeline of the earth that destroyed the universe., No more questions asked. Silence grew among the star kingdoms, no more convincing what had to be.,

In the midnight hour history made among the stars. The high king of the constellation pegasus agreed to join the Council Of NINE., hundreds upon hundred million pegasus arriving.,

Council of NINE, documented in history., Tribes detected our presence., An odd feeling comes over them, a sense of being watched, not alone knowing nobody is with them in the room. The hair upon the body springs to attention an antenna a moment of realisation they are not alone., Within the early days of the time-lock they called the Children of Council of NINE the Watchers., Form and Formless., Those who see all., High Council Baring children to watch over the earth as guardians for the stars., The Children of NINE., Never in all the cosmos has a child of NINE been harmed until now.,

PUTIN, You should have honoured your word when you threatened the WEST To reveal our presence., Hurting innocent people instead.,

Reason’s most genuine footage discredited Using EX Government people to layout the truth, NICK POPE, LUIS ELIZONDO. (When the Pentagon released their zero value report, who did you notice dominating the subject? Why did nobody squash them?)

The reason the public blinded from the truth mislead into more secrecy.,

If you found out they are abusing your children, they are the criminals, would you support them?

If you believed we were in secret contact, would you feel safe? Would you fear government more?

If they have been killing you for years, do you think they care if you’re caught in the crossfire?

We do not support CHILD ABUSERS. Why don’t they want you to know the truth and try to control the narrative or blanket?

I SEVEN, ARZU, THOTH Will not lie. I Am Provoking you into confrontation with us., Evidence shows us you don’t want to take responsibility for harming children. We are provoking you deliberately.,

If you calculate correctly, you will discover the hidden symbolic code embedded into both events.,

The Year of 1982.

Delivering a future message., “NEWPORT”-ON-TAY., Reported and unreported activity among the skies of the UK 1982., Governments hold the largest unreported activity., Look towards Gwent, Wales., Each year every year we appeared why our interest in the UK? Why Surround 1982?

Reported Newspapers

The Time-lock

Our propulsion within the time-lock is the time-lock itself. One minute there, another gone in a blink of an eye. They who built the time-lock control all time., All space within the lock., We can destroy you in your sleep or as you sit on the toilet, we can use the mind of another to carry out our wish., Was one member of Parliament not enough evidence for you during the covid deception? Sudden heart-attack not uncommon around us., It’s a frequency built into the time-lock to hold the villain 100×10 more evil than Hitler.,

The monster will never escape., Humans learn to hate, fight century upon century wars. ANU was seeking an army training the humans the long road around to hate, to fear, conquering, hopefully someday escape back into our universe., ANU’s mind stripped of all knowledge of our technology rendering him useless in the world he once came to destroy. It would take eternity to build an equal empire within the time-lock to match 1% close to what he had.,

Since the fall of ANU, no species became a slave of another, no civilisation conquered complete unity belonged to our world shared among all species., High Councils maintaining unity and peace, peacefully if something changed the high council knew, communication spreads across all the universe via high councils., We decide; test, learn, seek action., High Council of NINE, built by seven members of 7 constellations. Forming a sector of the universe., Every 7 star system sits another council.

NINE sits among all High Councils. Nine controls the barrier., Nine is the highest order., Combining ALL Councils ALL species., When one species has an issue, we all have an issue., Those who reserve for more evidence and those who take action.,

When you make war with one species, you make war with us ALL.,

NINE the great wise guide, None ruling each other, or the many, all working as one unified whole., When the universe threatened, we are all concerned., The Great Infinite ALL priority., The fundamentals we built following the destruction ANU caused and the fall of ANU., The unbreakable laws and wisdom of The Great Infinite ALL.,

Where’s ANU?

Where is he? Who is he?

ANU no longer exists in physical or non-physical, form or formless. When we say the monster will never escape, precisely dissolved his entire consciousness., All that remains, everything left behind in human behaviour, to kill, abuse, harm, cheat, destroy the list goes on. The destruction witnessed. Controlled, manipulated via one source location government, spread out across multiple compartmentalised systems. ANU is nothing more than a mindset behaviour., The remains of ANU.,

The time-lock remains the prison of humans until you choose to evolve., As an entire planet., If that means complete upheaval to achieve, then so be it.,

Those who seek the brothers and sisters of light shall have the easy route., Those who seek the road to ANU will not.,

Inspect the video., ANU at play, notice how instant boo fuels the drama. Who started it? Two young girls were not adult enough to deal with this level of abuse. 18 and 17 have no experience of the adult world. Their response is natural, yet adults choose to abuse first. Who laughed at them first? The show deliberately encourages such behaviour.,

Humiliation of children is not acceptable. To do this deliberate on national tv shameful., What if one of those girls went home and committed suicide? Is that OK? is this still funny?

When someone like me comes around, tell us how does it feel?

When the show encourages your response, you allow the show a free pass to abuse. Who’s CHILDREN are they?

To all these talent shows, what did Jane Marczewski Nightbird teach you? Why.,

Did the girls above or countless others need to have CANCER before you have compassion for all life? Is that OK?