Pain Can Make You Or Break You., Which One Are You?

Pain Can Make You Or Break You., Which One Are You?

July 20, 2022 GIA 0
Pain Can Make You Or Break You Which One Are You

Pain Can Make You Or Break You., Which One Are You?

Pain, trauma, heartbreak a slippery road, with many obstacles and humps along the way. Pain can destroy you or make you, the choice is always yours. One slight slip and you’re gazing down at the end of an empty glass or beer can, waiting for a refill and another and another. The pain subsides only for a short while, never permanently. One day you wake up on the curb of an empty street wondering where life went. Or one line leads to another and another until you blink and you wake up with a needle stuck in your arm, never quite realising how you got there.

The world becomes a daze, like a living dream with no end route in view, no exits, no u-turn signs around, just a misty fog of confusion.

You never quite see it was you who took you there because you chose pain as your destruction point, never quite see the power offered in a momentary glimpse. It was your salvation, a doorway to a stronger version of you.

It takes veritable balls to be different. If you don’t want to gulp another drink, you can snort another line. Because extraordinary takes actual balls. Definition of the normal and the extraordinary. The extraordinary knows both roads whilst the normal only know one., The extraordinary are born out of pain. The normal live there every day trying to escape drinking to forget running, never quite making any distance between them and what they run from.,

Normal is common. Extraordinary is rare yet not unheard., The normal hate the extraordinary because they remind them where they should be yet didn’t find the courage to become.,

The normal gives up easily, an unseen force powers the extraordinary., The extraordinary want all to find what they found long ago., They silently move through life, revealing Solomons’ treasure with a whisper. There’s enough for everyone if you just look close enough. Whispers fall on deaf ears. And the wind keeps on blowing.,

A man pops his head over the fence asking is that poetry or are you sharing wisdom?, he kept walking ignored the man peeking from the fence. He knew if he had to ask, then he had no idea at all.,

In the new world, many speak of ascension, never quite seeing. All we spoke was ascension. from what was to what is. The path from hell into heaven nobody ever said that was easy., Man of true faith questions not if it will be difficult. He begins with his left foot and preceded with his right., So forth the journey begins., He doesn’t care about the obstacles he cares only for the journey to his destination.,

Man does not know himself until he makes pain his friend his strength his inner courageous warrior, until then he remains lost in the wilderness of his own hell trying anything to help him forget how he got there.,

The normal blame and complain and forever hate. The extraordinary forgive turn those words into accountability. And never the twain shall meet because opposites never attract, they repel with substantial force.,

The extraordinary say yes we can, the normal say I’ll do it tomorrow and never does that day become.,
To be different is to be extraordinarily powerful in your own right.,

There is no secret because “choice” we all know., That’s all that makes one from the other., Fear is easy, courage is strength.,

They say better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all., sounds like wise words., Love is the reason behind everything.,
Our friend or our enemy.,

A woman runs into a filling station yielding a gun, grabs some diapers, then yells in a spur-of-the-moment frenzy, give me all the cash she runs home. The cops arrive and arrest her. They ask why she did it; she says clearly my baby has had no diapers in 3 days. I did it out of love for my daughter, whose needs were greater than mine., He replies so why take the cash; she smiles. I would look pretty dumb holding it up for diapers.

Was she bad, or did she do it out of love? Love is behind every action., Some have a love for power, others have a love for their child.,

Fear is weakness fear is the loss of love or the fear of losing love.

Fear is anger, fighting, any outcry of hate because of love. Humans fight, shout, scream, hate and abuse because of fear, a weakness within the human species.

When love becomes threatened, the default emotion is fear because nobody taught them fear and love can be a turning point of something greater. A silent whisper so low one barely hears the calling to your true self.

Men and women believe fighting, anger, shouting and screaming are strength and power that’s far from true. It’s a protection mechanism to prevent or stop loss of love., when love becomes threatened, the ancient tribal instinct kicks in and displays fear, a weakness of love.

It’s false love, for love cannot be conquered for or over. It’s a shared experience. Love is a feeling, not a mountain to climb or a dragon to slay.

Alcohol and drugs are the fallout, the crutch from not recovering from lost love.

What is Putin afraid to admit? What does he fear? His weakness is on display for all to see the same goes for all leaders.

It takes real courage, real balls, real strength and power to stand in front of the man whose daughters you destroyed and say I am sorry I made an error. Weakness is viewable everywhere. The cure for weakness is the correction of error and having the balls and strength to be that., Thats true power., Anything else, pure weakness., The true meaning of the lightest heart of them all., A heart in error in fear is a heavy heart indeed.,

The deference between power and weakness.

Weakness needs a bodyguard or an army to hide behind, or both the normal folk, the average folk burdened by a heavy heart. When you have been a bodyguard, then you know the weakness of those who pay you.,

Power stands alone and confronts them all publically with a light heart. The difference between the average and the extraordinary. The light heart and the heavy heart.,

The white sheep are the average following the one in front and the one in front of that all in line with the same destination, blindly sheep following sheep around and around they go. The black sheep is the extraordinary the one who escaped the little box field of grass. The one the Shepherd loved the most the one who could see beyond the fence and dared to venture.,

Be the black sheep OB1 the force always be with you upon your journey.,

To quit your addiction, one requires a WHY without that, why, one will never find the exit door. My daughters were my WHY and then I lost them, yet never did I return to addiction. It was another doorway to a higher realm., Where true power lives not in the loss, yet seeing how much you can handle and overcoming it all regardless., The journey of the gods., Where kings and queens wish to tread yet fear losing the throne if they dare to be a god.,

Only the gods show you the way, not the sheep., That’s all a god be one who does compared to one who does not., Which one are you? Or better still which one will you become now?

Cannabis is NOT a drug. It’s a HAPPY PLANT.

The SEVEN as the NINE agree on one topic. Cannabis is NOT a drug. It’s a HAPPY PLANT. Drugs are what scientist do in a chemical lab where poison is created.

Cannabis is nature’s gift. When you feel sad or unwell, it will bring you happiness and wellbeing. Patients claim cannabis soothes pain better than any drug they are correct. The happy plant is the first original authentic medicine, herbal medicine before money decided it wanted to create poison and make all miserable. Medicine from a drug dealing doctor is the second coming of Hitler’s chemical gas chamber. Mass genocide on a slow drip feed.

Cannabis is NOT a drug. It’s a HAPPY PLANT. Nobody has the right to deny happiness. If you never created the plant, then you have no right to dictate who can and can’t. To us Cannabis should be on every street corner handed out for free for all who want some happiness.,

Do we take Cannabis? NO cannabis is a level of consciousness one we can obtain naturally on demand.

Can you imagine a dickhead government going around with a little machine that detects DMT levels in your brain? Oops, you’re under arrest. Your brain is creating too much DMT. TWATS. That’s their level of intelligence.

A week ago I sat talking with a human man who loved his whiskey. “The short version” We talked on the subject of alcohol and drugs. He said he once judged drug addicts as dirty users and then he said, but look at me. Who am I to talk about drugs seems no different to what I am doing. Alcohol or drugs are the same. A wise, intelligent whiskey drinker.,

He judged drug addicts over his addiction because that’s what governments decided for people to think and believe. With propaganda adverts. Also, because alcohol is available in shops, pubs and clubs, how did we forget alcohol was once in the same place drugs are? When governments work out how to monetise drugs, then that also will be on shop counters. Hypocrites.

In 40 years I have never met a person who likes government and that should tell you something, what’s on the screen and in papers, all just fucking propaganda bullshit.

I am not anti drugs, maybe anti drink because drink creates anger. Most drugs create anger and anger is fear and a body in dis ease.

I don’t drink; I don’t take drugs. I did watch a man drink himself into oblivion 2.5 liters of whiskey a day right until it was his dying day. He lived in a care home and nobody would dare take away that 2.5 liters of whiskey so they left him to it.

I did spend 20 years on drugs myself, in that time I got to understand so much more than most. I played on both sides of the fence as a user and a dealer.

The first time, aged 14, I smoked something and believed I could fly, so I jumped off a building landed and thought, well, that was stupid. Never smoked that again. What was it? It was heroin. Why did I start? Because my friends thought it was cool and I didn’t want to not look cool. Well, that was stupid as well.

Then LSD came around. It sold me. I found a way to go home and experience all I knew so well. And still remain here. Win/Win.

Cannabis is not a drug,

it’s a plant, so we shall leave that where it belongs. Coke came around and I tried because I wanted to understand what the fuck can they see on the floor, that I can’t. A few hits later, I just thought they lost their minds. I could see nothing. Cannabis was the same effect, but the cost was strangely deceiving £50 a hit for finding nothing on the floor was only for the insane.

Ecstasy, the hype, was also deceiving. I felt like a hummingbird. A hum is all I felt. Well, I can do that naturally. What a waste of time.

Speed came around. Oh boy, I could build, create, clean an entire house within an hour of less. Surely that was a cleaning service product with guaranteed done in an hour or your money back, special offer. Imagine your work force. All speeding a week’s work would be complete in a day. A high standard drug.

The ability to climb any mountain. Any obstacles clearly did not exist. The drug that says I am going to do it in record time.

My labour of love was always the drug that took me home. LSD. All were just chemical poison. well exception was LSD. Did anyone ever realise where it took them? I doubt that very much. LSD that could build new synaptic pathways within the brain and open new doorways, unlock potential you never knew you had. DNA could be rebuilt and molded into any route you so desired.

This drug was not meant for human beings because the access if gave you into our worlds. The only protection for us was to induce the bad trip syndrome.

20 years later, I found my WHY to walk away. Within 24 hours, it was all over. To my surprise, life itself was a drug better than any other drug. Addiction was a lie. If The why is the cure, then addiction is a lie, a mind trick to move you from one drug to their drugs.

How many people need a stimulant to have sex with the one they say they love? Well, that’s not love. That’s just the drug talking. Sex is an intimate moment. If drugs or alcohol play a part, then you need to blur out their face or body and not face the reality of your choice. Yet you need a fuck, so in you go all senses, all emotion on leave.

To love someone is not to use some method to escape them in that intimate moment.

A question I asked myself for years: why the fuck do I want to fuck a girl if I myself am not present with her? Insanity. Self-gratification. Please, I don’t want to see or know what I was fucking. That’s drugs and alcohol. Sorry, love, you’re a dog, so let me just take a hit or swig and I’ll be right with you in body, not spirit. That’s what I knew to be true. Bad choices. So make good choices.

I would rather wait 7 years for the woman I am present with than the ton I don’t give a shit about. That’s honest intelligence.

So all that I say does not come from lack of knowledge. It comes from pure experience of 20 years that makes me an expert in the field. PHD stick your paper where the sun doesn’t shine. You know shit about shit.

Why did I really do drugs?

Because, like everyone else, I had something I wanted to run away from, instead of facing it. I took the easy route out. If I didn’t, how would I know what I know today? Try saying this to an early version of myself. I guarantee I would not agree. Wisdom comes from experience not studying bullshit written text books by false experts who have no expertise in what they babbel on about.

Which brings me to my ultimate point.

Any successful system can only be run smoothly with great success with those who have experience in life in the areas they work. Parliament doesn’t have a clue about anything. The royals don’t know what life means or love because they have never experienced it to understand. Zombies the walking dead. Those with zero intelligence. Bring on the zombie apocalypse.

Why do systems fail? No experts, lack of intelligence, too many zombies. Stick an AI in its place. You will render the same outcome.

Replace with actual experts from experience, you will end up with a different result altogether. To many people want to be rich yet lack the intelligence to employ expertise. Read this book. Great, you will do that’s the current system. Now you can see why shit goes wrong. Nobody knows what they are doing., Experience always guarantees authentic experts. Heart, Mind and Soul. Not paper.

One day when you learn all that I say, be true, then this song lives and breathes within every beat of every beat of your heart in every motion of every step forth. Be true.,