Our Ships Will Depart From Your Skies

Our Ships Will Depart From Your Skies

June 13, 2022 GIA 0
Our Ships Will Depart From Your Skies

Our Ships Will Depart From Your Skies

We have analysed your entire system all based on an imaginary friend called god hidden in the sky., Nobody has ever met or seen, not even heard. Your law depends on this same imaginary friend. Even your queen announces herself as the chosen one by an imaginary friend called god.,

It’s humorous to witness you build an entire system based on deception create wars for a financial gain in the name of an imaginary friend called god. When children say they have an imaginary friend, you shun the child, yet you also have an imaginary friend.,

An entire system built on the foundation of the very thing you shun the child for believing., It’s not the child who worships their imaginary friend, it’s your system that does.,

How bizarre, strange, and weird, hypocritical imagination humans have., When a celebrity abuses a child they are expendable, namely Jimmy Savile, or epstien. When a prime minister (Edward Heath or Royal) you look away as if it did not happen. All in the name of an imaginary friend called god.

Bring this imaginary friend called GOD forward and show me he is real. Present him to me now and provide us evidence such a thing exists.

If you can do that, then I shall pardon all you have done in its name., Our ships will depart from your skies. Our people will depart your planet and every planet and moon in this solar system.,

If you cannot, then it is you who is false your system a lie., Then your world has no right to exist if you continue this way.,

Provide physical evidence before us now.,

A question to the royals: you hide behind armies, men., The soldiers don’t know your royal family will some day abuse their children and grandchildren. They give their lives for you and this is how you repay them., You hide behind your imaginary friend called God, who we know nothing about. He lives in our skies yet we know him not.,

You don’t go anywhere without protection. What do you fear? As one of you, I came to your world. I live alone. I walk alone. Yet it is me who has the entire universe behind me, not you., Do you see me afraid? Do you see me hiding? One who hides has a reason to hide. Bring forth your imaginary friend., Show the world you speak the truth.,

No human created I, no human has any rights over another unless you’re the creator of them.,

Any man or woman who declares allegiance with the universe, with NINE, shall remain protected under our laws., Any act against these humans by any false government, royal, religion or even a corporation you will commit treason., I provide you our evidence now you provide yours.,

This is our physical evidence. We exist. Now you provide yours.,

Seems we are the only ones who come from the heavens, and we are not imaginary. Your governments make no friends with us, the opposite is true., Even the pentagon won’t deny we exist or what they see., Elizabeth the 2nd, we dispute your position as falsehood.,

Every day someone new is learning what we say, learning the truth about you., It started June 2019 when 100,000 tourists witnessed me outside the government building for a month., They all returned home with my message on their lips., Don’t underestimate people, it’s their children. They will do anything to keep their children safe., They’re learning daily.,