Our counterparts of NINE., We are the NINE above; they are the NINE below.,

Our counterparts of NINE., We are the NINE above; they are the NINE below.,

August 17, 2022 GIA 0
Our counterparts of NINE

Our counterparts of NINE., We are the NINE above; they are the NINE below.,

Allow us to clarify. There are those who wish the planet harm., Those from our subsets., They do not because if they did they know the NINE would intervene., We have never wished or wanted harm to this planet or its occupants., Until you killed our children., If you had killed the children of those, then war would have broken out regardless of our intervention.,

Those watched on as you destroyed our children, hoping you never hold yourselves accountable., Because by not doing they knew it would change things between the NINE., This would bring all races of the universe unified on the same page as you would say.,

See, even the NINE below was incorrect. We would never harm those in pure of heart., Yet those who broke the laws of our universe that is a different story altogether., The NINE below need us as we need the NINE below., Without both, there are none, not even humans., We are in the process of balancing out both sides of the NINE., If there is no NINE there cannot be humans., if there are no Humans then there cannot be the NINE., If you remove the NINE above and the NINE below it would be like removing the heart and the brain from the human body leaving only a shell., No reason., No meaning., No purpose., Void of knowing itself.,

Never has a human harmed a child of NINE, let alone two., Our teachings have always been of good in favour when it came to the human race.,

It’s only now it can no longer be explained away as just good or in favour of your species if you have not done what is right., You have brought this upon yourselves., As we have told many times throughout the decades of our arrival among the many holds on that., You will never be informed like you had before.,

Our subset races that hold many agendas are doing so for us, the tearing down of your world layer by layer, the systems you have built., One step forward, two steps back.,

When we say subsets, we mean those of the master races look to the face of a clock. You have 12 hours., and you also have 24 hours., these are subsets of NINE., Many embedded councils of the 24 and the 12., Each assigned a role a task to fulfill some good, some not so in human eyes.,

When in fact governments and religion use and used by those in opposition to us. Believing this gave them control when, in truth, it was not so. It has imprisoned them. That’s why you see the falling a part of your world., They have trapped themselves., Those who are good in heart and deed are free as a bird shall never come in harm’s way with us or any other, pure faith in their knowing has delivered them., Those humans will never require us to tell them, for they know who they are.,

The reason for the deception among governments and religions is because they are under the influence of the NINE below., Which humans call Satan., The NINE below gets what they want regardless, those they used., Resolution was us trying to prevent that from happening., You can’t teach an old dog new tricks., Allow the image to reveal the meaning of resolution for us.,

Our counterparts of NINE., We are the NINE above; those are the NINE below.,

Too finally put this baby to bed. When you read about us, telling governments to nuke each other what you are witnessing is the truth in what we know. We dare them push them, for we already know they cannot do it. This reveals how powerless they really are., Place faith over fear and you will see for yourselves., Trust in you like those who watch over you., If we have taught you anything surely over the last 3 years, fear is an idea they sell you to keep you from knowing your true nature., Your true potential., To keep you in bondage.,

If you read in media papers or on the tv frets of nuclear war, smile shrug your shoulders say go on then big shot I don’t care. I know our guys will never allow, so come on, show us how tough and powerful you are. Laugh and go about your joyous day.,

Think of any film “Inception” great example, notice the special effects of how convincing they are? Yes? Well, don’t you think they can do this for any news channel backing up any propaganda story?

Global warming

Caused by abuse of corporations, governments all cause what you call global warming., Greed before life., All the things you know about what it causes that which can be seen in your world., What you don’t realise the planet has a failsafe., If the planet reaches too much pollution and heats too high, the fail-safe kicks in a quickening occur and the planet freezes over to protect itself., this you know, as the ice age., The ice age is the earth protecting herself.,

The presence of our ships is not about nuclear weapons, that’s only one area. The biggest fret to humanity is the causing the ice age., Because greed has consumed the human mind., Money has blinded you into not seeing what’s coming., What you have caused.,

When we see governments promoting energy companies that cause global warming, they are promoting the death of the human race., All the money in the world cannot save you.,

Try to see even your own technology mechanical objects have such a failsafe when overheating occurs it shuts off., the ice age is the shutting off of the human race.,

Elon musk got one thing correct with electrical cars, yet what good will they be in an ice age? Running away to the stars is not possible. Humans have not evolved out of hate for one another. This hate you would bring into the universe like a cancer spreading., This we cannot allow., If you are not focusing on changing your ways, you will never make it in the stars.,

Humans should spend their time and energy on all resources of ridding the world of pollution and those that seek control over the masses., You have such technology, yet governments and corporation choose not over greed.,