Once an artist, always an artist.,

Once an artist, always an artist.,

July 24, 2022 GIA 0
Once an artist, always an artist.,

Once an artist, always an artist.,

Whilst I was in the Middle East, I took the Shahada Oath in one of the oldest mosques out there. The event took part in secrecy. We met an agreement. They hold on to my new identity until I return. That’s also why you see Salam on my neck. It means Peace or the greeting hello.

Similar to Namaste, the god in me recognises the god in you.,

The west told the western world that all Muslims were terrorists and bad people. They attack women for wearing a burka. Told people that women were forced to wear by their husbands as if women were slaves. Yet again another lie.

When the women of the east told me about the burka and their reasons, it impressed me at their dedication and love for their husband by its meaning. My instant thought was no western woman could love a man like you do with such dedication. And this they do by choice.,

No other man is allowed to see her beauty, but the man she truly loves, wow. What a way to show your love. Impressive.

I ask, is it true they can have many wives? Yes, only the first wife can grant permission. If we allow if we say no, then it’s no. Well, shiver me timbers, you sexy ninja.

I have sailed the seven seas to know thy enemy seems you’re not my enemy. It appears my enemy is my own country.,

I shall be on my merry way across the seven seas and spread word of your great lands. May my people learn the enemy is themselves., Know their own governments feed them lies, people hypnotised by the TV and newspapers. The western world heavily propagandised with bullshit.

I am dedicated to doing what it takes to locate the truth.,

As-salamu alaykum, until we meet again.,

Whilst you are preoccupied by others called terrorists, you never see the child terrorists living on your doorstep., The royal art of war play one against the other so nobody sees you for what you are.,

Within the music industry, love or hate are both equally the same in the light of day. All are good for you. Any artist knows this.,
I kept that wisdom close to my heart. When a parcel is destroyed when my windows are planted with eggs 🙂 I always know I am hitting the right note., 😛

Lady Gaga wore meat because she knew some will love and others will hate. Regardless, she will keep smiling because only she truly knows why.,

Politicians are not artists. When an artist fucks you, they tend to fuck you in artistic ways., Once an artist, always an artist.,

Now we have the foundation for wars.

If a government can convince its people that one nation is a bad people, now we have reason for war. Without your nation’s support, we cannot achieve it. Once your people are in anger for another nation, the green light is given.

If your nation has people from that nation, they now become victims of hate crimes. This will generate income via the justice system by raping the tax fund, generating more income. Now you have disorder within your own nation, the police process and deliver all to justice, regenerating even more money.

When those people defend themselves and fight back now this, will fuel the propaganda as truth. Win/win for the mismanagement governments.

Nobody realises because everyone is busy hating a nation they had no reason to hate in the first place. The TV and newspapers did all there thinking for them. No one ever thought to get up and go find out the truth for themselves.

This goes for all wars that take place.

When you are told by anyone that a certain culture is bad, ask them “How do you know?” oh I see the tv told you that explains everything. TV media is the ultimate truth bible.

The royals have been at this game for a long time.

They conquered 80% of the world because of the art of deception, it’s what they know best. How many countries fell into their hands, how each nation began calling the leadership a government. Synchronised one world order. The oldest system to date.

Play the war game against yourselves and the people will never know the truth. The government system the ALIE Nation.,

You defend the children with us or you defend the pedofile governments and royals that simple.,
The original people, the tribes, the clans are the authentic people of the heavens., If you do not bow down to the ALIE nation, then you are the TRUTH Nation., The Authentic People Of The Heavens.,