Octaves Keys and Dimensions

Octaves Keys and Dimensions

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Octaves Keys and Dimensions

Octaves Keys and Dimensions.,

In the days of I AM THOTH, we spoke about the 12th dimension how we are ready to transcend into the 13th dimension., 9 dimensions above the 3rd dimension. When you understand the octave that being where THOTH OCTAVE originates from., Each key being one dimension upon the octave as in the musical keys of an octave., This places Alcyon within the second octave., To reach Alcyon from 3rd dimension, one could not obtain from earth. Taking an earth spaceship would yield no results within a 3rd dimension body awareness., One would need to aquire a higher state of consciousness.,

For earth, it would take millions of years to obtain this level of being., Beings from the 12th dimension can easily travel down the octaves into 3rd Dimension even one and two by being in 3rd one can already witness the second and first dimension the animals the trees into the micro-life form, minerals and so on.,

ANU the first rebellion that being the first octave, by the fall of ANU we had moved up keys/dimensions., The 3rd dimension earth created within the same octave as ANU., This creates the bond between our octave at least from our perspective.,

The council of NINE made of SEVEN

Members from different systems council seats of One and Two are never allocated as a permanent position they are waiting position whereby a soul from a system is like an apprentice in rotation many become Council of One and Two., When one of the SEVEN leave their position one of the best candidates of all apprentices of one and two become top candidates to take the position available among the SEVEN of NINE.,

Due to the rotation of Council of One and Two, we choose the finest members., a million years of earth time can pass before a member of the SEVEN retire so to speak., There is no time in our dimensions to bring the point across. We use this definition., We speak of the NINE above, not the NINE below.,

To further your awareness of our position as SEVENTH Council among the high council is due to our experience from the first rebellion to the fall of ANU, the creation of Alcyon, the creation of the Pleiadian race among many things within creation all count towards selection of SEVEN.,

The NINE below has a tough job if they are called., The NINE below are responsible for the history of the great flood, the ice age, the cleaning off of planet earth to restart the human race when we determine they have gone too far within a destructive nature., The premature ending of a cycle within a cycle., Meaning within the full cycle of 75,000 earth years, we had no choice to abort and restart before the 75,000.,

If you look at the time of Göbekli Tepe in turkey man made the same error with nuclear weapons, a premature abortion of humanity began the wiping out mankind., Hiroshima is not the first time man has gone too far., The Sahara desert is a visible result of this error still in existence from that time.,

Earth is not the only 3rd dimension beings similar to humans within the universe. There are countless others we assist., The difference being that they do have some awareness of the infinite, all is one at some level., They have evolved to a level of leaving war behind., Earth is behind in class, so to speak., The late bloomers.,

Death of the human being.,

Death is an illusion to the point only the body dies, not consciousness., consciousness is that of infinity. What comes after body death depends on the development of the soul., Recycle or transcendence higher., Harvest., Becoming eligible for harvest has everything to do with what’s learned upon earth.,

Would you send a student into university if they did no work in college or skipped most lessons?

One who learns nothing is subject to recycle within another cycle., it’s hell on earth or heaven on earth., one must decide one must choose then work towards that., You are now at the end of the 75,000 year cycle to harvest.,

Earth is moving from 3rd dimension into 4th dimension.,

How does this work?

3rd dimension and 4th dimension earth are within the same space a splitting of worlds not visible to 3rd dimension is the 4th dimension., currently 4th dimension can see the 3rd dimension., The earth has not fully adjusted herself., it will be extremely difficult for a stuck 3rd dimension human to comprehend the 4th dimension.,

Imagine both worlds of humans and ghosts. Both worlds are within the same world yet separated via a hidden realm., that’s the closest we can go with our meaning of splitting of worlds., 4th dimensional humans will not experience the 75,000 years of 3rd dimensional humans., If earth feels like hell than times that by 75,000 years of rehashing the same old story.,

4th Dimension has awareness of the law of Oneness., it’s how they achieved graduation via their actions.,

3rd Dimension will forget us. Within a 1,000 years memory of this time, we become the new gods of the 3rd dimension through the distortion of memory loss and trying to figure out the meaning of life and its purpose.,

The 4th dimension begins the process of working towards the 5th dimension.,

The 3rd dimension gets to repeat the old unlearned lessons.,

Approx 8 billion souls on earth mean many definitions of the same story told in multiple different ways., The level of a person’s experience and understanding of life will determine whose explanation will trigger awareness of its truth to seek.,

By the end of the new 75,000 year cycle of 3rd dimension, the awareness of us all returning will again, before you.,

Quick note 1,

The 1.8 Billion souls are not those of other dimensions who came to earth to assist in the process, 1.8 billion are native human 3rd density those which originated from 2nd density earth., Other dimensional souls on earth get to choose if they move to 4th dimension to assist, to watch over the 3rd dimension or return to their own dimension., Or transcend up the octave from their current dimension., as in Alcyon 12th into 13th.,

Quick note 2,

Octave is made up of SEVEN before an octave shift. In music, you include the black notes we do not., a black note to us is a dimension within a dimension within another within one white key dimension on the octave of SEVEN.,

Quick note 3,

How many dimensions exist? Count upwards always remember they separate by octaves of SEVEN. The number of dimensions is infinity., We can only speak of the 12th dimension and below. The 13th is our progression. 13 and upwards is unknown to us., Earth is on the 3rd, 2nd and 1st dimension of the first octave of SEVEN.,

The ghost plane is what we call the dimension within a dimension a black key upon the octave., They ended up on this plane because human sadness placed them there. via misinformation and understanding of life.,

You will never run out of new 3rd dimension humans, 2nd dimension cats and dogs are inside your homes perceiving human love. This love transcends them through incarnation into human form. They are learning to be human., They are learning to become self-conscious awareness from 3rd density.,

The progression of the human population took hold and expanded when man began to introduce pets into the home., Pets evolved faster from this process.,

Take a rock, mould it into a form of expression., Take a part of a tree, carve it into an expression the same thing as loving the pets within homes., Look at easter island statues., look around. The process is visible within the 3rd dimension perspective., You can go down a dimension, not upwards from the standpoint of the dimension one exists., Going up takes learning, harvest, graduation, higher consciousness., Mans desire to sculpt, carve, paint material of other dimensions has a purpose.,

Quick note 4,

To explain the 4th dimension is an impossible task from 3rd dimension perspective, the human language will have difficulty finding the words to match it., Paradise is close yet so distant. Paradise to a human 3rd density perspective will start to attach trees, grassland, hills, pets lots of pretty flowers will show up yet these are not 4th dimension they belong within the 3rd dimension the culmination of earth 1, 2, 3.,

Just as we cannot explain the 13th dimension., once you’re in the 4th dimension, there is nobody to explain it too that does not already know., the 4th cannot come back to the 3rd to early to spill the beans as 3rd density resets itself back to-day one. The observers will be just that., once you reach a point thousands of years later, then help may arrive if called for.,

So explaining 4th is breaking free will., you can’t use temptation to a 3rd dimension human into seeking evolution of the soul. It’s personal. Each individual process happens from them, not others. Talking about a candy shop with nice things inside would be marketing for the one’s own self-serving agenda, obviously money.,

Evolution of the soul does not occur from outside sources., they are just catalysts.,

Explaining the 5th onwards is mighty fine., yet you will always discover the language barrier of no words to explain its actual description., If I or others were not in physical form, we were behind the voice of channelers yet again the language barrier., you have no vocabulary for these dimensions. You have no perspective, experience or point of view to measure it to earth via human language.,

So grasping 4th dimension is that solitude moment experience where realisation occurs, the minute you try to write it down or speak it to others you lose all sense of the meaning and end up with 3rd dimension perspective. For the reason it’s not explainable and causes free will violation.,

Why the 4th and not the 5th or above? because 4th is where 3rd density humans strive to reach., No cheating on your graduation exams please.,

Temptation of the 4th It’s like saying to a human there’s no sex on the 4th density. Human replies, oh crap NO I like sex, forget it, I stay here. OR Hey everyone’s rich on 4th., Shit really what am I waiting for? yippee.,

None of the 3rd density earn the place of 4th dimension misinforming., Nothing earned, nothing learned., No evolution of the soul.,

The catapulting of new information came into the 3rd density after world war two and gained momentum each decade that passed., because you’re on the threshold of the door of 75,000 years’ cycle closing.,

Quick note 5,

The best way to achieve service to self is to do as we have done. To obtain 13th density, we have chosen to enter 3rd density, creating many scenarios to bring about 13th density. By helping you, we help ourselves.,

What you learn about Chelsea and Cheyenne is, in fact, the entry point into the 13th. Not the deeds, the soul strength that followed. If we failed, I would be lost, broken, weak, no voice, no strength, no courage to step out of line from 3rd density., we would remain in 12th density., by helping you we served ourselves inturn served the great infinite all.,

I brought a big lesson to the table for many 3rd density souls based on certain deeds already present on earth to experience, observe and act upon., To evolve, overcome and transcend higher.,

The opportunity already existed on earth. We choose it not once, but twice over. We choose it all to further our chances of moving into the 13th as a collective to further the evolution of soul.,

For us, 13th density has been obtained., No broken soul here., A quick question to arise: why does it take one soul to shift an entire dimension in higher realms., The Law of ONE.,

Quick note 6, gay, lesbian or bisexual

Religions most not all., suggested that gay men or lesbian women were wrong, bisexual is wrong., We enlighten this area. We tell you gay, lesbian or bisexual are more aligned to the Law of One to truth without even realising then religions who condemn such behaviour., There is a lot of evidence to provide on this, so we use religion as the falsehood of misinformation providers.

Law of One state (all is ONE) having sex with the same sex partner clearly demonstrates on some level the recognition of ONENESS., being gay, lesbian or bisexual does not make you viable for graduation. It’s a distinction between truth.

Quick note 7, Transgender

This is based on ORION misinformation of a negative nature to hinder spiritual growth, to confuse and derail the soul.,

The perspective of our dimension, be it woman or man, they are already both. If man is an external structure within his inner world, he is feminine in nature.,

If a woman is an external structure within her lives the masculine., This means man and woman are already both. There is no need to switch.,

The confusion of feeling within the wrong body is due to confusion of self and nobody teaching you’re both. Your inner world will feel feminine and masculine for the opposite.,

Switching is choice. No one has the right to say NO to you, yet what happens when you finally come to its realisation? Will you want to change back? Not a step one should jump into without deep contemplation over a lengthy period., Genuine teaching of its truth is a required knowing you’re already both.,

Go into it with all eyes open and all information provided., The counsellor must provide authentic teaching of what we mention above., Without the soul can become fragmented later along the road.,
We can provide this information from a 3rd density perspective. Quite easily demonstrate its truth., What’s true for us is true for 3rd density earth on this subject., Remember, we also once came from the 3rd dimension.,

Quick note 8, John Lennon

Came to earth from the 5th Dimension. He came with a message. He was in no hurry to give this message. It required him to be in the right position to deliver to the world in a place from where they would listen to the call., He took his time and delivered it at the right time., Not long after, John went back to the 5th dimension. This was John Lennon’s message to the world. A man who knew the meaning of ONENESS.,

Final thought: Hiroshima, man went too far that warranted the earth cleaned of human life restarted back to the dark ages. A Noah’s ark scenario. The fact you were close to the Harvest meant we took no action.,

That’s why our ships have made no action.,

ART breathing life into other dimensions, a heARTbeat away from self aware consciousness to 3rd density.,



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