Not a Nuclear Warning., New Scotland Yard embarrassing moment

Not a Nuclear Warning., New Scotland Yard embarrassing moment

May 5, 2022 GIA Heaven 0
Not a Nuclear Warning

Not a Nuclear Warning.,

One fundamental lesson in life taught by my father., Every Sunday he came around for room inspection if one item was out of place, one speck of dust and he trashed the entire room shouting try again. Didn’t make any common sense, sure did as I got older.

You cover shit up, and I am going to mess shit up until you get it right.,

I learned from an early age how to deal with dictators they understand one message: clear and coherently The Rebellion is on!

We have disabled your nuclear missiles through the decades. It was in our interest to prevent such an action. However, the universe 100% protected from the earth going up in a nuclear devastation. I am leaving so we can force your hand into a chain reaction. I make no secret I have given up on humanity., My reasons are apparent.,

In order to protect our universe, it means no more humans, or people like Elon Musk, will not stop., Humans are hostile creatures and will never change that we are clear on., The NINE will take revenge as a solution in order to protect our world from you.,

You won’t like my words, yet we are far from caring what you feel. It’s an accurate reflection of humanity collective., 10 or 100,000 caring humans don’t balance out the overall 8 Billion., A long and drawn out decision not taken lightly or expediently.,

Revenge is who you’re as a species. Hatred runs through your veins, war is how you rationalise a solution and peace., You do not consider the lives of any other, but you’re own.

This is how we must treat you according to our laws., Poetic is the war with Russia a nuclear fret., We will make Putin, forcing his hand in a counterstrike in many directions at once, triggering a response trigger., Putin will not be solely responsible for this action it will be ours pushing him and others in to a domino effect.,

It was a careless move on humanity to return to the old ways after covid.,

Humanity is not welcome among our worlds and not welcome to remain on our planet, the home we loaned you as the caretakers.,

I am reflecting an accurate reflection of yourselves, your behaviour, your attitudes to life.,

I am leaving so we can complete our plans., We want you to know for self-reflection upon your deeds. Time is limited., Reflect: you must.,

We hoped to find a better solution; we know 100% that is no longer possible., You have made this decision your new reality yourselves.,

This is not a warning. You created these weapons; you were the hostile abusive ones., many decades we not once harmed any of you., That shall now change., We shall use all that you created against you.,

You should have removed them all when we started disabling them. This should have been your red flag for how vulnerable you have made yourselves.

At the time of the incident, we said nothing, gave it no acknowledgement., When you launched eggs into my windows, this played a part in some of our decision making., Seems you’re not as bright or intelligent as you think., It happened shortly after this post. Speaks volumes.,

Look at the below videos: On Nuclear.,

It’s all projection, no right or wrong about what’s real or not. It’s all projection as you build momentum in order to put others in fear so you can control. You are unleashing manifestation that you cannot control. You allow us to deliver what you project.

You are helping us give you what you don’t want., You are under our spell doing our work for us., The stupidity of humans, no understanding of universal laws., You can’t control yourselves. The more you drip out of the word nuclear, the more momentum you build. The more power infused in global manifestation.

How you have forgotten we gave Putin 2 years to complete our command attack on London., They are carrying out our orders. For your abuse of children., If he fails, we take over., That’s what you get when you mess with another species children., That includes all America., Why America? They are the imbeciles who first created the atom bomb. That’s why they had more of our ships’ presence than any other country, not because they’re special because they are the first fools.,

What you hear, what you learn, what you see, you cannot unsee, unlearn, unhear., Video 1: 1,190,769 views. Video 2: 309,712 views. Video 3: 342,093 views. Video 4: 1,092,791 views. How many videos, blogs and audios are now in the manifestation ring of fire? All the positive words in the world cannot undo what’s coming. You are fools, get used to that truth.,

A virus spell unleashing into your reality that cannot be stopped you can’t run or hide from what’s coming for you., One route, one destination, one outcome. humanity wiped out from existence at its own hand., Do you still think you are intelligent?

Now tell us the importance of money over life. What good is it now?

When we did the same thing to MARS, they also thought about underground bunkers as a lifeboat., It never went how they envisioned it to be., Just a wasteland today., There were those who didn’t agree, who were positive and kind. We brought them to Earth. That’s why you hear reference to mars in some songs. See the last 2 videos. That was our error., Mars once looked like earth with lush growth, streaming rivers, vast oceans.,

Mars was a station that belonged under the control of ANU., We destroyed it when we took down ANU., Many in our world believed we could change this planet and put it back on course to our original plan. I was also one of those who believed in this. We arrived in human form to implement our plan., Humanity is beyond repair.,

You want a window into your future? Look at MARS the wasteland.,

Now fake leaders of this planet tell us how badass you are now. Pentagon, you are nothing compared to us.,

I remind you of the words of J. Robert Oppenheimer “Now I have become death the destroyer of worlds” Ancestors of Mars remembered the same mistake that destroyed them all.,

You thought your road to salvation was through spirituality? Wrong again, it’s the old ways rebranding themselves for a shift change of power. In truth, it was all run by the same old power structures., That one thing That Gregg Braden keeps to himself on behalf of world governments. Is this very fact., You have all been conned just like you were in the times of religions. One example of this truth. You really have nobody you can trust., Let’s face it, they even used us in the universe to justify their agenda.,

A police man knocked on my door and asked if “I heard screams 30 minutes ago outside? I replied NO, What do I care? They are only humans.,” Why? Stick to what you’re best at raping and murdering innocent women during lockdown., Leave me alone.,

I even got tired of these people using my buzzer to gain entrance to the building. I turn off the door intercom. Get your own fucking fob, nob. Not nice, is it? Now you’re getting the picture.,

You chose this job to serve and protect the people. You have done no such thing. You might fool others with these Partygate fines. You don’t fool me. You are just human in a party dress called a uniform., We can all wear a uniform Chum or have you not got that part about me yet? Yes an insult to the uniform all uniforms.,

My army uniform, an insult to the army I once knew., The black Vest an insult to all Police worldwide. Making my uniform unique to Rebellion., With a special fuck you on it., “X” the reminder of your crimes., Research the shadow side of a Pisces it might enlighten you.,

I once knew a man who patiently waited until he and his best friend were driving along at full speed. The driver had his face cut with a blade. He did not care if they crashed. They had to stitch his face up after he made him go to casualty. He turned to his best friend and said, ”You go near my wife again and I will make your smile permanent on your face. Every time you look in a mirror, you’re reminded of me from this day forward.” I know this man well. He was my shadow side., For decades, I kept him hidden in the shadow world., I don’t pretend that I am or have always been a saint. I face my demons., It’s best that you start. You can’t rewind a nuclear war. There’s no coming back from it.,

Do you remember the masked gang bursting through my home, spotted me coming at you, and held a gun to my pregnant wife’s head? The only reason that stopped me with the knife in hand. Do you remember a week later my house burning to the ground? Do you remember what came next? My first daughter’s death? Do you remember what came after? Do you remember all these things like I do? We are not friends, so don’t pretend we are.

You can’t face the truth. You can’t admit your wrongs. What good is humanity if dishonesty is all you know? Nuclear war is now unavoidable. Extinction of your species unavoidable., At least you know why.,

It was your uniform that dragged my daughter into her destruction. She’s dead at your hands., When I look at you, know that all I see is another child abuser no different from Jimmy Savile.,

The trust between police and the younger generation is at an all time record low., They don’t trust you and they are right to trust their instinct on you., As my daughter found out aged 8-years-old. You have had more than a decade to fix your crimes against my daughter. Instead, you stick your nose further up number 10 ass., You are puppets of the child abusers., You’re the army of child abusers., Now run along like good little girls and boys and tell that to your commisoner.,

I placed my trust in you and the justice system. I did everything to the letter of the book., And in all these years, I have single-handedly removed the mask of you all., Your secrets are not safe with me., Your history tainted with the blood of innocent children.,

That means go fuck yourself and don’t bother asking me for anything., I give you what you gave me.,

Sargent Gallager June 2019 stops me reads the message on my back. Government child abusers, kidnappers and murderers. He says “You’re going to be a legend when you get through this” My actual thoughts “yes only because you’re too yellow to stand here with me. We both know the truth.”

June 2019 Desk Sargent black friers station I walk in asks do you have a problem with me with what’s written on my back? He replies, NO, not me.

Officer St Andrews police station attempts to arrest me for being honest and informing him I carry a knife. Why else would someone living in the forest living off the land need one? Why else would someone be honest? As you read your rights, what did I say to you? That made me not arrested? How did I really become an insider of carsview?

Why was I the one who watched you pin down a girl who held a razor blade in her stomach who mysteriously disappeared and nobody in the MET wants to look at it? I guess one rape and murder of an innocent woman from you lot is bad enough. Hell might break loose if they learn the rest., YOU ARE COVERING FOR THE BRITISH DOCTOR THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT.,

What scares you, with the public finding out? Why do you pretend you are the good people? Why do you pretend you’re sweet and innocent? Tell the people you are only here for governments, not the people.

Tell the people how you did nothing to protect my daughter from being raped multiple times. You protect the guilty., Number 10.,

All of you hide behind a uniform. You have lost the meaning of being human. exchanged it for financial gain and false power by your master. You are the child abuser’s slaves. Truth hurts? good, so do 3 children lost at your corrupt hands.,

My adopted uncle was a police commissioner, Joseph James of Cambridge, and I spit on his grave., Him and his family mean nothing to me., You know who I mean, the one married to Shirley, daughter of Florence Brown. Who both ran away and retired to Alicante. Filthy rich family in Cambridge that did nothing for those they adopted. The child they paid the British Government., The child they illegally stole from OLIVE MAY HOARE at birth, my father.,

You did all this behind JOHN HOARE’S back whilst he was out serving the UK in world war 2. He never found out what went on at home. Best kept dirty secret in BRITISH HISTORY., Whilst you are fighting for government, they are in your homes fucking over your family abusing women and children. I spit on poppy remembrance day I spit on the queens head.

I am angry with you all and it’s my god given right., You disgust me.,


Before you open your trap and utter bullshit. Know we have a long history together and you failed my children and did nothing to protect them. Even when I played by your rules. Your rules no longer apply to me., Keep your billy-goats away. We have nothing worth discussing.,

You want an honest world than start being that first.,

New Scotland Yard embarrassing moment.

Enlightening moment for you. Why did my sister call 999 on my behalf? Why did New Scotland Yard discover the person on your missing persons database suddenly found in the heart of the Middle East., Why was Sharon saying the things she was? On my throw away phone. I made the call to her. I lied to her because I knew she would call you if I choose a few chosen words that would trigger her into action. The Russian Check point was not where I was.

Soon as I got off the phone to Sharon, I went into the Russians, knowing full well Sharon was about to set off UK alarm bells. I knew I had 1 hour to make my move and go in hard. The Russian soldiers would take me to the Captain. I tore strips off that captain. I gave him hell, knowing I was about to be executed for my actions.

Funny how people who think you’re a nobody how willing they are to dispose of you if they think you’re missing in another country like the UK.

Yet what they did not know, I set off an alarm called my sister. Perfect timing and thick soldiers and police who forgot to check my pockets. You called me, remember? Play back the audio recording sense the smile on my face as I handed it to the police holding me in that moment Me saying “It’s for you” Can you sense my laughter in those words? They had all arrived deciding my death for the man who nobody knew had even left the UK. Who did something unspeakable in the Middle East.

I played New Scotland Yard because you fucking owed me big time. Everything My sister said was untrue because I was sitting up waiting to make my move on the Russian base. And it was you I would use to make my escape. Yet my sister’s death 7 days after my arrival back in the UK was one mysterious death, wasn’t it?

My sister always knew where I was every throw away phone she remained in contact with me as I moved across The Middle East. You knew I was in Istanbul. Then I vanished again. Yet you still placed me on the missing person’s database. You didn’t expect me to make it across all the borders to my chosen target. Sharon was my life line if all went wrong who I would call upon if required. You were my pawn at the endgame.,

Notice no thanks from me or the fact you and I never met to discuss what even went down out there.

I bet that feels embarrassing., Out in the open. Jolly good clever fella is I. Your spies couldn’t have done a better job than me. 🙂 Professional moves., If you need to spy on the Russians, don’t call me. I’m not for hire., Oops, did I open a can of worms., Oh well shit happens., PUTIN maybe you should start blaming Number 10., Was a setup cum, you got played! Revenge is sweet revenge comes in many forms., Anyone who knows a Pisces knows revenge is drawn out long and a damn shocking suprise you never quite see coming! There’s plenty more, so hold on to your cockles and shrimps fellas.,

President Ilham Aliyev, you should stand by PUTIN if you knew what we the BRITISH were doing out in the desert away from BAKU CITY. You might even shit your pants or piss your knickers once you know. 10 Years this October it’s been hiding out in your desert buried. You got a fucking chemical issue on your hands sunny Jim., OUCH! Ask your embassy in KARS why me and the female in BAKU lied to get me into the country. Your own country works against you alongside the British., Merry Christmas fuck face., 😉 Do some fact checking with your own people. Join the dots, dumbass., Not personal Ilham Aliyev, the British Government destroys my children. Someone has to pay for their crimes., You are partners with them after all., It’s a business move, just business., You understand 😉

Maybe you’re having a brain fart or your men are having amnesia. They fear you, so it’s natural. Some more fact checking this film was all smokescreen, a backup story about why I was in your country. I think your security is slacking old boy., Thank me for demonstrating all your security flaws., All a Lie I never met any of them in that film nor any film made. ALLIE Nation., I was a friend of John Trudell if that helps yet he had nothing to do with any of it., I learned from the best., Get over it. The British made a fool of you., America had something to do with this., All will become clear soon enough!

President Ilham Aliyev, you have the worst security I have ever seen. With one exception in Istanbul. I’ll explain. Istanbul, your staff from Baku, were having none of my bullshit. They were more securely focused than any I have ever seen better than the British.

I had a trump card called 90 day visa for turkey, bought enough time for me to work out how I across great distance on foot to your lands. Turkish people I give first class thumbs up. Took some time making it across turkey until I arrive in KARS. Where I will find your people. Goal get as close to the border as I can.

Now I must sweet talk the Azerbaijanis embassy into doing my bidding. First meeting was not such a pushover, wait. I pass him a BAKU phone number; I got him hooked on some bait he offers me, a chance if I meet some requirements. We meet again after 7 days when I become a resident of KARS. All thanks to my female contact helping me with the fake locations In Baku. One of your major Azerbaijanis government officials was going to be hiding me near the desert. That was what really was going down. I passed the KARS TEST., I talked my way into a visa, a free pass into your country. KARS Azerbaijan Embassy failed my security test. Naff easily conned., Here is the thing it was 30 day visa, yet long enough for my mission. I needed an escape route. New Scotland Yard came to mind 🙂 Ahh, the bliss of my problem-solving skills on the fly.

I move out the same day I reach ARMENIA check point again, easy as counting 1, 2, 3. I reached the IRAN check point. Oh shit, this was going to take some genuine effort at my end. Around 10 of us still traveling through. IRAN soldiers bring me in attempts to scan my right eye. I was watching from the reflection what he was doing on the screen. Nothing shows up. He had only cold reading to help him decide, friend or foe. I sense it coming as a great shape-shifting cameleon that I am I molded into what his mind wanted to see. Looks and points forward. Once I made it through that door, I was home free.

Baku security saw nothing to suggest you had any. I walked through like I did it a million times already. I lied my way all the way through all security checks from Istanbul to BAKU all within 21 days on the ground I broke every security you had in place. You are vulnerable because I made you look vulnerable.

Don’t feel bad. I did it to the British also and France. All have lame security flawed out-of-date bullshit. I guess you’re all too busy with your heads up your ass., I deserve a fucking Oscar my performance was first class and flawless. I fooled you all.,

Now all you got to do is work out what me and your major Azerbaijanis government official were doing out in the desert. Why did KARS not know about this? FACT Check punk, fact check., Check the KARS embassy address on record. Ask the Captain when did I go to that address the KARS Embassy had. When did I arrive? Where was I before that moment? You can thank the British Government and New Scotland Yard for that. When I am paid enough to lie I surely will lie to meet my targets.,

Mystery behind the middle east movement well that was clever kept you looking in the wrong direction for 10 years. Genuis.,. 😛 I am the wonderful skilled MAGI., My shadow side knows how to deal with it skillfully., We are not the dim-witted romantic, compassionate, peaceful, loving soul everyone makes us out to be. There are few souls who would do this alone in unknown territory. Fear is not part of our makeup., We know how to get the job done our own way.,

President Ilham Aliyev, have you ever wondered what an off world species wants with you apart from the British government connection and Russian., Do you know much about your family lineage? How far can you go back in time to see where our interest in you matters? Can you go back as far as 3,000 years or does it become hazy around 400 years? It’s quite the bitch when groups of men come in and destroy all the records, making the past a blind spot, don’t you think?

If I were you, I would begin a search around BAKU., I wouldn’t be too quick to trust anyone in Westminster., They’re a deceptive bunch.

Don’t rely on your government man to come forward. He is terrified of you, something I learned when he held me captive. How else do you think I made it back into the city to plot my escape. I used his fear against him. He was planning to deceive me and hang me out to dry. Leaving no trace, I was even there. Funny how he underestimated me., An elderly woman tipped me off about what was going to happen if I didn’t escape the desert., Check your family history. You, me, the British, Americans all have unfinished business., We shall fulfil destiny., 😉 Happy hunting! Thank me someday!

Oh, your man watches me like a hawk., Pay close attention. Who in your guard is preparing to run, jumping countries to get out of dodge before I blow the whistle? Pay attention.

To the Government man in question: I am coming for you. Payback is at your doorstep. Get ready!

President Emmanuel Macron, do you remember me entering PARIS June 2019 quick 5 day visit? Hold that thought 😉

Citizens of France, do you recall the man at the student party on the grass beside the Eiffel Tower burning official documents? Do you recall cheering me on? Hold that thought 😉

Why was I invested at City Hall in June 2019? I met with a French waitress. Like two old buddies reuniting. We spent a lot of time talking just behind city hall, did you notice? Suddenly, without notice, I moved into France for a speedy visit. All this happened just before Covid became an issue., I came back to the same location at the end of July to august totally new outfit all dressed back in black. I wanted every member of the government to notice me and be confused. Then, as fast as I came, I vanished again. Never to revisit. I was there for Trump., The British, Americans and the French 3 birds one stone., In France, if your camera system is any good, you might notice everyone I met up with briefly exchanging information.,