No Fate, No Destiny, The Future Is Not Fixed

No Fate, No Destiny, The Future Is Not Fixed

September 1, 2022 GIA 0
No Fate, No Destiny, The Future Is Not Fixed

No Fate, No Destiny, The Future Is Not Fixed

A doctor never heals or cures anything. He or she does one thing: places a plaster on the wound and hopes for the best. If the patient is healed, then it is due to the patient, not the doctor. Doctors do understand this that’s why they use the placebo effect a lot. Their ego craves recognition and praise for something they did not do, hence the reason for taking credit for something they played no part in., Plus power trip also something they have become addicted to.,

A person does not become ill or riddled with disease., The mind triggered by an event that triggers the memory bank that’s sifts through the database until it can find a close match through a backlog of experiences., Once it obtains one, it determines the outcome and creates the diagnosis and then you tell yourself your ill and off to the doctor you go who then confirms your fear with his or her ego.

The mind is a complex computer operating system more powerful than any man-made machine.,

The mind has the ability to do the reverse by re-wiring the event triggers nothing is set in stone until you decide it’s so.,

99% of all illnesses are all in the mind., An illusion., It’s only when you give a certain focus which equals energy do you power or disempower that scenario. It’s there you create the physical reality around it., So true it’s born., A broken bone is not an illness, it’s a broken bone.,

Can this also be reversed once manifested? Yes, the power is always in the experiencer, observer, creator of it.,

Prime example of this, one who uses critical mass energy balancing as a navigation tool, when to slow down, stop or pause., And then re-wire the program until all begin to balance out. At this point, they can start the process again. What does that mean? What’s an example?

To launch our justified accountability attack on all mentioned on this site means balancing critical mass knowing how to control the balance, knowing when to stop, pause or slow down, then restart the engine.,

If say we take what others deem as a negative approach to obtain a desired effect. And remain in human form, knowing how to create the critical mass within the body, until the body reaches alarming rates of energy, if unattended or not slamming on the brakes, could go into physical body shutdown.

Example: One night, after a critical mass energy spike reached, the body began a violent vomit, and coughing signal., The body was signalling critical mass reaching dangerous levels., Breaks slammed on and the re-wiring commenced. 24 hours later, the body began to rebalance.

(When a submarine hits a decompression malfunction, alarms go off, signalling the captain, who then commands the crew into action until the submarine becomes stable to continue its mission.,) Do you follow.

At critical mass, an outside observer could believe someone is ill when, in fact, the opposite is true., One has learned how to balance the body in a zero space of non-negative and non-positive and fluctuates between both., The zero space is the place where illness cannot occur, hence no doctor, not a single med or chemical pill, no medical system required the body and the mind are capable of healing itself.,

Imagine your mind is the captain of a ship. Your body is the vessel the ship the captain controls., Would you place someone without experience as a captain of any ship? Of course not., That’s why 99% of people require a doctor. They are not the captain of their vessel, although they can be yet nobody’s around to teach them. Nor should they be taught. They must discover it.,

The doctor and advertisements, governments are the captain of their ship., Until mutiny occurs, the body will not listen to them, only the captains of outside influence.,

A government advert or medical Parma promotes a product using season change to promote protection from the flu. This signals the ship of an unmanned vessel, no captain on board. The mind is triggered by the flu manifestation seed in the mind which begins to grow, seeking to blossom. By buying a product advertised, the energy solidifies the deal like a secret handshake and flu is born.

In fall to winter season change they believe and create flu, yet realistically it’s all in their head until they solidify it into an actual manifestation. Then they are fucked., Men become babies and women become a mess whilst holding her false mask in front.,

All done through the process of the mind triggered by an event that triggers the memory bank that’s sifts through the database until it can find a close match through a backlog of experiences.,

You become what you believe., Same as you become the embodiment of your five closest friends, if 5 friends are alcoholic and you are not when you met them. Over time, you become the same as your closest friends. You become your environment as your environment becomes you.,

You must cause mutiny within your mind, body and soul and take charge of your vessel until every cell, atom a molecule is in complete synchronisation with the one true captain, YOU., Then you do what a captain does, COMMAND that ship.,

Then and only then can you play with critical mass at zero space., And never be ill again., Imagine living in America with everyone but yourself running your ship., That’s one massive mine field of daylight robbery.,

This tells you every person has the ability to control every part of their life. It also means there is no fate, no destiny, the future is not fixed until you make it so.,

If this sounds too complex, then to sum it up in a short phrase. “Know Thyself”

Energy is easy, critical mass is easy, zero space is easy, illness free body is simple., Captain of your ship is a fundamental foundation of being human a requirement.,

The safest form of medical care is holistic medicine, a return to nature. What do you think you were doing before the Parma corporation was invented? Thousands upon thousand of successful years of holistic healing. History is a lie made up by those with financial incentive. A dumbing down of the masses history books are not truth, they’re just stories like any other story.

Decline in health occured when Chemicals were used along side misinformation for a financial incentive.,

Heal yourself or use holistic nature measures the only true source of healing.,

The human body is a temple whose in control of yours?

An example of how history can be changed without being noticed.

Go back 2,000 years. The new testament came into being the original text. In those 2,000 years, they created many upon many translations and new editions each time slowly changing the words, so nobody noticed that the original text vanished, meaningless, 2,000 years later is now false.,

Compare the King James version compared to the latest version, you will see the changes. If they are honestly the word of a god, then changing those words is purely a violation. Con artists., Evidence freely available to see.,

I can say 300 years ago, a plague took over the world and wiped out half the population. You or anyone has no evidence to prove me wrong or even right.

History books by government education do not make them a fact. Means a financial incentive is at play. Why could that be true? Do governments con and deceive the people? Do they lie? Do they take the wealth and give you scraps? We take it you already know the answer.,

The moment Boris Johnson was exposed for his lies., This had a catapult/domino effect highlighting that everything under the umbrella of government is all lies reaching from now right into the past., Education, Health, every compartmentalised department all are dishonest., If the top is corrupt, then that corruption trickles downwards., Like a disease, a virus., To say not all is bad is a delusion.,

Boris Johnson what a strange and funny creature., 😉 Have you noticed how stressed in his face is now showing? That stress can go in one direction., What he did unto others shall be done unto him., Boris Johnson is in freefall.,

Theirs a human saying curiosity killed the cat. Well, late Buzz Aldrin, you do not want to go to mars., Curiosity will kill America., You won’t listen, so learn the hard way.,