NINE Supports a Global Revolution

NINE Supports a Global Revolution

April 23, 2022 GIA 0
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NINE Supports a Global Revolution

My brothers and sisters of NINE have been pushing me a lot. Today I reached a peaceful breaking point. I came to the solution myself. Revolution is what NINE has been hoping I would recognise.

I came here for this, yet the one thing I could not be told about or it would not be true, I would just be following ideas, not my own.

NINE and the entire universe are behind me on this revolution. They support this 100% and are most delighted that I came to it all by myself.

I see people every day. Today a conversation with one woman two guys one who served 7 years in Scottish Guards who said something profound to me, which I can only hold respect for his words “Never would he recommend being a soldier to a child” Then two boys approx 10 years old. I listened to every word from them all. They all helped me reach my decision.

One thing people notice about me is I am not bitter or angry. I am calm and peaceful., It’s easy to misinterpret someone from words on a screen. It’s easy-to-understand someone in person.,


On the badges go., X REVOLUTION