Nicola Sturgeon, it’s your lucky day

Nicola Sturgeon, it’s your lucky day

June 29, 2022 GIA Governments 0
Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon, it’s your lucky day

On my second day arriving in Scotland, I offered one of your councilors a super deal.,

Well, the newspapers that hold tons of propaganda inside called out to me today to have a look. Nicola Sturgeon threatens to go to court over British entanglement issues.,

I am going to offer you the same deal I gave one of your Parliament members, onetime off never to be repeated with a one month expiry date from today.,

All your supporters will love it as it will get you all what you want “INDEPENDENCE”.,

I will volunteer myself as your secret trump card. I will give you all the necessary information that you present to Westminster if they don’t give Scotland its independence., Whereby Westminster will understand fully if they do not play fair, then we will release the information worldwide and all their dirty laundry.

In exchange from you, something so minor and small, for my exceptional services. You will do all the work and you will win back Scotland, not me. I am the means to the awesome result., You will once again own 100% of all oil royalties no more the British cheating Scotland out of monies with a 40/60 deal to them.,

Remember, this information makes Westminster avoid and run away from me. I am extreme scary when it comes to what information I have on them., Anyone would think I was the bogeyman or something 🙂

One month. There are some extremely wealthy tycoons in the world who want to run the world who will do a better job., Who will see the benefit of my information and how it can buy them everything the British establishment owns around the world., I know how powerful my information is.,

My offer runs out Midnight 29th July 2022.,
I will tell the poodle at number 10 myself Nicola Sturgeon will be in secret talks with MR X., He has plenty to get off his chest.,

Nicola, your new anthem, is to celebrate your independence. You will be the lioness, and the poodle remains a poodle.,