Multi-dimensional Transference – Bilocation

Multi-dimensional Transference – Bilocation

August 25, 2022 GIA 0
Multi-dimensional Transference - Bilocation

Multi-dimensional Transference – Bilocation

Multi-dimensional transference is the ability to shift one’s soul from one plane into another whilst still existing on another plane. Bilocation is another description of this ability.

I arrived in Scotland on a different plane. Both dimensions were bleeding through. I knew I had been here for 2 years. Standing by a small river with plenty of trees, buildings a church in the distance.

I wondered around the river. I could sense something dense beneath the river across the other side.

A priest noticed me in the distance and began to make his way towards me. I made my way towards the church and the priest. He greeted myself a blue bright light came from the archway and two human like beings stepped forth. I smiled and said you two are not of this earth are you? They smiled. All men came with me to where I entered beside the river.

The two visitors reached out to hold my arm in order to communicate. I stopped them and said allow me. I place my hand on their hearts or where the human heart would be. A bright light came from their body and we were now in complete sync to communicate on a telepathic level.

They said you are one of the NINE. I Am. I transferred in return. And you are one of the 24 the healers, members of the Nazarene. Yes, similar to doctors of the human system.

Do you see that spot across the river? I do. I replied. This area has dense substance below and around. Yes, I have noticed.

So what is our role with the priest? He has lost his way taken to alcohol as a method of escapism. Yours and our presence among him will restore his faith.

I return to the body.

A week ago walking along the river of Kennoway I smelt an odour of a decaying body, I knew the smell of a dead decaying corpse, even though I tried to pinpoint where across the river I could see nothing due to the dense foliage that covered that area.,

Although I am not 100% where this leads, I know it’s the beginning of something. I seek forward to our next communication.,

Date 25th August 2022. Approx time 4am.,

Multi-dimensional Transference - Bilocation