Micro-greens Germination Super 7 Self Watering Propagation System

Micro-greens Germination Super 7 Self Watering Propagation System

March 9, 2022 Creating A Farm 0
MicroGreens Germination Super 7 Self Watering Propagation System

Micro-greens Germination Super 7 Self Watering Propagation System

Germination Process of Mustard Cress, Pak Choi, Mustard Mizuna Red, Kale Nero Di Toscana, Basil Sweet Green Genovese, Broccoli, Lettuce, Mung Bean

Watercress and cabbage under growing lights. Potatoes now aborted. Using A new cupboard for germination. Large tray of lettuce will join the grow room after sprouting. The rest joins the front window bay on a super 7 self watering propagation system. Takes care of watering for approx 14 days before refill.

I’m using plastic parcel wrap to create humidity. Recycling stuff I throw away. Mung Beans inside recycled 2Lr Milk Cartons.

The new storage cupboard has 3 levels will serve for germination, only plenty of darkness with rad heater attached to the wall on the opposite side. Plus the cooker is behind this cupboard that’s a win/win. Warmest cupboard in the building!

The main storage where grow lights will become a stacking grow area, a projection as I move forward. Above a long shelf is good for germination. The opposite side to grow lights has 3 levels waiting to become grow light areas. One window has propagation system waiting.

The tin foil on the sides of the wall for reflecting lost light at the sides back in on itself. Solar panels fixed to a wall to run air conditioning. Energy resourced from the grow lights, not the sun. Solar panels and air conditioning not yet setup. Already tested to know it works. Setup coming soon.


The propagation system cost £15.99 great value. Same make by Garland can be purchased here https://www.qualitygardensupplies.co.uk/products/Super-7-Self-Watering-Windowsill-Propagator-p439423394

Shop around for the best price you can find them at great value.

Once Mung Bean constant ongoing cycle process established considering moving them into the kitchen cupboard, they require darkness, not light, to grow. I will fill the milk carton with water twice a day, allow to drain through the holes, then place back into darkness for 6 days. Will locate the balance between refrigerator storage, eating, and new batch.

The lettuce plan once grown to prune leafs leaving enough to re-grow the same plant by recycling the plants that’s the main idea.

I have never done this before so I am learning as I grow 🙂 Turning myself into a self-regulating food supplier superstore. Myself as number one customer!

Never considered this taking care of me the genius idea. Then this video arrives shocking, so that’s where supermarkets are getting the food. What if the entire planet said Okay, why not supply my food and start growing their own? That’s a beautiful thought. No garden who cares! Hydroponics the possibility endless!

To think I would never have looked at this subject before the recent government tantrums. Haha what dickheads.

Did you know the food bank industry brought about by the government who decided that’s the best way to keep people in a “poor mentality” was to give them scraps, keep them in begging mode? disguised as HELP. Ever wondered why you received things you know you don’t like and can never really make an actual healthy meal with?

Did you know they know what you buy? So easy to fuck with you and keep you in stress. Used Charity to disguise covert hides their involvement. Notice how governments are big on them?

Now you can grow your own Super Healthy food. Take back your power from those who do not deserve it. You have the right to healthy food and your children not to feel grateful to child abusers who abuse everywhere they can get away with it. TRUTH’S A BITCH with big Popeye spinach muscles.,

An update on TATTOOs on fingers

I generated massive exceptional scars whereby the letters were no longer readable. They healed perfectly. Once the scabs fall off naturally, I will know 100% if it’s finished, no more work required. The name Lisa becomes dust., I dream that at aged 16 I got out my mother’s needle and cotton and tattooed myself. I’ll look at my hand smile knowing it was just a dream I had last night 🙂

Photo taken tonight. Notice how the ink itself has become one with the scab. What I see happening when the scab finally falls off, it takes the major parts of the ink with it, the scars will mess up the lettering rendering them unreadable. Or gone completely exciting to see which one occurs. A few times I kept moist using vaseline then I stopped. I pour water on each day. No meds nothing, sometimes put my hand in the sun, always a good move. Each night, I bring down the Golden Pillar of Light through my crown, through my neck, and into my arms and fingers. (You know you’re doing right when your fingers feel tingly, like pins and needles or a vibration feeling. if you’re lucky, your entire body will vibrate. If you ever achieve this boy, you are almost ready to step out of your body and move around consciously, like a silent ninja on the hunt., The world, the entire universe, is now your playground., Warning upon re-entry your body has TEMP paralysis NORMAL state NOT negative entities holding you down.,) Greater WARNING Never become so curious to go beyond the barrier of the universe., You’re heading into a danger zone and they will take you out physically and non-physically., People will say you passed away in the night in your sleep., Nobody must know what lives beyond the barrier., Stay local to the stars you know about. It will be like throwing you in an acid bath naked until your entire being dissolves into nothing, never to exist again, no consciousness, absolutely ZERO YOU. That’s how serious that area is, guarded.,”

Command NOTICE, I said, Command not asking, not pleading, not pussy footing about, commanding my body to use the light as an energy source for ultimate optimization. You are the commander of your vessel and if you don’t take charge of your ship/body, like a fucking commander, then the crew/cells will not listen. The conscious mind will kick in with mutiny with tons of doubts and boom, you sunk my battle ship. Your body, your ship, own it.

Body requires no other instruction, it knows what to do. No pain, sore when it had vaseline on. I recommend going med free, use nature, the sun, and the Golden Pillar of Light.

Use this with any type of food. If you want to eat anything without pre-programmed ideas of good and bad food. This command will transform and hack the sub conscious by deprograming all negative ideas about food given to you by misinformation “advert propaganda.”

The COMMAND: “Body take this food and utilizes this cosmic energy food source for optimizing and transforming OUR body to OUR most Ideal Greatest Ultimate Self.” Have an idea before doing what your “Ideal Greatest Ultimate Self,” looks and feels like.

Once you established this command into memory as a natural response, set a new one. COMMAND: “All food I ingest will now work automatically, optimizing and transforming naturally to OUR Ideal Greatest Ultimate Self with no further instruction from me.” Repeat once a month to reestablish.

NOTICE I use OUR because you and the trillion cells are one TEAM your CREW so OUR is the correct word Not my. You are the captain, admiral, emperor, empress, queen or king and don’t allow anyone to tell you different., You ARE in charge of it all., Respect your crew and watch a miracle occur., If you intend to burn your hand, your body loves you, its unconditional loves you like no other in the entire cosmos can., If you ever fall ill, just ask yourself who the fuck has tried hot wiring our Lamborghini and take back that wheel.,

Yes, I am over the moon tap dancing that I spooned myself 🙂