Mary Christine and Maurice Keith Hudson

Mary Christine and Maurice Keith Hudson

April 16, 2022 GIA 0
Mary Christine and Maurice Keith Hudson

Mary Christine and Maurice Keith Hudson

Mary Christine (née Perry) and Maurice Keith Hudson David and Angela Hudson. You judged me wrongly. You made a man dieing of cancer suffer. He had a dying wish, and you made him suffer.

You then went on to make sure I was punished., Because of you, they canceled 7 companies.

Everything you preach in the name of a god, you went against your own beliefs and committed such hateful deeds to those who meant you no harm. In these deeds, you destroyed the two most precious things I had: the names of my daughters, Chelsea and Cheyenne. Their memory shattered.

I wonder how greed and great hateful deeds grew from your minds and hearts because of one small wish I asked you to grant him. Something that cost nobody anything to achieve. A gesture of good faith, a gesture of goodwill from those who spoke the word of god and acted according to those words.

It took me 20 years to find you a day for you to destroy everything. How was I to know you hid in plain sight? I spent years tracking down film directors around London until I accidentally stumbled on you. I sure found the devil’s daughter.

The day I met with the film director and told them who I was, I watched fear, shame cross their face. Denial and watched them run away fast. World War Two a dark family secret surfaced. What I spoke came with a mighty shock factor. Try being the family on the dark end of those secrets. I found you because I found the film director.

I want the world to know what you did and to suffer as you made me., Although my position in music might not have been ideal and did not help. Does not excuse the actions committed. The harm you created. I look to my father and both my daughters and ask, what did they ever do to you?

Mary, you took responsibilities for keeping this secret and doing the evil actions. Maurice was kept in the dark. She came to mommy for advice and that’s what you decided Mary. Your side of the family, you made the decision to lie and harm.

You preach the word of god Mary, yet on the quiet you carry out great evil. Daughter like mother, mother like daughter. This about sums up the truth about religion amazingly well. Like priests who abuse children in secret. The liars of religion never go unpunished., Shame on you.,

I tell you, Mary, when Cheyenne was kidnapped, raped multiple times and then destroyed by people who also used the word of GOD to excuse their behaviour. You have as good as raped, kidnapped, and murder my daughter yourself. An innocent 8-year-old girl who did no harm to anyone.

The surnames of each family member that shall suffer for the crimes of the Hudson’s of America., The Perry’s., The Williamson’s., The Hudson’s, and the Hoare’s., No other member touched., The direct lineage to the dark secret of world war 2., Jay Hoare is the name of your persecutor.,

All in black symbolises the shadow war., As before, as so again.,


As for Katheryn, you shall watch all you love suffer with no power to change anything., A life for a life., NINE lives for SEVEN Companies TWO Daughters., Every person you work with and collaborate with shall experience great misfortune until they push you away. That’s their only protection against your curse., Any misleading the public with propaganda, then it shall multiply each time.,

Every male who enters your life shall cheat on you for a younger model., They shall treat you as the trash that you’re., Men will only see a sack of potatoes to shag and throw away trash., The Hoare of Hollywood., We name you.,

Using the same technique found here, we have embedded all music past, present and future with a silent frequency that causes harm to those who listen.,

We have done the same with all records distributed under Capitol Records, associate partners and your own label, including everything related to Simon Cowell., All artists will be affected. Until the industry recognises your deeds and cancels you with no future royalties., Until you are bankrupt., All possessions repossessed., This goes the same for Orlando Bloom for his encouragement.,

We give Orlando one protection. He must fuck the hottest model he can locate and keeping doing her. That will allow him to remain with you untouched., Who said love and war was fair.,

Sleep well and remember “A book in Malibu is all you need”

This completes our business together.,

You do harm we do harm an eye for an eye.,