Magnetic Battery Resonance

Magnetic Battery Resonance

May 16, 2022 GIA 0
Magnetic Battery Resonance

Magnetic Battery Resonance

Take a battery place inside a magnet, same as before, a positive and negative polarity. In between both polarity sits the magnet on the side lives a conductor, not your normal kind, more a tuning fork kind.

Every magnet has a frequency. If you’re sensitive enough, or have the equipment, you will hear the hum of a magnet somewhere in the Delta Hz region has a constant hum until it meets a friendly metal, then it ramps up the frequency. (A bit like chemistry when two people kiss.,) That’s important for this allows the battery to never be charged, recharged just constantly 100% power ready.,

The normal hum of a magnet, say 1Hz, on contact becomes 107Hz. Once the resonance is released, aka the conductor, it settles back down to 1Hz.

We take the conductor. The tuning fork set at a particular frequency. Creating plenty of different frequencies, tuning fork/conductors.

Each conductor holds a specific action. Let’s say one holds 107Hz, which equals 100% power. 67Hz 50% and so on. Each conductor aligns the resonance between the magnet and polarity, outputting constant energy flow.

Make a distinction here. Many magnets produce different things, some once conducted open doors like a key. Whilst most magnets represent energy source for powering items. Knowing which magnet does what is paramount. (Take an alien ship governed powered by his or her DNA. That means the pilot is the battery/magnet, knowing the correct magnet should make sense now, for sure.,)

When the battery is not in use, the conductor releases, hum settles down and remains in its normal state. Until active again. The Hz written are, for example, explanation only.

Once you detect the hum of a magnet on a scale you can measure, you will know its possibility is greater than any battery ever seen before.

It’s one thing to manufacture endless batteries that eventually lose their cycle. It’s another to own a battery for the said made technology made with built in lifetime guarantee energy source. That makes a tech product the most sought after out of all others., You knocked the so-called competition out of the ballpark screaming adios amigo.,

Sound and magnetism bridging the gap of infinite batteries.

I did not clearly write this, intentional, because I plan to keep it to myself for now. More a point in the right direction.,

Another example: take a crystal glass place with two identical separated across a football stadium. Now ring one glass and listen to the untouched glass across the stadium to see what happens. What’s connecting them both? Sound Resonance Magnetism.,

The longest we’ve seen a drone in the air approx 1 to 2 hours. What if you could have in the air indefinitely?

How much is my battery worth?

Duracell Investor: No. no. no, how will I make money on such a battery if I can’t reproduce it continuously? This battery is not for you.

Pentagon Investor: Do you guarantee my drones will remain in the air indefinite? Yes! But these batteries are not for you. Your intention misplaced.,

China Motor Investor: Can I make these batteries unique to our cars, to run on free infinite power, making our car’s number one in the world the most sought after car? Are you part of the package? Yes. you think about the future and your customer! Yes, I am. You can’t build without me., Yours if you want it.,

Now imagine the potential of the infinite battery. The oil man becomes extinct no more raping the earth. Energy companies return to the cave dweller shelters of history with no more abuse of people. You own a power source you can rent at a fixed reasonable price, no meters, not for sale. The earth restores her beauty. Everyone is happy and feels they are treated fairly.

What a precious item we own together.,

You meet these fundamental intentions: You don’t want to abuse anyone to achieve it., You wish all to benefit from it, including the planet.,