Magic Of Saturn Magick of NINE

Magic Of Saturn Magick of NINE

April 7, 2022 GIA 0
Magic Of Saturn Magick of NINE

Magic Of Saturn Magick of NINE

My council of NINE agrees to teach the power of the magic.

For centuries, many groups and individuals summoned the power of Saturn. The station we have been located for a long time. Saturn we gave the power freely. Through groups, the magic was amplified. Seldom was one powerful enough to generate such requests., That has changed since Saturn allows chosen individuals to yield the same power as a large group., Without long drawn out rituals, or with the aid of tools., They can generate the power solo with a few words, an intention, the mind to focus, and those who can generate intense emotion within themselves. These are the 3 main keys: intention, focus, emotion.,

If one cannot generate intense emotions at will on demand, project and leave it behind., One will never achieve., Only minor miracles.,

In the past, we gave magic for evil deeds and good., We judged none during those centuries., because in providing evil power, our belief was to teach those who yield evil to find good from their deeds to evolve., A way of discovering the truth out of evil., When one faces there evil one suffers remorse, which creates good, yet not for many, as we have seen.,

These words (A hundred times ten have I descended the dark way that led into light, and as many times have I ascended from the darkness into the light, my strength and power renewed.)

For this was our meaning, our reason for allowing evil deeds., Yet it is evident to us NINE that those we allowed to do such harm on earth for centuries, family after family, descending down the generation line. Has all been in vain. Did not yield the result we desired.,

The Pentagon building shape based on our symbol on the pole of SATURN.,

The gold bars stacked in the symbol of our pyramid in the City of London. Our symbols, our magic.,

Your world is the way it is because those we gave the power did not learn., NINE shall not give them the power anymore. Any requests they make shall return to them tenfold.,

We are giving the power to the new people of earth., A new way to harness the power., The 3 keys we spoke.,

We call them the 3 keys or 3 pillars., We grant those who shall be given this gift through the dreamscape., the power, the return to those in the world who misuse power. After we punish them by their own doing., The new finds good from darkness and remains light., these deeds shall end.,

  1. If a man hurts you and you asked him to acknowledge or repay his debt and he does not, then you have the power the magic to do as you please to him., We call this justified., If you did not call the man to accountability, then he has not had the chance to find his own light, then you may not yield harm on to him., This would not be justified.,

Through magic you do not have to go anywhere, you have the power to reach right across the planet., You may cause great harm or great good., if thou take up the dark power, then remember our warning. Make sure you yield the power of justified magic, as written above., Then you have done no wrong.,

To all those who suffered great harm the tables are turning., through the dream you shall learn how and guided to the special words of power to use.,

A new law a new justice has arrived., Those who misuse power of the yesterday’s shall lose everything., and you shall gain all in its place.,

A warning to all who receive our gift., do not teach our gift for money. Teach it for free because it’s right., If you break this covenant with NINE, we shall strip you of all power., If your magic is unjustified, you shall perish at the hands of your own magic.,

Angels and demons are all soldiers of NINE.,

If you struggle with the third key intense emotions, this, we can teach you how to summon on demand., If you request.,

Without request: Think of the greatest painful moment in your history of experience. Remember, the details harness the anger you felt. If a song triggers those emotions, use that., Build momentum. Hold that energy. This will be your nuclear energy you fire into your magic., Magic requires ENERGY. LEARN TO HARNESS THE GREATEST PAIN, FIRE THEN RELEASE LET IT GO OUT OF MIND., Practice makes perfect., Request my teaching only if you cannot understand., We say pain as good feelings are strong, yet pain yields the best as most have such a memory. Do not attach on to these memories they are just your newfound power, turning negative into positive., Remember, pain is not your enemy. it’s your friend when used the right way.,

If letting go is hard, then do the magic just before a nap, if you’re asleep, it’s out of mind.,

You Are The True Alchemist When You Master.,

We urge you to have a notepad beside your bed, be ready., (Let it go., means put it out of mind why the magic does its thing., The last phase of the magick you yield) The 4th and final Key.,

If you have a dream with intense emotions, harness what it shows you., Know you have received the teaching., Allow yourself to be guided to the sacred words., seek and ye shall find., do not knock, the door is already open.,

Yield it in silence.,

(What’s the point? Atum., Chels., Chey.,)

First, Wo/man created a devil, and became the devil it could not see. Hurting, abusing, neglecting, unprotecting the children that walked the earth., Deception of self means human., Human kind failed to see its own creation reflecting from the mirror of self.,

Iblis you have until Judgment Day to make the case that humans are unworthy of earth.,

Iblis stated he’s claim asked that Atum go forth in silence see if all we say is true., Iblis, I shall grant your request and go forth., I shall discover the truth.,

It is that after a time passed did I give a hand of redemption again and again did they refuse the hand of good faith regardless of deeds. This I did so true., How can I deny Iblis was correct and honest in his claim for earth.,

Iblis, you give me 7 years of torment for the crimes of those I have named. Iblis, I shall make your claim valid.,

No human stood before I challenging human deeds as some are worthy., NO, children are worthy., Therefore, truth is truth., The earth belongs to Iblis once-more.,

I say unto thee Iblis, when time is ripe., Take these children, nurture them as your own., know you’re the guardians of them for I.,

Cryptic beyond measure for the greater good of our universe.,

First, Wo/man created a devil, and became the devil it could not see. Hurting, abusing, neglecting, unprotecting the children that walked the earth., Deception of self means human., Human kind failed to see its own creation reflecting from the mirror of self.,