Lets recap history

Lets recap history

October 7, 2022 GIA 0
Lets recap history

Lets recap history.

Why did earth never again experience wars happening in the skies what they mistook for gods? Anu locked inside and nobody given access unless the NINE approved., This allowed ships to show up through history spread out.

Why did nobody meet or see god in Bibles? the only documented accounts are thousands of years in history? Because he did not exist in the terms bibles have portrayed.,

Why did humans believe they were the only ones in the universe? The earth was in quarantine isolation among the universe for their own protection., a feeling of alone was the only feeling they could assume was true. The more ships did show up, they were covered up, dismissed from mainstream history books. Society had no idea.

Why were they covered up in history with our history books today? Because this god was a vengeful symbol that was designed to keep people in fear, he generated wealth for the few and control over the masses. If you were the one benefiting, would you reveal it when you have a good thing going? Probably not.

Should we punish them for deceiving us all? I think you’ll find they have punished themselves., Focus on you forget where to point the finger., LOVE THEM ALL AS THE ONE CREATOR.,

What about religions? Hey you know in your heart what works and what is proven through history to not work. Listen to your heart what feels better? And if the man Jesus said anything of value concerning this. Forgive them for they know not what they do., LOVE THEM ALL AS THE ONE CREATOR.,

When Jesus claimed himself as god, the way to the kingdom of heaven was through him meaning The Law of ONE., The one creator is everything., Follow his ways of being, not literally start a twitter following and worship him., Be him.,

Those 1.8 Billion humans being as him., Then has Jesus not returned? YES! Symbolic of how he meant it than granted he’s alive and well.,
If one chooses not to acknowledge the Law of One, then it’s their choice, respectfully., For they are the One Creator., Love thy neighbour as thyself., All is CHOICE.,
Our opinions and theirs are all valid statements., Through the law of Choice.,

What now? Be happy to love life. Love all as yourself, for they are all you., The one creator is you in all things. Hurt another, you hurt yourself., Forgive because forgiveness will set you free., It will align you on the positive path of the 4th dimension.,

What about finding a lover a partner before the 4th density? Do it if you wish. However, we recommend you don’t just pick any random person., Find someone aligned to the law of one less drama, more love, more solid foundation, avoid getting pulled into low vibrations., Align together, leave together., Avoid selfish people and selfish behaviour., Be one to recognise all as one., There is nobody above you, not even us, nobody below you., We are all equally the same as the one creator.,

Remember, love is the only way forward., Love is selfless always., selfish isn’t love, it’s negative.,

What do you recommend about marriage? Do it if it pleases you, however we recommend you put rings on both righthand not left. The righthand is for giving the lefthand is for receiving.

If rings are on both lefthand, you are both committed to TAKING from each other nobody is giving., Selfish
If rings are both on the righthand, you are both committed to giving and in that giving you both can’t help but receive., Selfless., “Infinity” symbol the giving and receiving of infinite love. Now that’s sacred.,

Fall in love with a fresh new perspective regarding your world., It will feel beautiful.,

You have been the caterpillar for 75,000 years; you are in a crystallise moment, now go be the butterfly.,


Total harmony and improvisation with song. Are they not all ONE with the music?

Understand this ancient wisdom and all shall be wise., That which is true of me, that which is also true of you.,

A hundred times ten have I descended the dark way that led into light, and as many times have I ascended from the darkness into the light, my strength and power renewed., ~ THOTH.,

You ask for the whereabouts of the one known as ANU:

This is forbidden as in the knowing alerts the negative entities. This, for us, is in no way helpful for all to understand., However, the situation regarding the one known as ANU has resolved., ANU granted by the NINE to remain in privacy for his continuation to be unknown, therefore unhinged by others and unhinging further in others.,

ANU is of Positive aspect., Resolved.,

How did this positive change occur in ANU?

Like it does with all 3rd density humans., ANU remained as ANU for approximately 800 years, introducing his ways of being. He was the birth of all wars., After he reincarnated back again and again, each time facing his own true self face to face, all that he created or caused, he became. If he hurt, he learned from the perspective of how his victims felt., His understanding of his own errors catapulted him into a life of positive action, where he continued down that route each life until we felt he was ready to leave., The locking away of ANU was by far the ultimate solution.,

ANU was a king. He did not reincarnate back into his same lineage that’s not how 3rd density works.,

You might say this is karma, however we say see different, the indication of karma has negative connotations the idea to inflict harm yet again on another self. SMUG as one might say. An intention of belief out of negative insight., These are the ideas of ORION.,

Even though we came from 12th density and one of the NINE as a 3rd density manifestation, we are not free from ORION influence. We hope the wise mind can see this as we have left it available for all to see the transition a map of sorts.,

To point out the obvious, as we have done on many occasions, ORION is of a negative aspect. This does not separate ORION from the ONE creator within ALL things., Love ORION as yourself as in all things as the great infinite ALL., For there is just ONE., The ALL., If you can see the most evil as the ONE then you’re understanding something profound., In you and in all.,

Lisa Montgomery was of loving nature through many experiences became of negative nature which led to her errors in judgment., From this, Lisa imprisoned.

Positive Insight would hold her until she left naturally to aid in her contemplation of her errors, allowing her the option to evolve by her own recognition of self.,

Lack of insight of negative nature would be to kill her on death row., Fighting fire with fire does not put out the fire.,

As I’m sure you see, Lisa is no different to ANU, we entitle both to the same route of evolution., As in ONE as in ALL.,

So are you saying with 3rd density incarnations that there are no soul groups or families?

To divide to group within this understanding is to separate., ALL is ONE, as One is all? This being the entirety of its answer., From one dimension to another, all still remains ONE.,

The old story of the devil and the angel on our shoulders

So, that negative voice in our heads that does most of our thinking for us, the choices we make when we see someone and start thinking all sorts of negative thoughts about them, the judgments, the doubts, the assumptions all, to why or why they did or didn’t do something.,

When our parents, brother, sister, or even a friend, right down to the stranger we know nothing about., All those negative thoughts are all coming from ORION. They dominate 50% of human thinking, suggestions and ideas., If its negative, selfish, its ORION.,

Notice how when we do a good deed or say something nice about another, how that makes us feel wonderful inside, how like magic we feel on top of the world because that’s coming from the positive aspect, the true self of us all the aspect of the One Creator., If it’s positive, it’s the One Creator.,

The old story of the devil and the angel on our shoulders., Notice how subtle they are to the point we think it’s all us., Not so true,

When we hate it’s ORION., When we love, it’s the one creator.,

What does one do in these ongoing constant moments? Two things simplified that both work. One: Reject., Two: NO, Orion, I love you as the one creator in all. I send you love and peace., Then do what you know to be true by your heart.,

Most of all, don’t fight or argue with ORION, this empowers them., Love them, be done with them., In your evolving you allow ORION’s evolving possible from negative to positive.,

Why does Alcyon or NINE define Orion Negative aspect differently to Ra?

We explain things in a way that others can understand that have not already understood., Plus, the foundation of our wisdom stems from our imprisonment on ORION during 3rd density of ARZU.,

Try comparing perspective from earth’s standpoint when you experience selfish behaviour, what does it cause, to how do you feel, what do you see than match that mindset with ORION., Now amplify this to what many are blindly walking into unknowingly.,

If we were to give you a gift that made you wealthy, would you be willing to be selfish in return? If we promised all the gold in the world, are you tempted yet? Try to understand. How difficult is it, to see anything else beyond a mountain of gold? What truth is available because of this mountain?

What does ORION want with earth? Why do we keep them out? Where did it all start?

As a loving mother nurtures a child, then so must be true for all, including ORION., To help you is to help them, is to help us, is to help ALL.,

Here is an example of ORION at work using ourself. With dogs, mainly, a large portion of them seek our attention for the love of the Infinite Creator for who better to notice.,

Whilst others turn in discord to our approaching. This has nothing to do with the owner. This is ORION polarising the dog at our approaching. The dog would have an experience that opens a doorway in them to allow ORION to manipulate the dog’s thinking. A rescue dog is one such dog with open doors., For us, it is to love the dog regardless.,

For if a dog bites anyone, does that not create a negative response for one vulnerable to ORION? It certainly can.,


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