Kremlin Attack, Pentagon Deception, British Abuse. The NINE Respond.,

Kremlin Attack, Pentagon Deception, British Abuse. The NINE Respond.,

November 13, 2022 GIA Governments Kremlin NINE Pentagon Westminster 0
Kremlin Attack Pentagon Deception British Abuse The NINE Respond

Kremlin Attack, Pentagon Deception, British Abuse. The NINE Respond.,

[To the projectile 1979 a false year, received in the current time.,] [Confirmed. Two in a row., Congrats.]


Moscow December 2009 The Russians launched a submarine missile from the sea at the NINE.,

A counter defence caused the Norway spiral created on our part to disable that missile attack on the NINE.,

The pyramid ship above the Kremlin in Moscow and the missile launch were connected. They deceived the public into what actually happened.,

A public message to Russia: We can come right to your door, and your missiles have no effect on us.,


On November 2010, The Pentagon launched another attack on the NINE,

launching a missile off the California coast into space at one of our ships.,

This triggered the event of another Pyramid ship over the Pentagon December 2018 same message given to the Kremlin was now given to the Pentagon.,

You may wonder about the delay. We sometimes use numbers to send a message. Between Moscow and the Pentagon, 9 years separated them. Message stating who? The NINE., Same action from both nations generated the delay and the message.,

A public message to the Pentagon: We can come right to your door, nothing you can do about it, and your missiles have no effect on us.,

June 2019 SEVEN

arrives outside City Hall London, calling government Child abusers, Child Kidnappers, Child killers. Same month Seven came to Parliament Westminster cross the path of Teresa May and there’s nothing you can do about it.,

One message from all the NINE.,
~ NINE.,

Moscow 2009

Norway Spiral Missile Disabled.,

November 2010 Pentagon Launch Attack on the NINE.,

Nine Responds to the Pentagon December 2018

Can you give us more information on Mars?

No., You seek to know mars yet you pay no attention the challenges you have on earth; you neglect your world willingly, yet you seek to know Mars. why? do you wish to colonise mars? if so, is that to destroy another planet? When do you begin to learn? When you destroy yourselves, is that not too late?


David Jacobs historian professor acknowledges you live among us and planetary aquasition is your goal. Is there any truth in his observation?

YES., 100% accurate statement by David., Many of us are integrating diseases so we can eliminate such things in the human 4th density., many of us absorb and send them back for analysis., These things have no physical harm to us, yet we will absorb them for this purpose.,

There are many 4th density species that we plan to bring to earth and the disease factor will be required to be solved.,

3rd density consciousness is to become self aware of self., 4th Density is love to love all life unconditionally., Current 3rd density disease somewhat manufactured through mismanagement of chemicals for financial gain., by being immune to them, we can pass on this DNA structure to 4th density., Then love of such things eliminates such things.,

You will recall cow mutilations as you call it., You also have what you named cow disease. This removal of cow parts was so we could analyze these cows in order to correct and locate its source., The source manufactured chemicals that were fed into the cows which caused mad cow’s disease., they did this in order to affect the human population in two ways: disease and fear.,


Does the Nine always speak the truth?

This is a complex question sometimes we answer in a way which will not cause too much harm. To explain using different metaphors is our way., The answer is YES and NO., if we feel the answer to a question causes more harm, than we are willing to water down or change it in order to avoid such harm.,

All our explanations are based on human language that’s vastly different to us, this alone causes confusion of understanding.,

English language may appear advanced to you, yet to us it’s like communicating to a caveman sense of understanding.,

I shall attempt to give an example that’s already occurred in your history., One species Zeta Reticuli abducted female told her telepathically no harm shall come to her, then her legs spread and projectile inserted into her vaginal area where she felt pain.,

They misinterpreted language., It may not hurt Zeta Reticuli not so true in a human sense., Zeta’s have no emotional feeling gage to determine this truth., Zetas are non compassionate, have no emotion to understand human form., Stoic is the word humans used to act without emotion., without emotion, you have no understanding of truth.,

This is an extreme example based on another species. The NINE does have the capacity to understand human emotion, yet the words will always fail due to its primitive form of language.,

To us, one symbol is an entire book of wisdom. One absorbs does not read, see the differences and the confusion that we both face.,

At a later time we might discover the same question and we shall answer it based on the evolution of that time frame, be it 1 year or 10 years., Human perception is constantly changing that which dictates the answer to its time.,


How are you communicating?

At this present time I am using a film that activates the questions you had when you watched it. These activations are linking me to you in order to answer your questioning., This is one small method of connecting to you via a bridge link between you and I.,

As I am replying you are becoming self aware of the answers in your present time without knowing I.,

The film is the bridge those who have or ever will watch many questions will come to light in their being., I am riding the frequency on the bridge giving the answers., The more we do this, the more our wisdom filters into global consciousness., Which means eventually all will become aware of us and our meaning among you., You won’t need government verification. Once we are finished, they will become the back benchers of society regarding this subject.,

That film series is: ET’s Among Us.,

Ask this question: how is it, my voice is inside this video, yet I have never had communication with this lady before this video was made? How did we project our voice into a live recording thousands of miles away? What’s the connection to the method above.,

Katy says “your MIND is going to be SOMEWHERE ELSE” at the right point of our vocal insertion.,


The British government or any government we call out., Know what you the public do not know., I SEVEN/THOTH among many others who live alongside you are not from this earth. We are those you call ET, hiding in human form., Your governments know this. And will do all they can to avoid us, by accepting us, they deny themselves as all powerful.,

Many among you have witnessed this truth between us and your governments and have wondered about this strange relationship between us, what is it all about? we are giving you that answer.,

This is what they do not want you to know., Our presence among you has placed an unknown fear among the corridors of government.,

Your governments walk a very careful thin line regarding us., We know among you are good people. This to us is good and how we see the future of earth alongside you as brothers and sisters., Welcome to the new earth.,

I am what you would call the ambassador of NINE., between earth and our world.,

So you fully understand we started entering this world after World War Two. Our entering has caused the rise in population., I myself joined 19th January 1982.,

These two videos below, which are six in total, the men and women you see and hear are not insane or crazy. This you can see for yourselves. Many have come from the inside of governments., For many decades, you yourselves have distrusted governments with their constant lies., It’s time to learn the truth., Decide for yourselves by what you see and hear.,

Dr Margaret Mead is a relation between America and the British adoption family that I myself grew up among., So we have all cards on the table.,

Always remember this so you will always know our standpoint on the coming challenges ahead of you., Governments are responsible for the death of both of our human children., If they cannot face up to their errors, then they no longer exist in any form, they have no future., End of subject.,


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