Kremlin and Pentagon A Warning

Kremlin and Pentagon A Warning

March 9, 2022 GIA Governments 0
Kremlin and Pentagon A Warning

Kremlin and Pentagon A Warning.,

The ships hovering over the Kremlin 2009 and again 9 years 2018 later over the Pentagon were a global warning to all governments. We choose the dates deliberate to NINE., The ships are what we call MIRA mother ships. They point downwards like someone aiming a cannon at its target. A threatening position.

MIRA ship holds the power to split the earth in two. Like cracking an egg. Governments, for decades, have built underground bases for a pending invasion whereby civilians left on the surface and the selected hide away. MIRA’s message you have no place to hide or run., We can park right on your front lawn if we want.

For decades, we have showed to all military your nuclear weapons are of no fret to us. We can take control of them. You have overstepped the boundary with such WEAPONS., You have overstepped the boundary with CHILDREN., You are no longer fit to govern anything. We are here to make sure you correct your ways or step down from this planet.

The CHILDREN are under our protection from all GOVERNMENTS., You continue these universal crimes., PUTIN does not have us as an Allie nor does any government., 2009 over Kremlin makes that clear., We can reach you any time we want. All governments are the same government.,

Civilians who refuse to support governments do have us as an Allie., ~ Council Of NINE.,

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