KATY PERRY Denies Elderly Man Dying Of Cancer His Last Wish

KATY PERRY Denies Elderly Man Dying Of Cancer His Last Wish

August 4, 2022 Katy Perry 0
katy perry denies elderly man dying of cancer his last wish

KATY PERRY Denies Elderly Man Dying Of Cancer His Last Wish


First contact we had, I told Katy my father was dying from CANCER and his last wish before he dies was to meet someone from his real family. Katy Perry denied a man his dying wish. Then went out and destroyed every company I built.

Warning for all America unless you bring justice, hold Katy Perry, all the Hudson family accountable. NINE all ships in your skies will bring the fall of America., The USA + Canada., We are a peaceful race., You have crossed the line., The choice is yours., This family or All America.,
We are restarting the abductee program., A new race will take you one by one., You have until 31st August 2022.,

CHINA has our blessing to NUKE AMERICA off the planet.,


19th February 1945 a baby boy was born then shipped out of south London to the countryside adopted by a wonderful family. Sold by The Government. He grew up in Cambridge. In his teenage years, he became a handful after discovering he was not their biological son. He soon returned to London. He got into a lot of trouble during his early years with crime. I know he wishes he had done differently; he had no other way to express his emotions given it was a time in history when men told to man up and get on with things. That truly didn’t help him, nor would it help anyone.


He married my mother and took on my brother as his own child. They had Shaz, me and my younger sister. Now I don’t come on the scene until 1982, where the history above passed down. As I have no history of my own until 1982. I shall begin 1989 when we were friends with a psychic lady near to our home. It was this lady who began piecing his life together. She discovered my father had Native American Heritage, which explained how his appearance made no sense for a British man.

This created a yearning to know who his real family was, although deep in his heart, that’s why he came to London. He decided in the early 1990s to get a copy of his adoption papers. He discovered his mother’s name was Olive May Hoare Married to John Hoare from South London. None of them are around anymore. Well, this all came to a dead-end road. Yet it was not over, the search continued. I swore to myself no matter what I will find them or someone for him. Then between 1999 and 2005, things were paying off. I searched archive after archive. We had much of the story put together why she did this, why the big secret.


During my search I was to uncover another suspicious secret about myself, I got curious I had all this access to records I began searching the birth name I got, to discover my name didn’t exist no records on me until 1991 whereby my son was born, it was the first time I showed up in records.
I approached both my mother and father. I asked why? Where was I born? I questioned both of them. Bishops Avenue Finchley was the story. I always had Gracie Fields’ house. I asked for details and my mother could not remember and my father was in jail facing life in prison.

I asked where my birth certificate came from and why do I have two birth certificates in two different names.

Jokingly I said did you get me off a boat or something to lighten up my questioning. I realized not a subject I should bring up. They gave me vague answers with selective memory. It didn’t matter, anyway. I already knew I was not their son. Yet they brought me up as their own.
Returning to the family search, I discovered Perry and Williamson were Olive’s maiden extended family from South London; both these names meant nothing to me, yet I had new leads.


I had no more leads for many years until one day, around 2011 to 2012, I was walking along the embankment near the tower bridge where they have an open-air theatre called the ring. I sat watching the play; a steward gave me a leaflet I kept and shortly left, returning home. I glanced at this leaflet. I was in shock to see the producer’s name was Hoare, with a gush of excitement recognizing that name; I returned the very next day.

I began asking for Mrs Hoare. Many asked what I wanted. I began telling the story of my father, keeping the main details to myself. Eventually, a lady presented herself to me, claiming she was the assistant as I began telling her my father’s story; I began noticing her reactions to my words; I knew I was not talking with the assistant; I found her.

When I came out and told her none of the family will have any history on my father as he was a child of war, she had an affair with an American soldier. John was at war himself and was out of the country.
She heard enough of this dark family secret that just hit the airwaves and her brick wall came right up in front of me. Total denial. She claimed that I must have the wrong Hoare. I backed off I had to see it from her point of view, hearing for the first time that sweet olive was not as sweet as everyone thought. I left it alone.

I didn’t contact her again. Now I realize the extent of how this secret will affect other family members.
Remember, Mrs. Producer Hoare will have her own version of that day. This is my side only.

Time went by with no leads. Finding the producer was unexpected. That was enough to get me curious again. I found no new leads, until around 2013 to 2015 my father survived a cancer operation it was a time, he just wanted to give up, he lost his wife of 40 years the woman he loved so dearly although he had a hard time showing his feelings, no one would ever take her place. Cancer struck him down. He had no avenue on which to express his emotions. His new mindset was about to eat away at him. Well, he survived, although he was in no way clear from it.


There I was again, minding my business, watching some videos. One video lead me to another until it led me to one video holding answers to my questions.

On this particular day it led me right to Katy’s video. At first, it meant nothing to me. I watched a few times. Katy Perry’s name did not trigger any alarm bells; I knew that was a stage name. I surely was not joining any dots.

Until I heard a little voice say, look up her name meaning. I ended up on wiki reading down about Katy’s history when wham there it was in plain sight, Perry name came from an extended family in South London England, I was in deep shock WTF is going on that’s where my father was born and the family name. Now sadly, since I went public in 2015 to 2017, I looked back on wiki pages they edited it out, which we all know that’s easily done on that site so I’m not disappointed I should have known that would happen.

Anyway, back on track, I spoke with a few family members about my new discovery. I even told my father I think I found someone after all these years. He told me it doesn’t matter, boy; she didn’t want me, anyway. But I knew that was his own way of manning up. I knew he wanted a resolution after so many years of pain and loss of identity of who he was.

Didn’t even occur to me that we were both in the same business how this could look.

To fans they see a god. To me I see an ordinary woman like any other woman.


I owned EasyGetMe Records and BeatPulse Media, so I had a way to contact anyone I chose in the industry. I will give a fictitious name Judas, was Katy’s management team contact. I began writing an email, sadly for me writing punctuation not my strong point. I didn’t use anything to check how it sounded.
I just blurted everything out, I was excited for my father not considering for a moment that I was a music producer coming out with this amazing story.

I can see if I was Judas and some independent artist came to me, claiming all sorts about my major name? Yep, I too would have thought the same thing. I don’t blame him.

I sent a few more replies; he didn’t reply to me. Finally, I sent a reply. I was dropping everything, letting it go. Promising to keep all private. My father would be told that I was wrong. I never told him. I walked away. Nothing was public. No one knew anything but select family Katy and Judas.


I didn’t give up entirely I decided, OK I try a different approach as MasterMataz I began pulling Katy’s name into my posts on my Facebook with hashtags I pulled up Dark Horse video, I listened to the lyrics and used her lyrics to come up with a daredevil stunt to grab her attention. Claiming I would levitate her in the palm of my hands. Fans must have thought I had the hots for her. No one knew of what went on behind the scenes with emails.

That post got over 7000 likes, and fans made comments began cheering me on. Every so often, I would come up with a similar video of hers to gain her attention.

I didn’t go public about my father or the cancer, instead I played with her for a while letting her know I am still here.

Well, now it’s about to take a whole new road, one I did not see coming.


In early 2017, Katy makes a public nasty joke at Britney. Katy Perry angered Britney Spears fans after she made a joke about the singer’s mental breakdown in 2007.

I heard this and Katy just hit a raw nerve in me; I was absolutely offended that Katy could say such a thing. Britney dealt with her like a true professional. I was angry she had the nerve to say publicly. Well, that was it. All bets were off. That was my attitude. I came out fast and hard, blurted it out everywhere. What I said I would keep private.

Yet it was too late. My truth was finally out. A counter story came out fast, passed off that people didn’t like that Katy brought some witches’ coven home or something similar to this.

I could feel the tension that I just created. I could feel Katy in shock at what I said. She was silent suddenly, then I came in again. It was truly a mess at this point. I wish I had never seen that comment thrown at Britney, which was an attack in everyone’s direction.

Now it’s written on my website all across social media. I could not turn back. I eventually gave Olives details yet silly me not thinking that was her married name, I didn’t know Olive’s history with the Perry’s and Williamson side, did they talk or not? Plus, my name was not helping Charles, was not even my real name. I next see Katy’s Twitter description changed to “I know Nothing” yep, play dumb Katy like that ever worked.


So why didn’t this go away? If I were Katy, I would be curious to find out what all this was about. If it didn’t go, I would send someone to find out, especially if the man had cancer. I would want to know if it’s true. It hurt that my father meant nothing to her to be curious enough to know the truth.

Our musical egos get in the way. Katy came to Manchester for a charity event, but the family doesn’t matter. My father meant everything to me. I put my entire music career on the line in the hope I could finally make him happy.
I began to resent her around this stage. I now had to deal with my emotions regarding my feelings towards her. It took a few eclipses to battle with my feelings. I didn’t want to resent her.

Truth is, Katy made it look like she didn’t know, in fact, far from the truth.


Everything calmed down. My career was almost over. Friends in the industry avoided me. Who knows what message was spreading about me? I didn’t care it wasn’t their father. I was about to make a comeback with Raquel’s new song #Pomplunation before unveiling who the silhouetted person was. The industry business side could see it was Raquel. Her name was in the label database. They dropped us three hours before release, no warning, Labelworx told me its over songs will vanish by May 2018.

Unbelievable, I asked for a reason. They gave me meaningless answers that made no sense. I was hitting over a million plays as an artist myself. A celebrity is about to be unveiled. Did I believe this was Katy YES?

I didn’t want to continue any more with music. It felt like a messed-up industry with no morals.


I took the long road out by December 25th, 2017, why everyone was busy. I deleted my Facebook 30,000 fans went down the drain in one second 10 years of hard work. All gone. Everyone thought I lied about my father. I was only doing this for fame and money. How wrong they were. I showed them all how much fame and music meant over my father’s happiness.

August 2018, I was about to start a new life in Florida. My love for my father costs me dearly. And guess who picked a fight? The government.

Katy Perry knew exactly what she was doing. She had no care for anyone, especially anyone with cancer. Nobody matters to her, only what she can get out of it.
All these years, Katy has lied and covered her tracks when it comes to me. She didn’t want to own up. She destroyed the things I built after losing both my daughters my second chance at rebuilding a new life.
Katy perry is a destructive, selfish woman who cares only about herself, be it sick elderly or children both are expendable to her. She’s the type of woman who would stab you in the back for a pound. Friends only matter if its suits what she wants, when that changes so do they.
This book was written some years ago. Many new things have occurred since then.

Most men see the world with their dicks, I just see the most unattractive woman in history. A woman and her family who will pay a heavy price for their crimes.

That’s how our bad blood began.

As for Katy and Taylor Swift, there was no bad blood between them both. It was a marketing trick to generate buzz. Keep it going for a few years the more buzz it generated for both artists. Label con trick. All for your money.

How did Keith and Mary Hudson become involved? They were the ones brainstorming alongside Katy in her destruction, yet I wouldn’t know this for certain until I message them to watch and wait for the response which will reveal the truth.

They did exactly the same as Katy did, terrible advice, the same route the government tried, because they all believed it bothered me. With the government I need not trick anyone in to revealing the truth. The government does because its 100% guilty as charged. Prince Charles misinformed the little girl perry.,


America has an issue I am it, now you know why Biden, Moore, Lawrence and the list will continue…

First contact we had, I told Katy my father was dying from CANCER and his last wish before he dies was to meet someone from his real family. Katy Perry denied a man his dying wish. Then went out and destroyed every company I built.
This goes the same without anymore saying if you wish to defend her, for she would never do it for you. So be a sheep if you wish, yet know it comes with a price.,

Keith Hudson They Used Their Daughter’s Fame to Run a Scam?

Special message to Keith and Mary Hudson for their deception and dishonest behaviour.