Jubilee MARKED.,

Jubilee MARKED.,

June 30, 2022 GIA 0
Jubilee MARKED

Jubilee MARKED.,

Long time ago they released information using many people. Regarding UFOs along the lines of keeping it secret because they believed people were not ready. It would cause worldwide panic.

That was a lie. The reason they kept it secret was because those people pushing the misleading information knew it would be the end of them. People would no longer recognise them as the authority. It was they who feared.

So the campaign to discredit anyone who spoke about UFO’s was them and now they want to call them UAP’s because it was ok you being discredited, but not them. Yet still they are dishonest to people. Every government and military, NASA has lied. They do not know how to speak the truth.

We have a campaign going on has been going down for some time. Scout ships are dropping others down on the ground., No matter where you are in the world, they will seem like tourists blending in.,

This video of the Jubilee is a sign of what’s coming. It’s an insult to the red, white and blue flag cutting right across it. When all eyes were in the sky, knowing someone will capture it happen. The red, white and blue is now MARKED.,

Remember WINDSORS, the ships the occupants are all under my command., And so is NINE.,