Infiltrated the most secure location on the planet

Infiltrated the most secure location on the planet

April 23, 2022 GIA 0
Infiltrated the most secure location on the planet

Infiltrated the most secure location on the planet

I laid down, projected my consciousness. On location, I arrived. I infiltrated all their security. One General blue uniform with all the trinkets on his jacket. He was the only military personnel present. The rest were men and women in suits. I gathered everything.

Until something new happened, I realised I could rewind them like a video recording. They rewound at speed until I knew why they came to meet in this way. A message appeared on a large screen. (Excited by what I read)

Their faces were all clear, as if they stood in front of me on a physical level. I had infiltrated the most secure location on the planet. With the ability to catch up on anything I may have missed.,

I broke off then entered the body into sleep., I returned to wakefulness with everything clear as day. Another new skill obtained.,

The days of military psychic spies are truly pre-historic cave dweller rubbish. How primitive compared to these skills.,

Not a single ounce of realization that I was all up in their face. Guaranteed no defence or detection from us or anyone walking right through the doorway any doorway.

How I have just realised two nights ago the shadow people came to wake me up, poking me, prodding, tiggeling me. They made me like them just like the gift they gave me of 2009.,

Inception springs to mind.,

Winged Messenger: Spirits above the challenge.

Something many were not aware of when I became a red flag. February 1997 They tried to label me as schizophrenic. Perfect excuse to silence anyone. Every personality disorder they could think up. We all know the truth behind their plot. Story found inside Winged Messenger: Spirits above the challenge.

Whilst in those times, I learned about the inpatients during my 3 month secure lockdown. These people are not ill. They have, in fact, got the ability to open up the other realms of existence. What you will call the afterlife, even to see the shadow people, like no other can.

The reason behind most of their behaviour is due to not knowing how to control what they are witnessing, they become fragmented and distorted. The very fact the system tries to put these people down instead of learning and understanding them, they drug them into zombie mode.

I also understood clearly who was playing a game of madness and who was genuine. Big money in that game for sure. For government and patient.,

Truth these people are extremely gifted if only taught how to control their gift. The government does not want them to know this truth. I have a story that proved this fact. After becoming a life coach, I went into one of their buildings offering hope and understanding a way to help them all be like me. I had never seen such panic, shutters going up, doors slamming all by staff. They couldn’t wait to get me out of that building fast enough. I was a fret to their scam.

Experience is true knowledge and wisdom.,

The man people wanted to forget.

There was a guy in East London near to where I resided. He was a genuinely gifted man who had no control of what he could see into. All, if not many, were afraid of him. Here was a man seeing the real reality all around us every day. So confused, so afraid of the world he witnessed.

He could see me for me and it scared him. He knew I was not like most people. All I wore was black. I knew he had seen the Shadow People. I would pass him attempting to get closer each time reassuring him it’s fine, you are safe. My attempt to help him control his gift. Months went past. He did become more at ease with me. Everyone scared of this man judged and abandoned by society.

They need understanding, not judgement. Knowledge, not drugs, is what they need. They won’t have these things whilst the system remains blind and sees only £££ not the person.

How do you know the difference between someone who’s schizophrenic?

A person who can’t control his gift becomes distorted, can’t cope with all realities at once. He or she is not a danger to society instead, it’s the other way around. They need guidance, not persecution.

Someone who’s playing the crazy game uses it to manipulate their one reality. Aggressive behavior is used to generate fear. They believe that’s power its fear that lives inside them. They are vulnerable to all around them crazy game helps to keep all at bay a protection mechanism. That has large financial incentive. They are not crazy. They do not see these realities. Psychiatrists know who’s who nobody says anything because in this game, everyone’s a financial winner.

One who’s in control of all realities needs no system, no medication. He or she has perfect control of all realities and can use them all to their benefit in their understanding their wisdom has unlimited potential.

The word schizophrenic is just a way to control, manipulate, and abuse people into thinking they have no worth or value in life. No different from any other label. Don’t blame these game players, the government made the system this way.

In ancient times

When the initiate was called into his or her own power. Their work was to embrace and accept the gift of the heavens and use it. If the initiate did not embrace, they went crazy., They all enter the underworld., to fight the demons. Those who return have gained full wisdom full power over the underworld., He or she is lord of the underworld that governs the earth on behalf of the heavens., If they fail, they go insane.,

Britney Spears

You only need to look at the case of Britney Spears, how the system has used itself to abuse people who speak up., The most fraudulent system in medical. Used as a weapon, not a service of health and care. They all had a license to abuse Britney. Nobody would help her, because they all wanted to cash in on the bank of Britney Spears.

Shadow being intervention and Doctors

Pretty damn educated in doctors and their lies to people as much as I am regarding the shadow people. The intervention by the shadow people who saved me from the destruction of doctors’ projection onto people. The second time, the shadow beings had to step in and take control. How does a doctor cause cancer? By wrongly projecting. Have you ever seen someone die pretty damn fast soon after being told they have cancer? That suggestion paid key role in the speed. Doctors know the damage committed. Under government protocol would lose their job if ever admitted. Struck off for speaking the truth.

The first time shadow intervention was the car crash they encompassed me in the moment of impact into the tree., Once I was cut out taken to hospital, they also helped me leave the hospital. No miracle happened, just the intervention of the shadow people. I was unharmed from such an impact because I am like gold to them. The minute anyone causes harm, you built yourself a hidden enemy, an army against you. They would consider me a king. You wouldn’t come into a hostile world without some hidden defence.

Pretty well educated in both areas of the seen and unseen.,

Heidi Hollis

of the world has some ideas correct, like the link between shadow people and the E.T presence. Her bias is because of her religious programming she comes from a place of good and bad dark and light when both are the same thing. She is far from understanding the truth about us all present on and off this earth., It’s a way for her to make a living so we care not about her judgements., The more she projects her own negative judgements into the subject, the more she generates fear in people, the more they cannot understand. The more she does, the more she gives us to use as a countermeasure attack.,

It needs noting

anyone with any authentic experience who knows how to leave their body will tell you in the early days. Your body goes into paralysis, so no harm becomes of your body whilst you are off outside. It’s a protection mechanism. There is no dark, evil entity sitting on you. If you can’t handle ghost stories, stop watching them.,

You came back to the body so fast your body had no time to readjust itself. Hence you feel stuck, numb, paralysed. Practice is the solution. Control your mind and you won’t snap back at lightning speed. You won’t feel paralysed.,

Also, understand whilst your body is paralysed, you’re out on an adventure or spy mission. That protection stops any entity from ever entering. Serves more purposes than you realise. Not everything is something to fear.

Can you imagine if you never had this protection? An entity moves into your body. You return home only to find out you have no, body left. Now you really are fucked. You’re stuck in unfamiliar territory. Built in protection measure., Same reason a walk-in can only take a body who’s about to die.,

When you see they are both dark and light., then you can know the worst of them or the best of them. Piss them off expect the dark, be nice expect the light.,