Humans are a young species, earth is on loan

Humans are a young species, earth is on loan

July 28, 2022 GIA 0
Humans are a young species

Humans are a young species, earth is on loan.

What is it about this man? What does he know? what’s hiding behind this man? To own the power to silence the police, the army, every government, and all the royals. What is he holding and where? What is it with him and the ships haunting the skies? Who is he really? What is nobody telling you?

Just out of diapers yet so out of control.

We brought you here some 200,000 years ago genetically engineered before you came down. We wiped out the species that already occupied this planet. Having both species was not a viable option. Dinosaurs were the dominant species of earth.

When we dropped you here, you were all asleep, in slumber, left in large groups scattered across the planet. You began waking up wondering about no idea who was who, who you were, how you got here. We watched closely to see what happens in those early days.

Certain skills were pre-installed in your blueprint. It took time for you to work it out, mating was pleasurable and it multiplied your species. Vegetation had a taste that was pleasing even though you didn’t require as the sun gave you everything the body required.

Our theory was the old consciousness of dinosaurs somehow picked up, as vegetation was their food source.

As the seasons changed you learn to build shelter. You were not primitive, just started out with nothing. Extremely advanced. If you could work on how to use it, you did.

We made our presence known from above in ships. You watched in wonder until we came down. You gave us all types of names; we taught you certain things to help you grow, then we left to see how you do with our knowledge.

This occurred many times throughout the 200,000 years. Many times, we made the choice to wipe you out and start again. You made many errors that came at a heavy price.

Whilst you lived in peace many times for many centuries. We had our own challenges among the universe, mainly ANU. When the last rebellion came crashing into your world, everything changed.

World war two was a big error on our part. We had the option to put an end to it all. High council could not agree on a final outcome. We gave you a chance, so we began sending down our people to walk among you.

Too many of us believed we can bring you back from extinction, including myself. For years, I searched for the reason that could prove me right. I was wrong, so I searched for humans to prove they were worthy that somewhere among you, hope lived.

I did not find it.,

When you hear about the fallen ones in bibles they are talking about the above the first humans to be placed here.

These videos will not explain what’s what in them. Nothing will be highlighted or explained. If anyone should ask if I am a soldier, from now on the answer is YES, but not for any government or royal. We are against them. We do not support anyone who helps, assists, hides, turns a blind eye, covers up or abuses children in any shape or form.,