Human Ancient Astronauts Seeded the Earth, You Know Today

Human Ancient Astronauts Seeded the Earth, You Know Today

November 19, 2022 GIA NINE 0
Human Ancient Astronauts Seeded the Earth

Human Ancient Astronauts Seeded the Earth, You Know Today

What is the link between the ancient world and the sites Graham Hancock keeps discovering?

These ancient sites Graham Hancock discovers are the locations of the original settlers from space who came to earth under the 24 guardian species.

Each species dropped in a certain location. Massive buildings formed. They all paid homage to the stars, their home.,

Humans were not hunter gatherers, they were ancient astronauts sent to earth on a grand experiment.

All tribes had preknowledge of the coming future. They sent energy from earth directed at Sirius, others directed at Orion. This was long after the first rebellion.

The mission to populate earth served many purposes., We ask you to consider what happens when one focuses energy in one direction. What’s possible?

The 24 heads were not formed or organised as they are today.,

The tales of ARZU that spread across the universe and word of the Queen sent many species to earth to carry out that plan.,

Energy, focus, target.,

The original human settlers all played a part in the Fall of ANU., The carbon dating on these locations is wrong. They all predate the ice age.,

The original plan of earth was more towards bringing peace to the universe., All humans were ancient astronauts came from the stars. The original astronauts stayed. We wanted to see what ANU would do, they all volunteered. The grand experiment took new directions after the fall.,

Earth was part of the timeless zone dating earth is an impossible task., Time began at the Fall.,



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