How did we leave VENUS to become ALCYON

How did we leave VENUS to become ALCYON

October 9, 2022 GIA 0
How did we leave VENUS to become ALCYON

How did we leave VENUS to become ALCYON

Transcendence: we use this video to enlighten a metamorphosis., The imagery you’re seeing is more from 3rd density direct into a 6th density of light. The film has gone beyond its scope of understanding., sixth density, which is actually where formed formless, formless formed begins.,

In leaving VENUS, many went in multiple directions. Ra and we parted ways at this point., We did not experience body death. Our bodies did transform so to a 3rd density it would appear our bodies did die, however not so.,

You can really understand this when it occurs., a human person who experiences death of the body from their standpoint of consciousness they lost nothing to them all appears the same, this being 3rd density to 3rd density before reincarnation occurs.,

Alcyon formed in this process. There were no seven daughters. They came after. It was here on Alcyon we learned the creation process of other species., This was not our first time however, It was in this universe and with this collective.,

Not all universes created equally or would be a perpetual loop of the same old thing. There can be no growth with that., For infinity works with new understandings upon each universe, each dimension, octave within each universe, for it to be infinite, creating infinite possibilities.,

We are on the 13th dimension of the second octave within the second universe., There is no number large enough to calculate years to measure it., For there is no time as earth knows it., This suggests we began somewhere at some point yet again incorrect for there are no words to explain it., We are more a measure of our awareness of infinity.,

Analogy: Take both circles of the infinity symbol left side was universe one, the right side the second universe. As we come back around, all transforms back into itself not as the same, as another universe., Infinity is too complex to describe with limitations of words., So counting universes is a pointless task., Infinity is a word that describes it well.,

See the crossover point of the infinity symbol as the point of transition from VENUS into ALCYON.,

Analogy: The caterpillar to butterfly., The caterpillar is on the left ring of infinity, experiencing itself as a caterpillar., The crossover point is the chrysalis., The right side is the butterfly taking birth as something truly new.,

From VENUS to ALCYON, we were the caterpillar ascending, preparing, taking flight.,

Since this transition we remained as ALCYON moved higher in dimension each time a new daughter came into form, a new dimension achieved which by the end of the final SEVEN daughters we were at 11th density.,

To move from VENUS, it took sexual energy of souls., ALCYON being formed of two souls, as you would call Adam and Eve for earth., The first two of ALCYON.,

Venus, the sexual energy of souls., Alcyon the moment of climax., It was in this act we formed a new world and became one with it all.,

Symbolically, the epiphany of Octavia’s realisation on the battlefield is the moment of realisation of transcendence at harvest. A moment similar occurs for all dimensions according to their learning at harvests., The ideal solution is the entire planet transcends as a collective., It’s confusing in this scene due to dimensions being skipped.,

If you know anything about Octavia’s journey within this story, the moment of eating humans, friends, family to stay alive was her mirroring the energy of the one known as ANU.,

As Octavia came a long way to positive ascension, so did ANU., In this realisation nothing is truly evil or condemned.,

Is it possible for 3rd density earth to create in this manner through sexual energy?

No, for sex as a whole is largely wry. Humans have a wide spectrum of disharmony around this subject. Domination, control, rape, self gratification, even torture these are disharmony., It is not possible to create from this standpoint of being., LOVE is the power house LIGHT is the way.,

What happens if the entire human race came into positive harmony? What effect would it have on the world?

The planet would re-harmonise, no earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, floods, pollution., everything would re-flourish, the world you walk upon would change in drastic, beautiful ways., The only reason these things happen is when large portions of the species are in disharmony with actions, thoughts and intentions., It would be a game changer as you know it.,

You would earn the right to technology you didn’t think was possible., There would be no reason for the barrier of the NINE., You would no longer be a beacon that requires a barrier., Leaving earth in ships would no longer be an issue.,

Best way to recognise this is by observing daily life. When negative emotions occur, one might notice all things of a similar likeness to that vibration attracts to itself.,

The planet is no different when negative energy becomes at a breaking point within a pocket of society. The earth responds in the same manner with the force of nature., Man is connected to earth as earth is connected to man.,

Was there a specific physical change you made in 3rd density that shifted your energy as human Thoth?

Yes! A massive change that has a knock on effect. During rest, I switched my head position away from Positive North pole alignment to Negative south pole alignment., Allowing the great infinite intelligence, easy access., No longer pulling myself out of the body via the north pole instead drawing the universe into my body.,

See how magnets react north and south, same true with the body., This change anyone can do.,

To expand on this, we sit, contemplate, communicate, meditate and create all in the same position of the south to the north., Using the polarisation of the earth in-synch with the body.,

Try this with magnets to understand why: Using magnets place two norths together. Watch what happens. Do the same with two south magnets. Now do with north and south together. The body: The head is north positive. The Feet is negative south.,

Try it for yourselves. It’s not a miracle overnight shift, you still will face your most default primal reactions, choices, overcome the old for the new., Example: Two months currently in these positions., Experience, choice, reevaluate, repeat., Patience.,


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