Homemade Self Watering Propagation System Experiment with Barley

Homemade Self Watering Propagation System Experiment with Barley

March 10, 2022 GIA Homemade 0
Homemade Self Watering Propagation System Experiment with Barley

Homemade Self Watering Propagation System Experiment with Barley

I soak the barley for 30 minutes. I test the pots for soaking water. Using DVD cases to lift the material after a while became obvious it was waterproof. Thinking head on, I do have 50 12×12 acoustic wall tiles. Cut to shape, leaving a square where I will refill the water when required.

Prepare the soil, sow the seeds sprinkle top surface so no seeds uproot themselves. Gentle, press down. 14 cups per tray fill with water in trays soaking the foam. Add 14 per tray place under grow lights.

Spray to start the absorbing process. Let the Barley take care of itself. This is an experiment with Barley seeds I found in a grocery store approx £1.65 per 500 grams. If this transpires how I see it working, then no reason these can’t work on the windowsill with normal sun light.

I have a new idea for a self watering Propagation system. That’s the next experiment.

Find out how I turn a store bought Cadbury drinking chocolate tub into its own self watering propagation system. With resources you have sitting in your kitchen.

What made me decide and how did I work it out? Simple, I studied the one I bought to see how it works. Then got creative about it. Seems that’s all you need to do with anything, Buy it once study get creative.

If this works, then I saved a good £47.97. 3x £15.99 per system. A reusable system.

See video below for the healthy goodness of growing your own Barley Grass

All this gives a lot of power back to the people and not the corporations. That’s how you look after a society, not by abusing systems to hurt children.

To anyone who works at supermarkets, relax, understand it or not. They already set the automatic payment til to put you out of work. Introduce gradually so people become used to them, then one day suddenly they replace you all.

More revenue, fewer wages to pay. Bigger profits. Sad yet true. Planned to take your job sneakily when you least expect it. Empower yourselves. You’re the guvnor, nobody else. Covid, that was a plan to put the world’s small business out of business and blame it on a virus. COVERT. If there is no small business, who’s left? BIG CORPORATIONS Where MPs found as share holders many disguised under other names and other company names. Until you can’t see who is who.

Be somebody who cares about the all, not the self. Those who look out for the all make sure no child ever harmed. One who puts themselves first will not be concerned about your child when they need help. Regardless of what they say in public. Lights, Camera, Action, Lie.,

Be who you say you are not what others want you to be., I will never support a corporation called Government by providing TAX, which is then used to finance CHILD ABUSE., NEVER. Morals, you stand by your word.

Ever wondered why corporations avoid paying TAX? And Get away with it? BECAUSE THEY KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON., They hide money inside good causes and charities they call it philanthropy. Money always finds its way back to them., Charity and good causes don’t pay TAX.

Ask someone with experience and knowledge who Founded a Registered Charity., They know their stuff. Why do you THINK I closed down a Charity? Why do you think my daughter kidnapped, raped and abused by government? Shortly after. What truth did I learn firsthand?

Do you know how much of your good money goes to the cause? You don’t want to hear it, will make you vomit with disgust.

Some charity leaders hit red tape and brick walls and shout it’s just bureaucrats bullshit and accept to easy only to keep trying, never asking WHY What’s going on here, really? They never question, dig, they accept and say it’s normal. They remain with eyes closed. A good genuine cause never requires a middleman or red tape or delays. Good is good. More charities today are owned by corporations to funnel, hide, and re-invest that money they never paid TAX with.

Why don’t millionaires say anything? Its children come on. They fear SANCTIONS that to them is what makes them hide. That’s What makes them keep their mouths shut. Not them who’s paying tax, it’s YOU. End of the day comes down to MORALS and LIVING with yourselves., Plus, nobody like me ever came forward so to them it was safe. Not anymore.

Let someone else do it knowing there is nobody, taking care of Number One, it’s them or your child, no question. How long have I been in the public arena? Playing the waiting game. Hoping they never have to put themselves on the line for your CHILDREN.,

I will not hide the truth about all governments. Your children matter just as much as my Two daughters did. If their deaths mean your children are safe because I refuse to backdown to child abusers. Then that is who I am., I am nobody’s enemy. Justice will be served.,

At the end of 2021, I told a member of Government I want to go somewhere to live out my days in secret and walk away. I LIED, of course. I gave them a taste of their own medicine. Funny how they moved heaven and earth to move me. FAST means their secret is safe. They honestly thought I turned my back on children.

Someone who’s going into a secret life doesn’t keep on wearing the same uniform same Red X MR X the name you gave me under the secrecy act to protect you from the public ever finding out the truth about You.,

. www.councilof9.co.uk of course written on my back where ever I go.,


They send workers because false leaders are afraid to face me with the truth., 3 decades., You will have my respect when you earn it.,

Council Of NINE, all Seven of us got together asked what if we made it sound as if we were not here for people? What will the governments do? We found out they went directly into war., continued as normal. IF NINE were not on the people’s side, then it’s back to business of hurting people.,

GIA “Great Infinite “ALL”” who humans misinterpret as god.,

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