We create 2D Animation characters, props and scenes.

"We are Creators and Designers of Multi-Dimensional Worlds of Magick.,"

We create game assets alongside animation assets. With our creative minds at the forefront we work together with you to design a custom-built piece that will reflect your vision for an experience!

Background: We are self-taught artists. Our background in art came from founding a registered charity that began with a dream to remember/support families of children that were lost. We sent an article in the national newspaper. The Sun, which appeared to have no impact, then Dunblane, in Scotland happened, which changed everything. People from across the planet began sending in letters. They redirected all letters from the Sun Newspaper. The charity was born. Websites to leaflets, we learned art via these methods. Designing became an enjoyable pastime experience. Generating new ways of spreading our message through visual artwork.

Our logo means:

We do not consent royals or any government agency or umbrella organisation in partnership who actively take part in Child Abuse nor any agency that protects these people. Nor anyone who pretends they know nothing and looks the other way. We deem these as the same Child Abusers., It is your moral duty as a human and fundamentally your duty as a parent to expose these individuals and agencies., The X a point of concentrated power a voice for Children. As well as us crossing you out of existence., Any voice, action or meaning against our cause or our members reveals the identity of child abusers whom we shall name and shame., More information about who we are, where we came from located here


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