Holy crap, lick Jesus off a lollipop!

Holy crap, lick Jesus off a lollipop!

April 21, 2022 GIA 0
Holy crap, lick Jesus off a lollipop

Holy crap, lick Jesus off a lollipop!

This has made my day brighter. Talk about thick as shit. She must be a government worker.,

That’s the state of leadership, and their number one fans haha god help us all. We are in the drink without cocktail sticks for paddles. She actually sounded like Boris. “Prime Minister, are you going to resign following your deception?” Like I said, “we have a country to run, and it’s time we got on with running it” Cheers Boz bottoms up, Head back in the sand, down a bottle for England! Have a line of coke why you’re at it.,

I don’t reckon your chances if that’s the state of your only fans argument.

Boy, can I sleep easy knowing I’m not the only one who thinks imbeciles run the country.

Oh, she’s asking someone sat beside her. Fuck, it’s Boris Johnson, haha. Now it all makes perfect common sense.

Took a trip to find out what’s going on behind this caller. She’s being the voice of a man who works in government and tory. He is the prime example of a man hiding behind his wife’s skirt. He is a coward and uses his wife as his voice box., Yet only she looks a complete fool., That’s government all over.,

The biggest con and trick of mainstream media. When governments make a statement which involves the people, they make it sound like the people are backing them. When in truth they do not. But if people watching think that others are, then the hope is that they will all fall in line like sheep. That’s how the government abuse media.

Go back to 2020. Government ran a test to see if the people were under their hypnosis.

Remember Simon Says clap at a certain time for the NHS? This would indicate to the government how many are under their control. Sadly, they did fucking well and exposed so many people under their mind control., This sparked many lockdowns, many new rules why because you fell for the game of Simon Says. Simon knew he could now get away with murder.

Crazy Karen will claim the government doesn’t run tests on people through the media. haha and we say stop being dumb Karen. They have been doing it for decades. Eisenhower ran a test on the American people and it was a success in their minds.

Think about that for a moment, such power the people hold, yet seldom do they use it. The people created the lockdowns that would soon follow because, like sheep, clapped at the shepherd Boris Simon Says., You gave him permission to abuse you., And he sure fucking took the opportunity. That’s why they laughed about the Christmas parties., Boris will not resign because he knows how easy the people are.

The FALL of the governments

began to show its deceitful mask. When they dropped the voting age down from 18 to age 16., they were losing all adults and so bring in the teenagers. Who might just toe the line because they can do something they once not allowed? “Psychology” Can they drink alcohol? No, it’s for government’s benefit, not teenagers. Government using and abusing the younger generation Desperation of government. The decline and fall of all governments already began.,

The Russian people

get fucked by Putin the GOAT and fucked by the west governments. No government give a fuck about anyone but themselves. Maybe it’s time the shadow people killed a few in their sleep that will make them sit up and take notice., A few heart attacks should do the job.