History Our Universe From The Consciousness Of SEVEN.,

History Our Universe From The Consciousness Of SEVEN.,

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History Our Universe From The Consciousness Of SEVEN

History Our Universe From The Consciousness Of SEVEN.,

Many understand the vibration of the Orion species. They are of service to self in a negative vibration; they manipulate and enslave beings. The beings are behind your government’s ideas. They are the masters of them.,

When they desired power and riches over the demise of society, they gave up their will to Orion.,

Orion has played a long role in the evolution of infinite creation., In the days of ANU the king of suffering torcher and enslavement., When the first rebellion took place with ARZU son of ANU, ARZU’s capture ended him on Orion imprisoned for his rebelliousness against his father.,

ARZU did not agree or believe in ANU’s idea of the universe., It was a period when the Council of NINE did not exist, there were no alliances. Nations run in fear of ANU.,

Orion was the prison of ANU’s creation., Orion is not a place where you do time, or released after parole it was a place you suffered for Orion’s enjoyment., There was no releasing of prisoners.,

This was also long before the Seven Daughters, or the Pleiadians species, came into creation., Alcyon was not an occupied location., ARZU’s escape came from the Matriarchy species known to us as the Queens, the mother of ARZU., and among many factions split in the Annunaki world. Half sided with ANU, others agreed silently growing with ARZU.,

The faction planned the escape of ARZU., ARZU escaped and went to a nearby planet known to you as VENUS., Now known as THOTH, where he remained with many of the names you know among the Egyptian dynasty: RA, HORUS, THOTH, ISIS. among many others.,

VENUS completed a cycle, and many went in different directions THOTH to ALCYON, created the SEVEN daughters and the Pleiadians species.,

The fall of ANU in the last rebellion which the Pleiadians species were involved in bringing down ANU., at the command of THOTH., Upon ANU’s imprisonment on earth the Council Of NINE was formed and the 24 heads governed the system.,

Earth came under the protection of NINE and the 24., One species that were not directly involved in the last rebellion was Orion even though they were the creation of ANU.,

Orion is involved indirectly with the manipulation of earth by controlling the minds of those you see in selfish service to self at the cost of all others., Wars are the mindset of ANU that means Orion are those behind the mindsets.,

Men like Putin are slaves to Orion., Orion can’t show up on the planet and take over the planet, earth is protected by the NINE the 24 heads.,

If you can understand that these people are slaves, not powerful leaders, just mindless slaves manipulated by Orion, and Orion does not have access directly to earth as in an invasion., Then humans are protected from Orion and that is also true protected from false leaders.,

That’s why governments require your free will agreement before they can do anything.,

If you reject there is nothing anyone can do., If you participate in wars, harm, anger, then no one can protect you. You have fallen victim to manipulation of mind control by Orion.,

I SEVEN who was THOTH who was ARZU., have firsthand knowledge experience of Orion., I am number one target for Orion if I allow them, and yes, at times I have., Orion knows the SEVEN not only as NINE but also ARZU., A once captive of Orion under the reign of ANU.,

ANU’s imprisonment on earth can be seen where you see in earth history the names of Anunnaki., ANU the king of Anunnaki.,

The history of ANU formed from our imprisonment of ANU on earth., The formation of Linear TIME was the lock for keeping ANU trapped on earth., Not even Orion could free him., ANU is where all wars come from in earth’s history. Before ANU there was no such energy on earth.,

As Orion cannot directly invade the earth, they use thought forms to manipulate those in service to themselves to achieve disharmony among you.,

We created the Pleiadians species for the rebellion against ANU., Pleiadians species evolved higher in consciousness following this rebellion., The distance between the first rebellion and the fall of ANU is a phenomenal amount of time in earth years., Longer than humans have lived on earth.,

Earth leaders have gained the attention of Zeta Reticuli, a species you can compare to brain eating zombies. A metaphor. You are food to them as animals are seen as food to you., Like attracts like.,

At this present time, we have not granted Zeta Reticuli permission from NINE for entry in earth’s atmosphere.,

As of September 2022, we have 1.8 Billion souls ready for harvesting into higher dimensions. That number has started to expand more since the corruption of governments has become illuminated unacceptable behaviour on earth., Their deception has caused an avalanche of new seekers in silence seeking.,

The tide has turned., The seeking of the wisdom of the law of One again on the rise., Seeking of the law of One, the Great infinite ALL is here to protect. We cannot do it for anyone. We can shine a light in a direction., Enlightenment comes from each individual soul seeking truth, not by us., Enlightenment begins from the moment of seeking.,

You are one with all creation, as all creation is one within you.,

This was part of the history of our universe from the consciousness of SEVEN.,

Anunnaki appearance on earth is the Fall of ANU., The Last rebellion. Hindus have a story of gods in war battle., Alcyon species are blue in coloration. They are all talking about the same battle as the fall of ANU., Thor and Odin., Same battles that all earth witnessed the variations come from the perspective of that continent at that timeframe., So do the names., We have no names., Only the names humans gave us.,

We cannot allow Orion to enter.

If we do, all humans would be destroyed, including the fools who do their bidding, even our 1.8 Billion., There are millions upon millions outside of our 1.8 billion who have done no wrong to deserve such a fate.

Fake leaders who you call elite believe they reincarnate back into the same bloodline. This is false. So, they do not care what happens in the future. An example of what does happen, take Donald Trump when his body dies, he would return, yet not into his own choosing. He would be facing a life of homelessness, bullied, every experience he took for granted, as Donald Trump would now face the opposite life of Donald Trump.

Imagine this scenario you build a dystopian world, yet when you die you return on the opposite side, meaning everything you created to imprison others. You will now face the imprisonment of that.

Do not mistake this for karma, 3rd density earth is school for higher consciousness. Until you graduate, you will return. If you do not graduate at the end of a cycle (Harvest) you will go through it all again for another 75,000 years., The more you do not learn from such errors, the harder the lesson becomes.,

There is no cheating earth, there is no cheating us., we have the final say who gets harvested who does not.,

The one your bibles state as God in Christianity is in fact the negative selfish Orion, the head of Orion., The enslaver race. Orion does not look human. They have no direct linage to the creation of earth.

The god Allah is, in fact, one of the 24 heads. He is not a god a head of his species., Jesus again one of the 24 Heads., Allah, Jesus is part of the NINE we that guard this earth.,

We are all part of the one being the creator of ALL., Imagine you have a boil on your arm. It’s painful. That boil is Orion. The natural thing to do would be to cut that boil out., Yet with earth, everything serves a purpose to harvest.,

When you see a homeless man, ask yourself what did he do that was so bad in his other life that resulted in him being there., Someday that same man will return to that life in a new way to undergo the same lesson., A second chance.,

If I remained with NINE and did not take over this body. A lot of these things I could not tell you., When humans channel us, there is much we cannot say due to the law of free will., Being one of you has released the law of free will., For everything has its purpose.,

We achieve this via many versions of the same story., Meaning, Reason and Doubt., Some will believe, some will change, some will disbelieve and change nothing.,

Climate change is a big scandal of fear., The earth is fine she is fine tuning herself into 4th density earth., anyone still in 3rd density will be thrown off cannot survive in 4th density., Volcanos, earthquakes, tornados, floods is earth adjusting herself to 4th density., What many have called paradise, that’s what she’s doing, she must dispose of the old dense baggage of 3rd density souls.,

Earth is terraforming herself in preparation for 4th dimension living., Out with the old in with the new.,

The population of 4th density earth is at present time approximate 1.8 billion.,

How to recognise 4th density to 3rd density? Putin is doing all he can to remove himself and all who do his bidding from 4th density. Their currently is no Russia on 4th density earth apart from those who are fleeing Russia., War is 3rd density., Hatred is 3rd density. Anger, jealousy, harm, abuse, control, a long list are all 3rd density earth.,

Date: 30th September 2022

Take a look at the tsunami of 2011., we tell you in advance India is approaching something massive why you might ask. India has become a breeding ground of deception, scammers you might call them., 3rd density being., When natural disaster strikes, then its justified action., When man does it, it’s unjustified.,

Take one Indian man who wakes up one morning

He realises what he has been doing is wrong; he realises he is not hurting others instead his hurting himself; he recognises he is one with all creation to behave in the manner he was is futile and pointless action. Disaster strikes that afternoon. He walks through an entire disaster area untouched by anything happening around him, whilst others do not make it. He does.,

The man has touched upon the truth of infinity. Nobody told him, his sheer awareness of his own observations of his surrounding deeds as shown this to him., This man has become a candidate for graduation. What he does next will determine his success.,

Recall this phrase: If it’s free, there’s got to be a scam or catch.

Well, the law of One, the law of infinity, graduation is more simple than ever considered possible., It’s ridiculously simple that man has over complicated life to the point the meaning of life goes over his head too even notice truth standing in front of him.,

Scientist or even an astrologist is an example of over complicating until the meaning lost., Truth is simple., Life and its meaning are simple., One law, One truth, One creator., All is one., Infinity is ALL, all is One.,

A unique awareness of truth.,

When a man or a woman says to their partner, I will love you until the end of time., This creates the end of that love between them., Chaos enters to create the end of time.,

I love you into all infinity is the correction., If a man or woman says this unto all partners of experience, this soul has the awareness of the oneness within it all., Man or woman was correct.,

If a man or woman asks another to promise something, then the one who makes the promise has broken the promise. Time is the factor between that moment and the broken promise., A wise man or woman would not entertain such limitations.,

  • The first step is to enter into this realm.,
  • The second to experience.,
  • The third to jolt the realisation of it.,
  • The fourth contemplation of its truth.,
  • The fifth., the understanding of its vital purpose.,
  • The sixth migrating via trial an error.,
  • The seventh the natural alignment within infinity.,

All can be obtained within one soul sharing., Love, after all, is the foundational building block to intelligent infinity.,

The work around is to avoid such limitations and go directly into infinity, bypassing all seven steps., Of course, this takes two of a developed awareness of the oneness between both souls., If, say, one is aware, the other is not than all seven steps apply, alternatively, the bypassing of each soul’s journey as one soul.,

Unfortunately, step one is where souls become entrapped within the illusion of love and step two is where most end., Step three is realised too late., step four moves one on to another partner to learn., Step five and sixth is where one attempts its truth via multiple partners., Step seven is when two souls have travelled through all steps via multiple partners and finally arrive on infinity like magnets clashing together north and south.,

Many will never detach from step one or two., a never-ending circle., multiple lives will pass by until transcendence is into step three and four., this comes from the desire of pain and hurt being that of addiction rather than love.,

The image of SEVEN the indication of Alcyon coloration.,

Alcyon species are masculine/feminine, meaning they are not one or the other. We are both., We decide our appearance if masculine or feminine, like man or woman at creation. Once decided, we hold the energy of both., There is no division among us. We move, act, breed, live as one entity, as a collective in service to the Great infinite Creator, the one true creator of ALL., SEVEN is one of the original creators of the SEVEN Daughters of Taurus constellation., Formed after the higher consciousness of Venus transformation of harvested souls of Venus., No physical death only transform like a caterpillar morphs into a butterfly.,

We do not use sound as a form of communication as humans do with speaking., We know the thoughts the feelings of each other. There are no secrets between us., Their thoughts and feelings are ours as one being., Take the universal mind we have access to that which means we have access to all., The universal mind means Prime Creator., Travel into other dimensions takes the same thought process as what we call the blink of an eye., we move a trillion light years in space time within a blink.,

We can be simultaneous in spacetime, on Alcyon, on Saturn, on earth simultaneously sharing among self. If you have ever met someone whose deep in conversation and sudden loss of data in the conversation like dropping an apple followed by a seeking in regaining the link to where they were in the topic., Then ask if you met someone from Alcyon simultaneous spacetime communication drops the topic mid flow without warning.,

An aware Alcyon might experience if Alcyon or NINE are saying no to that area of the topic. Interruptions prevent revealing information. Interrupts have many services among human interactions.,

Closing of our eyes in human form or sleep is not what it appears as in human perception, its emergence of self from one awareness into another awareness within any spacetime desired. we can be gone. Hours, weeks, months, even years. Upon return, 20 minutes or 5 hours may have passed in human time.,


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