Hidden Frequency SDR Scanning

Hidden Frequency SDR Scanning

March 28, 2022 GIA 0
Hidden Frequency SDR Scanning

Hidden Frequency SDR Scanning

First you hear the signal., Recorded message loaded into ABLETON LIVE It vanished., the message gets scrambled into noise.,

If we load the file back into the SDR, we locate the same message., How did we retrieve the message?

The only method to get the message using bandicam live stream recording. which can only be because it’s an independent source.,

We use a tiny aerial that picks up not much in the country, so we built a massive indoor antenna, one that nobody will notice., The sounds you hear are in the Air Waves.,

Seems the air waves are extremely busy under the right frequency., We are being selective with what we are sharing., We are hiding the frequency range., Don’t ask for it., We will make no frequency public.,

If you live attached to multiple houses and you know where I’m leading you, you can rig all houses to act as one massive antenna.,

There are plenty of good RF signals to spy in on apart from Radio., The joys of tech! The joys of eves dropping! Tap into the police, the military or unknown signals coming from the darkside or the unknown domain.,

Did you know all tech is broadcasting and listening at the same time. Your tech is not as private as you think or lead to believe.,

A good example whilst my aurora field is generating, my signal looses strength until I switch it off then the signal boosts., why would an aurora field do that unless it’s broadcasting something? Does my aurora field place me under a hidden blanket?

Something I have become extremely interested in why has certain people placed a lot of focus on smoke alarms? What are they hiding? What are they listening to?

Using old bug detection hardware has proved they have moved to a different band, so nobody realises. If the old tech finds nothing, your guard is down., You trusted the old hardware as a guarantee., And pigs really do fly., So what are we finding?

When I moved in no internet, nothing broadcasting for over a month., I used my old hardware to run bug detection and other scanning techniques found nothing. Somehow I knew that was a LIE.,

My heating system runs on wireless signal, yet it shows nothing. Old Tech VOID., Try it on broadband Wi-Fi it will find, they have changed BANDS., And still keeping the old scanners relevant, covertly clever? maybe., How many people picked up an old scanner placed near Wi-Fi. Alarm bells went off, and they said, YUP it, WORKS., OH DEAR.,

Can your phone conversation be intercepted without you realising? YES. Why do I own a 1990s Nokia? All smartphones void, off, remain in flight mode., Calling a phone smart does not make anyone smart., NLP Neuro linguistic programming., Do you need to be a high grade military personnel to do it? NO.,

Plus, let’s be direct using noise signals. We can generate images from the location. The implication of this and privacy just flew out the fucking window.,

Why don’t I own a TV? It’s called broadcasting and program-ming for a reason., Better word “Global Covert Hypnosis.,” No point running no point denying it if Boris has you by the balls doing as simon says.,

Do I watch films? yes I do., for over a decade I did not., I learned to use the energy that films can generate in humans and turned that into a magical springboard., With the aid of an emotional trigger like a nuclear power station., FILMS give us the tools to harness such magnificent power., It’s a gift, a secret don’t waste it once you learn it.,

Your so-called ghosts, demons, other dimensions are all around you., They are all just frequency. as you see with your eyes, you see only visible light spectrum frequency. You do not see the rest, so if you can’t see you do not know., The entire universe is built on the foundation of frequency. Each level, each ladder up, takes you to the next., If I’ve lost you right about now, then you are still on that single band frequency that stops you from seeing., Until one day you do.,

Happiness is a frequency so is sadness and both have two very different effects., Now what can films and tv dramas do to you if you allow it? Be the master, not the puppet., What frequency does the NEWS generate inside you?

And should you ever witness a UFO going into or touching the surface of the SUN don’t think ouch it’s hot or their burn? ITS FREQUENCY, so what did they do?

How did I become so great at tracking down targets with two words? FREQUENCY trained and mastered.,

Once you understand, never sell it, never give it away free., It would end up watered down and rendered useless., Keep the core elements and you shall know the meaning of ascension., sell it give away and you shall not., Hard lesson to learn in a world with a god called money.

Ascension can’t be brought or sold, can’t be given away or taken., it’s a journey, a secret journey that only you and those who observe. The minute you break this code, ascension is lost., Until you get it right.,

The core elements of the universe can’t be spoken without your words being jumbled if your words are clear. It’s false., The universe prohibits the core elements to be spoken. They are sacred to self and the single journey, it must remain so.,

All that’s written are mere fragments, like a shattered mirror laying on the floor., The moment we teach, you learned nothing you had to be told the answer., You did nothing to obtain it., But be the slave to the word of the speaker.,

In the graph, every red, yellow, orange, and green line is a signal broadcasting.,

Your governments worldwide have their most powerful weapons nuclear missiles. We disable, turn them off., they are defenceless against us; they know it; we know it, so to keep us hidden from the public was a must.,

They are not as badass as you may believe.,

Films like bourne supremacy hypnotised you into thinking they were.,

We got human form by taking the bodies of humans who died.,

You often hear about miracles. He or she died. It was a miracle. No, it was not., We assumed their lives in secret.,

We made agreements with the human host., If the human host does not agree, we find another who does., We learn everything about the body., We call ourselves WALK-INS. Some want you to believe we cannot interfere. It’s not true or we would not touch your nuclear missiles or reveal our ships if it was., None of us are born., My host was a 12-year-old boy who died after falling from a burning building 1982., The historical death would have been he died inside, trapped, burned alive. We changed that history.,

His sister, aged 14, escaped murder in the old bailey did not do life. They finally released her aged 18. She was the only member who accepted us and kept our secrets.,

She did not intend to kill anyone; she had an argument with her father over the man working in the butcher’s shop. He was too old for her., she had a moment of rage and made a mistake. I was her lifeline., She found no judgement in me.,

In exchange for his body, we granted him ascension.,

Today we will show you the last concern the 12-year-old boy had before his death., When his life was in danger, what were his first thoughts? It was as important to him as it was ourselves.,

We entered through the burning flames of the building at number 13.,

Disguised has Charlie, his dead grandad, the spirit, the ghost., FORMLESS, FORM., We guided him to safety., directing him to escape. On the shelf was a computer game, Pong. We told him to pick it up and throw into the glass. His last thought “It’s his brothers he will be cross with him” He did not want to break his brother’s toy, he did not want the brother upset. He put others before himself even in the face of death., Giving him ascension was a flawless decision.,

Life is compared to code. You’re stuck in a DO loop or some ELSE programming your code to follow a certain DO loop., a DO loop is a never-ending cycle., until someone goes in and repacks the code., How you want it to BE., We released the boy from the DO loop and became one with ALCYON, which is not the name of our home. That’s a name you gave us. It’s so you know what direction to seek us.,

The NEWS telling you what life and reality should be is someone hacking and preparing your DO Loop., no escape until you go in and rewire, repack the code., Creating your own DO Loop., All programs do what it has been programmed to do., You’re the programmer of your life or someone ELSE will be.,

The hidden background code has 185 lines of code. The do loop has only 8., 185 controlling the 8 and the 8 is so small nobody would notice., Metaphor of an asumption of reality.,

A Famous DO LOOP