Hermes Parcelnet Limited/Evri Westminster. Cayman islands. And her royal anus.

Hermes Parcelnet Limited/Evri Westminster. Cayman islands. And her royal anus.

July 21, 2022 Accountability GIA 0
Hermes Parcelnet Limited T/A Evri

Hermes Parcelnet Limited T/A Evri

Ordered collection service, waited 3 days and nobody turns up, contacted the website chat system to watch a robot answer what it cannot answer. No help at all. Suggested I drop it off at the nearest drop center. A big box, I don’t think so. I did this before because they failed to collect and they never refunded the collection money. So to me, dishonest collection service is not a viable service. Try it once, yet never twice. They do this hoping people will drop off so they can steal more money. Already proven fact.

I then went to PayPal resolution center whereby Hermes/Evri ask you to email or phone the email or number they supply. I did only to receive a response saying please don’t message this email nobody is watching this email box.

Then proceeded to accountability form PayPal calls it dispute.

Paypal resolved it, no questions asked. Below you, see my accountability notice.

I received this parcel from HERMES/EVRI today 3 days later after my accountable message, and this is what I found inside. Someone from EVRI/HERMES kneeled on the box. Judging by the force used, it was 100% deliberate. You can see the indent from the inside, deliberate physical pressure used.

And that’s how professional EVRI/HERMES are the evidence speaks volumes. I bet the name change arrived from poor service, hoping people will think it’s under new management. Dishonest company.

Use them at your own risk.

If they ask you for feedback, think twice if you’re honest. This will be the childish tantrum result of a poorly run company.

Here’s the real hidden power some dude who had a terrible reaction to my words on this site did it. Obviously, he decided I was talking to him. Now that’s an idiot.

Chinese whispers about the dispute. That was his error. Was he defending governments? Nope, although he does have a naked photo of Boris Johnson above his bed. Whatever rocks your canal boat fella, we won’t judge haha.

What about the young guy who delivered? He knew something, that was why he did not look me in the eye kept his head down.

He’s innocent. They used him as a patsy, someone who can take the fall for someone who can’t do it himself. They conned the young dude into it. Because that’s the courage of the normal.

I had to revisit the scene as an observer, watching him and myself to understand what signs was he showing, what was he thinking in that moment?

The workers still represent the company, the company’s responsibility. Would a company risk all this for feedback they disliked? Your workers reflect on your company. If you got shitty workers, you have a shitty company. I give you 2 years before you go bankrupt. 😉

Westminster Cayman islands. And her royal anus.

Here is a company linked to many trustee accounts off shore cayman island accounts where money laundry happens with those in Westminster. Now the plot thickens. Where political corruption hides taxpayers’ money, which they share among their co-partners in abuse and reuse to abuse children of the UK among other countries. Oh dear, you have opened a can of worms. Yes, now NINE is investigating you. How many children can you buy for £390 million? Westminster buys Hermes in 2020, hiding in disguise via the Cayman islands. And her royal anus.

That’s why for over a year I kept picking up this off putting feeling that something was wrong like Royal mail was playing itself off against itself, pretending to be a competitor and con the public at the same time.

Pay attention. No human can do what we can. We dig and dig until we find., Remote viewers take a back seat.
  • How many companies are you really connected to? Vanguard? Blackrock?
  • How many of them also hide stuff they want nobody to see?
  • Are they also involved in child abuse?
  • Who are the real names, not the puppets on a string for show directors?
  • Who are they?
  • What do they do in secret?
  • Are they involved in pornhub? Are they the silent owners?
  • Who are their families and what do they do?
  • Is it just Westminster or Europe, Russia, USA?
  • The name CONCERT keeps showing up multiple times. What’s the connection between the music industry?
  • Where’s the visible connection between her royal anus and the music industry? Where can we see the signs?

Why did you buy on November 2020? Was it struggling with the false covid propaganda you spread whilst you partied at Christmas? Was that the celebration? It was a loan right. Why does a company need £390 million loan if it made £400 million that year? $400 million doesn’t sound like a company struggling, so what’s really hiding?

So you own it, they manage it. Was you hoping to use drones door to door to all prisoners isolated, the first agenda remember? the plan that failed miserably.

Royal anus. Why did Prince Andrew pay off the girl to go silent about the child abuse in America?

Why did you exile him only to allow him back? Are you saying it was wrong information? If so, then why buy off the girl? What are you afraid the nation will find out?

Lord Mountbatten was a royal pedofile, so was prime minister Edward Heath. How many others?

Did you know on a conscious level once you ask questions like we have by natural law, the answers will come. That goes for everyone who asks and listens carefully. Humans have only themselves. With us there are SEVEN of us, and those who ride the night beside us.

There are no secrets you can hide. We can find out anything if someone gives us reason to look in their direction.

Anyone else want to do the dirty work of child pedophiles? I am happy to attach your name to them as a pedophile abusing associate supporter.
Tell me is my £6 million still stuck in cayman islands when it should be here with me. About time, you pull your finger from your anus. There’s plenty more where this came from.
You seriously do not want FOUR to come out of hiding., Think about it, what’s seen can’t be unseen 😉 FOUR MEANS BURNING FIRES of LIMITATION

We are already looking into why certain religious leaders have millions. Religion and child abuse go hand in hand., we have located many who have a secret stash of money they ripped off from the public spreading lies of an imaginary friend in the sky and a Jesus WHOS always late so much so he never appears again imaginary. Lies in exchange for money. Who’s the devil, really?

So why do they have this money from people and the worshipers have nothing? Strange how religion falls back to the royal allegiance. That spun off in many directions, many religions all coming from the same source. The royal ring of pedofillia.

Yes, that goes to you, also the one I contacted, the one who has not heard anything else from me. We are investigating you. We know all about your connection in America to the royal pedofile family, signs in Egypt with royal big ears, who like to open children’s charities so he can find new victims. The partner in crime of Lord Mountbatten.

EIGHT hidden in the USA. We are watching you, H.,

All SEVEN telepathically connected., When they know I know.,

Hermes Parcelnet Limited T/A EvriHermes Parcelnet Limited T/A EvriHermes Parcelnet Limited T/A Evri