H20 Is Not Water

H20 Is Not Water

May 25, 2022 GIA 0
H20 Is Not Water

H20 Is Not Water

Tuning Forks

Using the P word as a replacement. Because I know the BELOW is true without the need to question it anymore. What I didn’t see coming was the activation of the “P” through genuine acknowledgement, which became an activator. My body went through hours of detoxifying. Next morning feeling much better.

I began the sound tuning forks on my body. Again, something I didn’t see coming. The tuning forks activated a high vibration within my feet when I used them around the head, throat, and lungs. This vibration is something I recognise before leaving the body or when my vibration has risen dramatically, which then moves up the body. The vibration is how I know I am ready to depart the body.

I did not know that using the forks would induce the vibration upon command. Got the tuning forks for another reason. Quickly learning, I can use them in unlimited ways.

I got something knotted in my shoulder every time I bent down my right arm got pins and needles 5 mins of placing the forks on my back and shoulders plus right hand cured this issue.

I shouldn’t sound so surprised. The joy of knowing how easy it can be is quite something. Regarding water and “P” the old saying it gets worse before it gets better purely fits the bill of truth.

The doors I wanted to unlock with the tuning forks now shows me they have far more potential unlimited in fact.

Healing, activating…

It has triggered me to find out what others are doing with tuning forks, what else can I learn what others have learned?

After this line came first, the above came last.,


I am not the person to take someone’s word as fact. 40 years have taught me, I will listen then through experience draw my conclusion. This is a must for everyone.

I watched the water test of many kinds of water. I found it shocking. Over the years, I heard many stories. I own a distiller and only resent did that occur. I bought the electrolyser kit. Tested the distilled water compared with what’s coming out of the taps. I did not think I would discover anything, as I thought, with no experience of backing it up. That Scottish Water was pure as we can find many springs in scotland.

Well, that bubble was about to be burst. I ran the test to discover coming into every home are: Dissolved acids, fluoride and other organic matter. Iron, rust and bacteria. That’s drinking tap water. Not the bathroom the kitchen. OUCH.

So the water feeding through this building is poison. Not pure water.

Why does distilled water have no effect on the electrolyzer? It’s pure water. No poison, no outside ingredients that harm us. If water is not conductive, then why would it have an affect.

So why does it affect all other waters? Because it has added poisonous solutions added. Which makes the water conductive. That’s how we discover what’s hidden within the so-called water we are told is safe.

It’s not safe water, it’s poison.

Does my body feel different since drinking distilled water? Yes, a massive difference felt even after one day.

Don’t take my word for anything. Test it yourselves. That’s my advice, draw your own conclusion.

The difference for me now is now I can see the poison with my own eyes.

On the left, drinking tap water. On the right distilled water made by me.

Without assuming we know why this poison is in the water, maybe they think they’re cleaning it with no actual knowledge of what they are even doing is damaging. Who knows, who even cares? All that matters is what we do it about it in our own lives instead of bitching or casting blame.

Check Mr Emoto’s scientific test of water. Now compare that with water that’s already got poison in it, mixed with a person’s thoughts and ideas as they drink.

Now imagine using the wisdom of Mr Emoto with distilled water! 🙂

These are my findings that I cannot ignore.,

The big question If I can produce PURE water on my own, what’s stopping water companies distilling water and making it pure instead of adding poison?

Wisdom of Mr Emoto is not new information. I’ve known this for years. I never took water from other people, never buy in a cafe handed to me freely. The intention of the person who serves may have been toxic in thoughts prior to handing that’s the reason. However, one place I ignored was where ever I lived. Now I see clearly no matter where poison is fed into every household. If you really think about it, it means we bath, drink and cook with constant slow acting poison.

What if you use humidifiers with tap water? Now the poison is floating in the air. If you have humidifiers, use distilled water only.,

When you look out on the world with all the chaos makes you wonder if this has a big impact on the reason. Imagine changing to bottled water because you knew tap water was not safe, only to discover that’s a lie as well. Who do you trust? Yourself.,

Listen to peter and pete as funny as they are they make a perfect point. Only now I can see for myself they can’t be dismissed.

No matter how we look at it, we can no longer trust companies claiming spring water or fresh water. What a sad day to think all we trust is nothing more than a lie., We can only trust ourselves.,

How many times did you notice a blue colour? Virus (COVID)

Testing Analysis Results:
Black: Heavy Metals
Yellow: Dissolved acids, fluoride and other organic matter
Green: Arsenic, mercury, lead, copper, sodium
Blue: Bacteria, viruses, carcinogens, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc.
Red: Iron, rust and bacteria
White: lead, zinc, mercury, inorganic dirt