Governments You are guilty of CHILD abuse

Governments You are guilty of CHILD abuse

March 25, 2022 GIA Governments 0
Governments You are guilty of CHILD abuse

Governments You are guilty of CHILD abuse

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CHILD sexual abuse, CHILD rape, CHILD kidnapping and murder.,

If you think you are free from accountability, then so are we all.,

What are we saying? If you release yourselves from accountability of the most anus of crimes, then every human on earth has no accountability, no responsibility for their own actions, be it drugs, theft, robbing banks, stealing your gold.

Yet if any human thinks even for a second, this allows them to hurt CHILDREN, then you are dumb, unintelligent.,

Even if humans choose to turn on all governments, then their actions are justified., The message governments have sent the people is crystal clear., If you are not responsible for your actions, then nobody is responsible.,

If a man or woman walks down the street smoking the biggest joint, they can roll then kudos to them., Nobody has the right to say any different., They are not responsible or accountable for their actions.,

Hurt a child and you will face the same wrath.,

The message governments have sent the people is crystal clear., People you may do as you please. We, the government, have no accountability and nor do you.,

Where ever you see this symbol X you are with us, not government., Anyone who speaks or moves against X admits they support child abuse or commit the same crimes as the government.,

To all those members inside government who believe they have done no wrong, times up, you support CHILDREN or you support your CHILD abusing bosses.,

When you ask why are UAPs in the skies, know this has become the paramount reason., Nuclear has not been our concern since we disabled them.,

Supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump attacked the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., Innocent woman shot dead, unarmed, posed no fret, yet shot at the actions of Donald Trump., Did Donald Trump stand trial? NO. Was he allowed to commit these crimes? YES. Did accountability have any place? NO.,

Boris Johnson found guilty of deceiving the UK over covid with the Christmas Party, among many things. Did anything become of this? NO. WHY? They used war as a distraction to give the public amnesia yet again., And the CHILDREN KEEP SUFFERING.,

SHADOW Minister Nicola Sturgeon informed by us regarding Scottish woman Katy with the British Government doctors’ involvement in covering up the razor blade in her stomach incident which has possibly taken her life, nobody has seen her since. Did Nicola Sturgeon make any action to investigate? Defending The Scots? OR did she defend Westminster’s people? Defended Westminster and swept her disappearance under the carpet. NO accountability for Nicola Sturgeon. NO justice or care for her own people., The British government came first.,

Trump and Johnson, you can recognise. You know the facts., Katy, only those who were there can tell you what happened. Katy looked me direct in the eyes as the police forced her to the ground with a razor blade in her stomach. Katy pleaded for my help. Nobody believed her, nobody did anything, X-RAY found the razor blade just like she told them. They ignored her and mistreated her anyway., Those involved all paid to shut up and keep quiet.,

The two police who forced her down and sat on her, I know why they say nothing. These are the facts. What else do they hide?

All happened because of one British Doctor’s actions towards KATY., He made all Scottish staff cover it up; moving one guy gave him drugs to be high, then moved him away fast, all within an hour of this going down. He was a viable witness to the truth, just as I was. They dealt with him but could not control me.

I faced the doctor, person to person, did not like I was exposing him for his crimes. Threw me out on the streets., Ever since that day, the government has sent children their own workers’ children to bang on my windows mess with electricity. Anything they could think of to shut me up for standing up for KATY., For standing up for CHILDREN.,

When I look in the mirror, I am proud of who and what I see. How about you?

For all the people sitting on the fence and those who disbelieve government could commit such crimes. ASK them why since JUNE 2019 to present day they allowed us to say all we say? If it’s not true. WHY have they not arrested me? Why did they do nothing when I camped outside Boris Johnson’s building CITY HALL? calling them child abusers and murders?

Why did I walk into the London police station with that message on my back turned and asked the Sargent “do you have a problem with me?” He put his hands up and said “NO I DONT”.

WHY did CITY HALL workers all put their heads down in shame when I looked them in the eyes?

Have I committed treason in your eyes or told the truth? Why in those years did the police help and support me in secret? In fact, I would not be living here if it was not for them. They are stuck between us and them. They know I speak the truth, yet can’t say anything or their job is gone.

How much is a child’s life worth to you? Is it worth money, possession of material objects? At what price will you keep quiet? At what price are you willing to turn your backs on, CHILDREN?

Today a child went out of his way to say hello to me., yet no adult.,

Who’s responsible for the actions of government if not all those who work under this name even if it was not them. That’s absolutely true if the fake leaders can’t face their crimes, then all are responsible for raping, abusing, kidnapping, and murder of CHILDREN.,

That’s how we as a species now see this.,

Your reality will never change. You will always suffer until you find courage and stand up for your CHILDREN.,

Standing up does not mean violence., why do you think Donald Trump mislead his supporters until they killed some and Trump walks away free? Because that’s what they want you to do.,

Standing up for your children has nothing to do with aggression or violence.,

Is standing up for CHILDREN right or wrong? Is speaking the truth a crime?

WHY did I contact Nicola Sturgeon and BORIS JOHNSON, Including the FBI for all the public to witness and all did nothing remained in hiding.,

They hope you won’t believe it. They hope you won’t find out what we say. They hope to keep you busy and blind with fake viruses and wars. So they can continue abusing CHILDREN.,

In 2019, I said the responsibility of MEN to stand up., The TRUTH, WOMEN wanted equal rights, then responsibility lives in MEN AND WOMEN TO STAND UP FOR THESE CHILDREN.,

I can give you an entire list of women’s names who abuse children who work in government. SANDRA GARDENER Of Tottenham London, is one. Women can’t pull the equal rights bullshit when it suits them and sit on their backsides like this is not their responsibility. BULLSHIT SWEETHEART., BULLSHIT.,


They protected two of these names under the government’s secrecy act. Newspapers tv media nobody was ever to find out who they were. HERE I am telling you their full names. WHY did they protect them? Protecting their workers meant nobody would find out what GOVERNMENT did, which allowed them to keep commiting the same crimes against CHILDREN.

The official story in media the names were all secret to protect the child. A LIE it was to protect the government from the public without ever finding out what went down. And what they continued to do until my daughter’s life destroyed., They destroyed her because they were found GUILTY of their crimes., sore losers., That’s who government is and why Nicola Sturgeon protects Boris Johnson and none of them dare face me.,

Me, I am their worst nightmare back to haunt them., I remind them of how disgusting their actions are in the name of GOVERNMENT In the name of the ROYAL FAMILY AND YOU THOUGHT PRINCE ANDREW WAS A ONE OFF.,

Children have the wisdom., Money is not their god, like it is for adults., They recognise money is a tool not an excuse to harm.,

I have the knowledge, wisdom and experience to turn this all into a charity which gives me the freedom to finance my lifestyle choice, yet I did not start out in 2019 to deceive using children like some have. YES I mean EX POLICE MAN, JON WEDGER., All he has achieved is divide and conquer the government way., He passes the blame over to an anonymous FBI Agent, yet police know all about divide-and-conquer. JON WEDGER spoke up about police involvement, and it gave him enemies with those he once worked with.

JON has no insight into what it would be like if it happened to his children, because of that he uses it to finance his life., He will use anyone he sees fit to meet his own target. MONEY is the goal. No police pension, no back-up plan. He is out in the cold.

JON, took the wrong path., JON is a blind spot in the public to steer those away from UNITING., Only someone with experience in CHARITY knows truly what he’s up to., JON WEDGER has conned us all., Let him cry wolf at our words., nothing new there with JON., The famous DRUNK who cried wolf when we found him out.,

JON has no interest in helping children, only securing his children’s future., He has prevented justice for children.,

You ran to ex Kray Members for back-up and clout. You needed leverage. You needed muscle; you needed courage. You have conned Tony and Chris. You know it and so do we., We will support anyone. Not if you do at the expense of CHILDREN for your own gain.,

You were not a survivor, JON. You were part of the fucking problem., The rules of policing LIE To Confirm the conviction of the LIAR. fighting fire with fire never puts out the flame., You’re highly trained in the art of deception., The rules of policing never leave you right, JON., TRUTH HURTS., You will find plenty of COURAGE at the bottom of your drink.,

June 2019 I left CITY HALL walked down Bethnal Green high road. I met with Frankie Fraser, sat outside the cafe, yet Frankie was dead. He gave me a message. It was his spirit that visited me. Do you know why? JON, Frankie recognised me as himself. He came to me. I never ran to anyone. I stood alone, fully exposed to the world., No drink, no drugs to be me., We both recognised each other., That’s the difference between you and me.,

My father was a crook and a drunk. I had years of practice., He could not fool me. I was his son. I taught him how to be a better man., You will never fool me like you have others., I will hold you accountable.,

One of the last things he told me. He fought more battles between the 1960s and 80s, yet he watched me fight a battle that he knew he could never survive.

I did the impossible, and he watched me do it. He never felt so proud to have a son like me. He never wanted me to end up like him. Instead, he watched me slay the dragon fearlessly again and again. He’s courage born out of a drink mine from the spirit of heart., In fact, he learned my battle of the dragon first hand years later, and it killed him.

You get your shit together JON, or fuck off and leave it to those who do care.,

So we are 100% clear on the rules of magick its ENERGY, FEELING, PROJECTION not tools or rituals. KNOW we have sprung the springboard of magick.,

The greatest force unknown lives outside the visible light spectrum., What you can’t see coming can and will surprise you.,

You stabbed the heart of god and now my angels, my demons are coming for your blood.,

Thousands of years ago it was you who called us GODS., Not us., you made books and created your imaginary friend in the sky., Based on hidden history of our great battle among the heavens., you wiped out all history of our great landing., And when we finally returned., you committed the greatest crimes, same crimes of ANU., It was you who struck GOD in the heart., And when GOD gave you the chance to mend your deeds., you IGNORED GODS blessing., You have NO EXCUSE., Now we find you GUILTY., How does it feel to face the Judgment of GODS.,

And that what we gave we can take back.,