September 8, 2022 Governments 0


Not a singular person, you cannot place one human person’s name to identify who or what it is. There is no top middle or bottom, there is an umbrella and those under that umbrella, every department, every person comes under that one umbrella. What one person does under it,  affects them all.

From politicians, council members, to every staff in hospitals, all in education, police, fire, the street cleaner, the dustman, every single person. If one member causes harm, they are all accountable. If one sexually abuses a child, they are all accountable. If one kills, rapes a child, they are all accountable.

There is no escaping this fact. You want that job, then you take on that job knowing politicians sexually abuse young children and that means so do you. All members of government come under one umbrella no matter how compartmentalized and removed you think you are.

No member or partner of the government are free from these crimes.

There is no Labour, conservative, liberal or whatever name you fantasize up they are just excuses used to avoid taking responsibilities for the crimes against children.

There is no escaping if one abuses children, they all abuse children. Now look at yourself each morning before you go off to work and ask just how well this sits with you.

If you think there is no one who can hold you accountable, then think again. There is a reason the government has been researching UFO’s and keeping it secret for decades. They do not know how much of a fret we are, well you’re learning how we see you and what you deceive yourselves with.,
There is no singular person you can call government what one does they all do., What one government does in one country they all do.,



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