Government Trap

Government Trap

November 23, 2022 GIA Governments NINE 0
Government Trap

Government Trap

Why did Nine lay a trap for all governments?

We did not lay a trap; we know their deeds, we merely offered what they were already doing.,

The way they were dealing with ET presence among many things was not acceptable, a mass amount of laws broken., By doing what we have at the end of the cycle where it matters means as long as we play by the laws of NINE, we get to decide what becomes of all under these umbrella whilst always holding up an exit door for them to take.,

NINE under divine order has all governments, the film industry and the music industry. All humans within these three systems are under NINE’s decision.,

Using an analogy: If a man kills another human life at the end of the cycle and all other lives lived, this man was good, he falls under NINES law.,
We shall send him to a location for a complete cycle as the victim of one who’s murdered so he can grasp the measure of his actions.,

We do not identify Government, film or music as an individual, they committed all under these systems, which encompasses all under such., At any stage one within those systems could have approached the exit door, they would have been the ambassador of that system., The door was not taken.,

Death is an illusion. The best we can do is make you realise your errors for a long time., Eventually released from the torment you once caused, fully comprehending your actions.,

It’s not punishment. You will return to us just not how you hoped it would turn out.,

We are setting an example to all life in the universe., We will not tolerate a second ANU.,

Within this cycle, we are clear that these systems will no longer be part of the evolution of any species throughout the universe., It’s clear to us this does not work.,
Make all the errors a species wants during the full cycle. By the end, they must reconcile all errors for harvest., ~ NINE.,
SEVEN did not kill, abuse, rape, torture anyone in retaliation for both Daughters., Including when financial suffocation was imposed on him for speaking the truth., SEVEN showed the way to the truth.,

How will we know the day of harvest? What about children born during this time?

You will know the day’s undeniable event. Many have already experienced, for some a mass event for others an individual event., Children are stand-ins., They will return to where they came from.,

Your species are still in denial of our presence among you., Even those who claim to want the truth., You are being tested as a last phase., For unspeakable reasons.,

If filled with doubt, you will find what you seek., If one is true, one finds truth., ~ THOTH.,


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