Government Game Of Deception On It’s People

Government Game Of Deception On It’s People

May 13, 2022 GIA Governments 0
Government Game Of Deception On It's People

Government Game Of Deception On It’s People

Have you noticed power shifts between labour and the conservatives? It’s been that way forever? They both call each other the opposition. Why? I have said they are all in on the big con together. Does not matter if it’s labour or conservative or any other party, they all have the same agenda. To feed on the people by any means necessary.

Mighty big claim to suggest everyone has been conned by them all. Yet its true.

Did you know Cheyenne was attacked under LABOUR yet Conservative said nothing, did nothing and even hide. Opposition you say? Or does something seem suspicious?

Yet if you listen to me, I never really place anything on one or the other. I do, however, say Government. That’s the actual truth here. They know and I know that’s the correct direction.

Both parities are used to keep people confused and fighting, and when shit hits their fan, they pass the blame and move in a new one. People don’t see what’s happening and are easily satisfied with one or a few people at a certain party dealt with. The power shifts. The same problem does not go away. Because nobody noticed what their game really was.

Still not convinced?

I moved to Scotland I heard about Nicola Sturgeon and the great independence. Beautiful, I thought. I met a fife council worker quite high up the ladder. I said, nothing stopping Nicola from using me to pull Scotland out of the British bullshit. And look what happened. That’s why I say Nicola Sturgeon has no intention of doing this, only delaying and causing people more stress over the issue.

Nicola has a good thing going, and she knows it. They lift her life because of it. I think the Scottish people deserve the truth, not games. I was told she promised something before her election she did it right after coming in. One year later, she took it away. Well, doesn’t that sound like Westminster all over?

I don’t care for any party, they all talk from their ass. Every country, every government. They benefit, the people do not.

Take a look at the energy crisis

Notice how the blame goes to the companies, not actually at government. They can fix it. They want people ill. The more people are ill, the more revenue goes to medication for the masses. The more admission to hospitals and services, the more the wheel keeps turning in their favour, not the people. There is not much money in fixing it.

The more people accepting a mental health issue as the reaction to their game, the more people become powerless under the mercy of the people causing it in the first place.

Get smart, get informed. You are not as powerless as you think. If you are considering suicide, then please look at both my daughters for 27 years and I am still here flexing my Popeye spinach.

There are things you can do

Take a look at these two images below invoice 18th March 2022. It’s now 13th May 2022. My shopping has cut down by a magnificent amount and I still eat healthy food.

One tiny plastic cup of that wheat makes 2 to 3 day’s worth of yummy burgers. I see that lasting another 6 months. No, I shouldn’t have to do these things. Yet at least I am not giving away my power to those who have deliberately done this to the nation. Pandemic, War, energy crisis? Come on, smell the rat in the kitchen.

Its psychology warfare is 3 years of pandemic, now war, on top of that energy crisis when we have free energy. Wear the people down until breaking point, then they are begging us for our help, powerless and under our control. How’s your mental mind feeling after the years that passed? YOU ARE NOT POWERLESS, YOU ARE POWERFUL., Ego moment: Those 3 years have been a walk in the park compared to the 27 years., If I can, so can anyone.,

Honesty OK. Did you notice the post I Am Dying? All in the title. Well, I knew that those with negative intentions towards me can’t resist reading. It’s a spell curse that can only harm those who have bad intentions in my direction. I see the same spells being cast on the population every day by governments. Words are spells. SPELL-ING.

What the burgers look like before storing inside the freezer. I cook some on the day what’s left over enters the freezer. Leaving no waste.

Burger Quarter Pounder Maker Mould Press Cost £7.99 found here

Ingredients: BuckWheat 1 cup small

Onions. Garlic, Black pepper. Chilly peppers red and green.

Gravey granules 2 tablespoons. Powdered mashed potatoes, a dash or a sprinkle. Are used to stick the ingredients together like a glue. Produced 4 burgers.

Cook the buckwheat for 15 mins on a medium heat in a pan of water. Drain and leave to cool down. Fry the onions and all other ingredients together on a low heat. Not cooked fully. Make a thick sauce from the ingredients. Mix with the buckwheat then leave to cool down for 1 hour. Then make meat ball shape, place in burger press flip and oven cook for 30 to 40 mins. Serve and eat. Oven number 200.

If you follow my guide, you should end up with tasty burgers. When your government chooses companies over serving its people and gives you lemons, you make lemonade with it 🙂