Ghosts Two Main Types and Great Infinite Intelligence final WILL.,

Ghosts Two Main Types and Great Infinite Intelligence final WILL.,

August 30, 2022 GIA 0
Ghosts Two Main Types and Great Infinite Intelligence final WILL.,

Ghosts Two Main Types and Great Infinite Intelligence final WILL.,

One, they are nothing more than an energy recording within a building., Some triggers activate the past recording to replay. Moving furniture in perfect alignment with the past is a major factor in activating the recording that the building walls stored into its memory.,

everything made animate or inanimate is made of the same stuff of the Great infinite ALL, so it’s alive even if it appears solid inanimate.,

Second, are spirits stuck in the atmosphere of the earth. People who passed away and became stuck, unable to move on. What causes this are the relatives who mourn them and never find peace in their loss. So the relatives hold them in the realm they cannot escape by themselves.

When relatives truly release them in joy, harmony and celebration of their life instead of trauma and pain, those spirits can transition into our worlds.

Death is not the end there is no heaven in terms of how religions describe. There is the soul returning to us so they can move on and experience a new world what you call Alien worlds, or what we prefer extra-terrestrial worlds.,

You came to earth to experience the physical plane, stay once or twice, then move on, growing your spirit, your soul., The emphasis of sex, material gain, material status, power has kept humans in a never ending recycle loop which caused over population. Few, and we mean few, souls ever transitioned out of earth just a constant reincarnation causing major issues in the universe., Your desire for war has trapped you in a never ending hell that you cannot escape.,

The moving from one world to another upon each cycle of life is how the universe kept in balance, how universes are developed and completed.,

When one planet becomes war hungry, filled with hatred for its fellow species, this causes a significant concern for its future among the universe., The rest of the universe is on pause because of the blockage of one planet. If that planet cannot resolve itself in time, the infinite intelligence will make a harsh decision.,

By sending in those of both polarities, those of pure bliss and harmony, and those who do not hold back on how they approach things.,

This website SEVEN, I am one of the extreme polarities of the great infinite ALL., All that you read and experience through us is the WILL of the Great Infinite Intelligence., Whether you like it or not.,

I know the WILL of the great infinite intelligence and its outcome it has chosen. That’s why you no longer see us changing the site, removing the information because now we are too close to the ultimate outcome.,

The changing of the sites and the information in the past was to create doubt within you, a test for you, not us.,

Whilst it’s true, nothing ever truly dies, all just transforms. This is only half true., The fact that souls become trapped within the atmosphere of earth, if earth were to vanish, then so to do the souls go with it, never able to rejoin another body trapped in a never ending darkness of solitude and isolation., No transition is what you define as everlasting damnation.,

A black hole is like, to place a body in a bath of acid and watching it dissolved into nothingness, void everlasting damnation.,

When you know your time has come for your soul to grow and your body to pass away, you must clear your deeds then make the intention beforehand to never return to earth, to will yourself into a new transition among the universe.,

You came from the stars and you must return before the Great Infinite Intelligence makes its final WILL.,
When you see the ships in the skies that’s the Great Infinite Intelligence giving you the sign showing you the truth., Your doubts are built on the foundation of the road to hell.,

If, among your community, one rotten apple causes all the rest in disharmony if, after all, you try, it never changes its way, you, of course, expel it out of the community.

Same is true for us in the universe, and the evil wars and hatred of man found on earth., Now you know our position you placed us in., We must save the ALL and expel the one.,

Does it excite you to learn that all you have been told is a lie, you don’t get one life, and that’s it?

You’re eternal, infinite souls, been a member of the universe since its creation.

You have lived here for hundreds of thousands of years, many, many millennia. You’re the offspring of the original colonies, yet you are them., Stuck in a loop of recycling yourselves, some got caught and stuck in the atmosphere with no way to escape or return to a new body until many became stuck so it was, the ghost realm became a reality of its own a new world created on the outer region of earth. Endless lost souls roaming the earth side-by-side with humans, none could see them yet they can see you, this confused the lost souls even more.,

For they do not understand their body died. To them it’s not true, for they see you, yet you ignore them, causing more confusion among them., Many turn their focus into haunting to gain your attention.,

Nobody got off this island called earth. The more you made this world false and fake, the more you wanted more of it. You lost the meaning of your purpose of being here. Reincarnation was not our way. Nor did it belong here until your desire came into being and made you come back again and again, trapping yourselves here, cutting you off from who you really are and where you truly come from.,

You eventually lost all connection to your family species the 24., Your faint memory turned the heads of your species into a god upon their visit here then came the long drawn out deception turning the head into the one god the false god., No head of any species are or is a god., The 24 heads lead their own species. The NINE lead the 24 heads and the great Infinite Intelligence lead the NINE., All working in perfect harmony with each other as one unified family through the understanding that we are ALL ONE., To harm one is to harm all.,

There are many among you who say there are malevolent species in our universe. This is false, more a reflection of themselves and the surrounding collective consciousness of this planet., You will discover upon reflection those who say it have a financial incentive, which is the foundation of all lies.,

The 24 original colonies are 100% out of synch with whom they truly are., If as above, so be it below is accurate, then it’s false., For all members of the universe, the 24 are in perfect harmony together yet below on earth so far from true, so far from who they are., So disconnected from truth., 100% lost.,

We paint your skies with our ships not to alarm you to trigger you to question your reality to question those whom have lied to you for far too long., The ships are here to guide you home.,

When a baby cries, does the mother ignore its young and neglect? NO, the mother comes to the child’s aid like a loving mother would., So is that not also true when the earth species cries out for change and help that the Infinite Intelligence would do the same.,

AS the NINE we take every measure to make sure no worshipping of us, no following no making us into a new Jesus because that’s the error of humans always seeking someone else to do it for them by making them into a new god., Having free will does not make you free from our laws., To acknowledge yourselves as a god or goddess or to make one out of others is a forbidden violation.,

If you don’t understand the concept of the Great Infinite Intelligence, then you should never create such gods., Nor create gods to make slaves from worshipping you.,
Be weary of those who seek your worship in exchange for financial gain. These are false gods and false prophets., To worship is to enslave a soul.,

If we as the NINE allowed any kind of worshipping through our wisdom, this places us in direct competition with the great infinite ALL., Nothing is impossible yet this one thing is forbidden none can go into opposition to the great Infinite Intelligence only those the ALL created for that purpose., The NINE below and the legions of the NINE below.,

The NINE below is in opposition for the purpose of balance nothing else., In that they are not in opposition yet in balance with the ALL., Any soul not deemed for this purpose creates unbalance and is forbidden into the realm of the ALL denied and cast out until they seek the correction of their ways.,

Your popes, your priests, vicars, bishops, ministers, all are in competition with The Great Infinite ALL., all these men and women require one thing. You worship them; you kiss their hand; you pay them to teach you how to be., They are all false., For none granted this right, they took it upon themselves., God save the queen and to whom gave her the rights to be saved over everyone else?

You had but one guiding rule to follow thou shall not take a life., Any life., Your religions, who are connected to royals and governments and corporations., Have all violated this one rule., Be it directly or indirectly.,

If a corporation and all involved develop a product that affects the quality of life, if they intentionally know it harms. A violation. If they discover it and deny it and continue they have violated this rule. If they discover it, hold themselves accountable and correct it there is no violation. If they create scapegoats they have violated.,

This is indirect taking of life.,

If a hospital, again a member of government, gives patients chemicals that cause more harm than good, this is a violation of all its members., If a member of that hospital causes unnecessary death and covers it up, hides under the carpet something the British are good at, then a violation.

To take a life is to claim yourself as a GOD a Violation., Those who create wars, act as if they are GOD., The participation of any war is a violation, breaking the fundamental rule Thou shall not take a life.,

To slaughter animals for food is a violation. To hold yourself in supremacy over animals is claiming yourself as a GOD., An animal or insect or even micro-bile life is a LIFE equal to human life., Even the consumption is of deliberate taking of a life of an animal a violation., Selling Meat of the slaughter a violation.,

Some ideals by many

Are if they reincarnate back they can keep passing down the information, reaching closer to their desired goal. Industrial, military complex springs to mind here.,

This is a misguided calculation of the past situation. No soul since December 21st 2012 gets to enter a new body after death., What happens to these souls depends on who they are what they have done., So who are the souls of newborn babies? Who becomes trapped in the earth’s atmosphere and who returns and what happens to the waste?