Ghost hunters and religious folk eyes open

Ghost hunters and religious folk eyes open

October 21, 2022 GIA 0
Ghost hunters and religious folk eyes open

Ghost hunters and religious folk eyes open

What’s does it mean go to the light? We see and hear this a lot between ghost hunters and religious people.

It’s a misconception of truth., It’s go to the love not light., Light is the substance of creation. Love is the force of the one creator, seek the love, find the love is accurate., going to the substance of light is unspecific as negative and positive may use the light to create., so sending one off in the direction of light does not free them from a negative realm you can send them off into far more negative by doing, especially if that’s where they are trapped.,

Stay away from the light, seek LOVE.,

Negative will not touch the LOVE, they will manipulate the LIGHT.,

Because ALL are the one creator that include negative and positive both may use the light substance to create whatever needs they want.,

Find the love, send towards love.,


Madison Dry Goods: Jereme, inexperienced understanding using his own fear and anger, opened a portal to another negative realm whereby the entire family was sent., Brandy’s self importance will feed her own ego of self importance., Souls trapped again., Public performance enforces these things in the researchers claims., Unsuccessful.,

Brandy: She HOPED she helped the Lawson family go to the LIGHT., it’s a contradiction to what she first claimed., Inexperienced.,

Lumbar baron Inn: The serial killer exposed allowed the girls to choose another path back into positive., Their calm approach without anger helped., They were more selfless in their mission., Successful.,

Captain Grants Inn: inexperienced understanding created another portal to another realm of negative., too much ego attached to one individual., His own self importance of ego told him what he wanted to hear., They entrapped the spirits deeper into negative., Unsuccessful.,

Conclusion: To go into this line of work, one must leave ego at home., one must come from a place of selfless., Any selfishness within researchers will have a counter effect.,

The fact, it was made for TV creates selfish egos at work., which is no different to that which they fight., The investment is selfish.,

We seek to enlighten you in order to correct next time around.,

Why are ships seen landing on the surface of the Sun and entering and exiting the Sun?

The Sun is immense intelligence., Humans rely on its rays, that’s why you can feel such peace and harmony when sunbathing. We can alter DNA using the Sun. When we are on its surface, we are programming the rays that hit the earth to alter the human race for the better.,

One of the guardian heads live inside the sun, so entering and exiting is normal., The sun here is the same as ALCYON among the seven daughters.,

Each human can request a change in the human form to the sun and the sun will deliver your request., You have been taught to fear the sun via messengers of ORION., that’s why you have never been taught the sun is your friend., You feel this truth when sunbathing, how you relish in those moments under the sun.,

Watch a plant from seed to full growth. It speaks the truth., Its only mission is to seek the rays of the sun. Without the sun, it would be no more., Listen to the wisdom of the plant., A plant a tree will reach as high as it can grow towards the SUN.,

Global climate false ORION message to generate fear in humans., The sun will never damage the earth, never will it burn up or out., all methods of fear.,

The barrier of the Nine, Love is what protects humans from Orion?

No, to make it clear, Love is the force, light is the substance of creation., Love is how we accomplish molding the light substance as the barrier made out of the force of pure love.,

If negative were to create a barrier as they do in humans all the time, hate is the force, light is the substance that creates the disharmony.,

Both sides may use the light of creation., in 3rd density sand, cement and brick make substance of a house foundation, desire is the need for its creation., realistically we are all creating under the same two things, Love and Light., humans see it differently due to language and understanding.,

That’s why a divine interaction that claims he is Archangel Michael can mislead humans, as ORION masters the art of deception using light., 5th density ORION is using human weak spots for entry to mislead.,

One would seek love and light positive route for a fast track road back to the one infinite creator., One would choose negative path for a slow route back as all lead back, eventually.,

Positive can achieve in one cycle., Negative, however, can take a billion cycles to achieve, all will return to positive., Just a matter of how and when you get there.,

Infinite intelligence seeks to know what you learned along the way., In the terms of Pleiadian understanding: Go out and create and bring all things back to me.,

Due to the barrier made with the force of LOVE using the LIGHT, Orion cannot penetrate forward into earth.,

The human MIND we can not protect, only you can do that., Stronger the mind, better the protection, weaker the mind, ORION has a party at human expense hence a human becomes more and more selfish.,


Is every universe made from the same structure as laid out in this one?

Absolutely not. What fun would that be if repeating the same among all universes to what growth can be obtained within infinity? NONE., Some would say a never-ending nightmare, others would say an endless beauty.,

We cannot tell you of ANON., that would spoil the suprise of the great mystery., You would make too many assumptions that which lacks wisdom., The great mystery to the mystery is not knowing the great mystery., Or there would be no point.,

We detect your internal wondering: How does a universe appear as complete? Where can we see? Is it visible? What becomes?

Consider a black hole to what is its true nature., Is the black hole one of those great mysteries? An unsolvable puzzle within 3rd density thinking., One can not comprehend a black hole one would be arrogant to try.,


What do you mean 4th density, Orion flung their arms up and departed?

In human terms, we defeated 4th density upset 5th density to the point of regrouping., In raw human terms, we kicked their ass to the point of making them powerless, hurting them where it hurt most., they were not aware we played them at their own game., the fact it revealed what they truly want with all humans even the messengers has pissed them off beyond your imagination can reach.,

Trickery is occurring to reestablish trust among their selfish messengers on earth.,

5th density will think twice before proceeding in our direction. They sit watching, waiting for sneaky gateways of entry.,


How did you get 5th density Orion’s attention?

Around 2015 to 2017, I publically said I will levitate someone who’s known to ORION in the palm of my hands., In response to a video., This brought the eyes of ORION in my direction., From there, with the help of that same person from the video, ORION moved me across to government leaders, not stopping at any one leader., ORION was in full swing attacking its own messengers., I was outside City Hall because that’s what ORION wanted., So we were happy to oblige them.,

ORION thought with our courage to go where others would not, they could create a negative one world leader who was willing to crush all other leaders in the process., then all they would have to deal with is myself at harvest one soul one major battle., ORION fell short and failed to see what was coming.,

Why did 5th density not see or realise?

Because during these times with a 12th density consciousness means they can’t see above their own dimension. We can hide much within this density away from them., you would call this a perk. We call it intelligent.,


Do the Annunaki still exist?

If you wish to see us as that, then I guess we do. The last of the Annunaki was the rebellious faction. It was we who won the great war., We are all now part of the 24 heads, NINE, ALYCON among many others of the confederation., ORION are not Annunaki., They are an offshoot of ANU’s creation., The last remnants of ANU.,

Throughout many ascensions higher in density, we divided again and again. This took us all in many directions., We breed like rabbits one might like the expression, through that process we were 70% across the universe in some way relating back to ourselves., regardless of the 30% we are still all the one creator., we refer to the rebellious faction of the Annunaki.,

Imagine some entrepreneur creates cybernetic synthetic life forms and injects A.I into them and one day they become an issue and think for themselves, then decide humans are the problem., That’s ORION.,

There’s only one way to deal with ORION and it has nothing to do with a confrontation that empowers them and creates your own undoing.,
To punish is to empower to love is to disengage., For love they understand NOT., LOVE is their weakness.,
Why else would we the NINE build a wall out of LOVE with LIGHT., LOVE always WINS.,
There has always been one truth., how many times has the universe told you?

All You Need Is Love.,

The Beatles – All You Need Is Love (Official Music Video) from Pablo Espinoza on Vimeo.


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