Extreme Tattoo Removal part 1 and 2

Extreme Tattoo Removal part 1 and 2

February 25, 2022 Tattoo Removal 0
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Extreme Tattoo Removal part 1 and 2

In Part 2, I am using a wax candle carving blade with the candle flame, pressing on certain areas to avoid matching the lines. This burns the skin until it melts smooth. Then I use a laser pen to re-burn and open up the skin so it can scar. Then tape them up with plasters and let them air and then reapply plasters each day.

My subconscious mind is present, and my conscious mind is absent. That’s how I don’t feel the pain. My subconscious mind doesn’t recognise pain, like switching bodies with myself. Or better way to explain my pain body has switched off or gone on vacation.,

You will notice during the laser pen, the S looks like a 3 that’s, so once the ink is all gone, the scar doesn’t look like an S. otherwise defeats the purpose., I left the A alone, as I am planning on turning it into a pyramid symbol.,

If you try this method, always remember to continue using your fingers. Avoid not using. Exercise is good for healing. Punching your other hand is an excellent exercise, keeps your cells on their toes reminds them they have a job to do. If you have tuning forks pretty good method also during the healing process.

Scabbing tearing off re-scabbing rinse and repeat removes more ink in record time compared to if you used the laser pen only. Providing you melt your skin first, of course., See photos below for scabbing and re-scabbing. Depending on how fast you want to remove them. One scab not so fast, 10 scabs much better.

If you used the laser pen only, I feel this might take a good 6 months with 1 week sessions for 6 months before you achieve the result. They’re good, just not that good.

If you don’t understand about switching bodies. Think of a great time in your life, feel it and see yourself back in that time and location feeling all the things you felt, smell and touch all key elements. Once you’re firmly in that place, begin doing your task whilst you remain in that place. You’re in the good place and the pain is somewhere else. Or learn meditation walking that will do the trick. You’re present or out for lunch meditating whilst the body remains in motion.,

Many people will tell you washing dishes or reading books, even eating is meditation. That’s true you are actively doing something. Switch it up. Do more action in that meditation, expand on it, see how far you can go with it., Feel every moment every sensation, the temperature, the taste, the smell be aware of everything at once activate all sense, open the sixth sense, knock on the seventh ask for the eighth, keep going.,

Spiritual sex is the gateway into the heavens if done right, 99.9999999% do self gratification or survival sex, not spiritual sex. You don’t know what a cosmic orgasm is until you have. Sex is massive meditation induction ascension.

Meditation walking is a monk thing, so practice makes perfection., Only for serious meditators don’t be one of those who lay down and drift off to sleep. That’s not meditation, that’s good night. See you in the morning syndrome. Be a monk on walking steroids.

Bruce lee explains it best.

More on meditation walking.

Your subconscious mind is in the driving seat, not the conscious mind. The subconscious is the boss and knows best.

When you drive a car, you don’t remind yourself how to drive, you just automatically do it, it’s your subconscious mind who’s really driving. When you breathe, you don’t remind yourself to breathe, you just do it. You don’t wake up in the night saying you must remember to breathe whilst you sleep. Your subconscious mind is taking care of everything.

The more you trust your subconscious, the more superhuman you become. 99% people don’t believe they are superhuman because they’re too busy consciously worrying and stressing about everything in life.

Superhuman doesn’t mean you’re a superhero or you can fly. It means you’re not average anymore. you have gifts ordinary humans don’t wish to activate or know how to use, nobody ever taught them. You’re a human who’s actively seeking to grow as a human every day on a lifelong journey. The next level up from human is superhuman. You choose to be human or you choose to be superhuman and that’s how you train yourself., You don’t need to pay anyone to learn. Use your subconscious. All wisdom is freely available to your subconscious. Access to knowledge is yours for the taking always been there, you just never knocked, you never asked so you never received., You let someone else tell you what was true or not. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. You know who I am talking about 😉

Meditation walking can put the subconscious mind permanently in the driving seat whilst you walk, taking care of everything. You’re walking, you meet a crossroads; you go left even though you thought you were going right, the subconscious mind knew ahead of time left was the quickest route. The subconscious is timeless, spaceless and unlimited potential in motion, always working out the right situation.

That’s why you can leave the body, travel the world or the universe as SPIRIT, and lay down next to someone 2,000 miles away. Any time at any moment. Timeless, spaceless., Same reason you can telepathically communicate with another 2,000 miles away just using your mind. Same meaning behind formed formless, formless formed.,

Have you ever thought about someone and suddenly they ring even though you have not heard from them in months? You just need to learn how intentionally. Reading minds becomes a walk in the park.

Some people may use the word flow in a way it’s similar. Although the flow has no navigation, it doesn’t mind going left or right. It’s not fussed about time or anything it will go where it flows to go.

That’s good, at least it’s carefree, fearless., Don’t give it a decision to make. your be there all day waiting for a productive answer. Forget flow making any actual decisions. It’s on a whole other dimension. Remember the jungle book, the 3 or 4 birds? What shall we do today? I dunno what do you wanna do? That’s the perfect meaning of a person in a flow mindset. Not to be confused with be water my friend.

And if you’re like me and people always ask questions about where you been, where are you going, what you doing today? Surface dwellers. We seek deep intellectual meaningful, otherwise. Nothing, nowhere, not a lot, chilling. Basically, it’s nobody’s business but your own.

Surface dwellers are like gap fillers because the silence is uncomfortable and painful for them. They will find meditation difficult. They run from one relationship to the next as fast as they can, and it doesn’t matter who. Silence scares them, being alone, scares them. People who can go extreme lengths of solitude within their own space are deep thinkers, probably some of the best minds you’ll ever meet.

There was the stone age, the copper age, the bronze age, the age of Pisces, the Age of Aquarius. This is the golden age called the Age of Aquarius. Already began.
The golden age is not the age of information, not the age of science. Information is not wisdom nor is science, that’s agreed presumptions. Anyone can make up information. The age of wisdom, true wisdom, and knowledge. Subconscious wisdom, spirit wisdom. Higher being, not human being. The age of ego is dying a hollow death.,

Your personal torture entertainer. 🙂

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